Pens and Capsules for Linux

Digital Ink , Enterprise by Anna Schmis 24th March 2022 At Wacom, it is important that all of our users have their workflows as fully supported as possible. Over the years more and more enterprise users and creative professionals have been relying on Linux as part of their workflows. Many of these users already rely…

Pens and Capsules for Linux

Digital Ink , Endeavor

by Anna Schmis
24th March 2022

At Wacom, it is severe that every one of our customers maintain their workflows as fully supported as doable. Over the years increasingly endeavor customers and ingenious mavens maintain been counting on Linux as piece of their workflows. deal of those customers already depend on Wacom to energy their ingenious and commercial endeavors. Truly, Wacom gadgets are being adopted in many Linux endeavor environments previous the ingenious commercial. Finance, banking, medical, and public sectors are commonly adopting Linux solutions with pen-basically based entirely workflows.

For decades, Wacom has made sure that every one fresh gadgets are supported by the Linux kernel. In 2016, Wacom up to this point their kernel driver so it is going to readily toughen fresh Wacom merchandise with out patches. This day, Wacom’s Linux toughen is successfully established and has extensive adoption.

Wacom in the Linux kernel

As enterprises adopt Linux for increasingly projects, IT groups are facing the challenges of integrating more gadgets with originate supply systems. One amongst the miserable facts about originate supply working systems treasure Linux is that specialized hardware toughen generally lags slack industrial working systems treasure Windows and MacOS. Wacom has been working for decades to possess sure that its pens and pills are now not piece of this jam! We desire endeavor IT and Linux customers to snatch that Wacom has their support.

With the long-standing plan of enhancing the pen enter abilities and constructing sturdy Wacom product integration, Wacom has a protracted historical previous of commitment to Linux. Truly, Wacom builders maintain been contributing to kernel drivers since on the least 2002. That’s appropriate, because we are seeing Linux as increasingly a foundational piece of the ingenious commercial that Wacom serves. Authorized Linux can poke a extensive diversity of unparalleled ingenious workflow machine such as Maya and Blender. It is a long way turning into the chosen platform for increasingly creatives, especially in endeavor and studio production scenarios. And it is perfect for a desire of applications.

Along with the standardizing of toughen for in model applications, Wacom is seeing a desire of different reasons that the graphic develop commercial is selecting Linux. Some graphic develop outlets are utilizing homegrown tools that are personalized built for Linux, whereas others maintain IT groups who are thinking in regards to the protection and scalability offered by originate supply platforms.

One other riding difficulty is that animation and graphic develop can require plenty of computing energy. Linux gadgets also would possibly maybe maybe be configured to poke very efficiently, getting more efficiency from force, memory, community, and processors. When an endeavor wishes to deploy hundreds of workstations, it is going to possess a stout distinction to their finances in the event that they are able to rep the identical efficiency with less hardware and fewer—or no—OS licensing charges.

But with out appropriate toughen for Wacom gadgets in the Linux kernel, deploying Linux workstations for creatives would possibly maybe maybe maybe be a nightmare—if it was as soon as doable the least bit. Here’s why Wacom consistently contributes drivers and patches to the Linux kernel. Which means, most newest Linux distributions seemingly to be deployed in an endeavor surroundings maintain pudgy toughen for Wacom hardware.

Linux solutions for Wacom gadgets

Whenever you is per chance selecting a Linux distribution for its Wacom toughen, we propose utilizing the GNOME 3 desktop with one of those distributions for production hiss:

  • CentOS 8 Whisk
  • Fedora Workstation 35
  • Crimson Hat Endeavor Linux 8.5
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Other Ubuntu releases, CentOS, and Fedora also work extensive—even though they would possibly maybe maybe maybe require more frequent repairs and replacement in endeavor environments. As well they would possibly maybe maybe be unbiased for non-production hiss, as an instance.

We desire to possess sure that Wacom gadgets are widely supported, so Wacom has worked carefully with Crimson Hat to be sure machine toughen in their Linux distributions. Here’s among the explanations many studios that maintain adopted Linux maintain turned to Crimson Hat Endeavor to energy their pen-basically based entirely workflows. Thanks to the nature of originate supply, most of the pill and pen enhancements in RedHat maintain percolated to the relaxation of the Linux ecosystem, so most in model distributions maintain the advantage of this relationship.

Exploring the Linux Wacom Mission

Enhance for Wacom gadgets is broadly on hand all over in model Linux distributions, and the neighborhood can each and every note alongside and be taught more by visiting our originate supply projects. The Linux Wacom Mission manages the drivers, libraries, and documentation for configuring our gadgets under Linux. This project includes three main parts:

  • The kernel driver translates hardware-explicit protocols into same outdated enter events. It is a long way at as soon as contributed to the Linux kernel.
  • The X driver is accountable for translating kernel events to the Linux windowing machine, so pills also would possibly maybe maybe be used with applications treasure Blender, Maya, and GIMP.
  • The libwacom library offers applications with more knowledge about linked Wacom gadgets, allowing neighborhood pattern of fully-featured relief watch over panels with relevant solutions and better default settings.

Of these three projects, the libwacom library is especially crucial for consumer-facing projects. It offers an API that permits software builders to with out distress scrutinize all the capabilities and functions of pen and pill gadgets. Its capabilities maintain allowed the originate supply neighborhood to attain previous Wacom gadgets to toughen, let’s remark, Linux on a Microsoft Surface.

The code for all of those parts also would possibly maybe maybe be figured out on the Linux Wacom Mission GitHub net page. Each and every of those projects contains plenty of documentation and a wiki where customers can secure extra knowledge about setting up Wacom gadgets, configuring them, and even writing machine to toughen them in consumer home.

Developers would possibly maybe maybe maybe revel in trying out Wacom for Developers for SDKs and API documentation.

Getting toughen for Wacom gadgets in Linux environments

We have in mind that Linux accumulated offers its comprise station of challenges as an endeavor solution, each and every as a desktop machine and as a virtualization platform. Along with staying actively engaged in the active pattern of Linux solutions, Wacom offers focused technical toughen and consultancy for our endeavor purchasers to possess sure that our merchandise—particularly the smartly-behaved product line—are working successfully in each and every bespoke and proprietary workflow solutions.

We handle interacting with you on our GitHub net page! Compare issues in any of our originate supply projects there and sort your comprise. This mainly is a extensive resource for discovering fresh functions and malicious program fixes in more moderen variations of our drivers and libraries.

The Spirit of Originate Source

Providing originate supply drivers for the Linux neighborhood has given us an different to rob piece in the unparalleled originate supply neighborhood. We now not most efficient rep to hear from customers on the ground, nevertheless make a contribution code and solutions to an active, alive to, and passionate neighborhood of builders, artists, and ingenious mavens. Wacom works to invent active relationships with builders who are alive to to make a contribution to originate supply projects.

This day, Wacom gadgets maintain unparalleled Linux toughen and are playing extensive adoption by artists and designers utilizing Linux platforms. Thanks to Wacom’s partnership with Crimson Hat, we maintain now got been in a blueprint to recognize Wacom machine toughen and adoption all over many Linux distributions.

We are particularly proud to recognize Wacom gadgets getting used efficiently with Linux workflows by so plenty of our endeavor prospects. Defend it up and relief engaging! Originate supply is about neighborhood, and we are proud to be a section.

To be taught more about Originate Source, Linux and Wacom, rep entangled with a Wacom product specialist at

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