PDP-11 Booting

So you protect to must play Bound, however make now not know easy how to flip on the PDP-11? These directions are for booting our twin rack machine from its RL01 drives, though booting the single cupboard machine from the RK05 is intensely same.


Switch on the VT100 the expend of the swap within the assist. It’ll beep and warmth up in a couple of seconds and existing a blinking cursor within the higher left. When you happen to procure garbled textual bellow material or no image, STOP and contact any individual to wait on debug.

When you happen to’re the expend of the ASR-33, STOP and rethink. Drag assist to the current terminal unless you like your gain roll of paper.

Switch on the well-known PDU at the bottom of the rack. The single cupboard PDP-11 has this within the front, and within the twin rack machine here’s within the assist within the pleasant form-rack. Display the “Distant/Local On” swap — the some distance flung save enables the AC swap on the front panel to flip on the PDP energy offer.

Chase up the RL01 disk pack by pushing the LOAD button if it is popped out. If it is dejected, this system any individual shutdown the machine without unloading the force pack.

Turn the beautiful front panel swap to “DC ON”. The fans within the CPU cage will attain online and all of the drives will additionally make some noise.

Since this PDP-11 has a bootstrap ROM on the terminator card, you have to possibly per chance per chance possibly also soar into by defending CNTRL after which pressing BOOT. You need to possibly per chance per chance additionally attempt writing a bootstrap program the expend of the octal keyboard — the cheat-sheet has some directions to toggle in.

If all goes successfully, the boot computer screen program will seemingly be working now and like printed a insist message to the VT100. The four octal values are registers r0-r3, I believe about. Sort DL⏎ (in caps, needless to tell) to soar into the “DL” bootrom, which is able to load the OS from the RL01 tool. DK⏎ will pick the RK05 decpack.

RT-11SJ V04.00 will startup and form the startup script. You need to possibly per chance per chance also must regulate the time and date. True make now not attempt and spin previous y2k.

At closing, form RUN ADVENT to birth spin and birth exploring the Gargantuan Cave. You need to possibly per chance per chance additionally attempt [HELP](https://www.flickr.com/photos/osr/14008886427/in/situation-72157644327706146/lightbox) to procure a checklist of RT11 instructions.

Changing RL01 disks

Hit the LOAD button and await the force to spin down. When it is completed, you have to possibly per chance hear a clunk and the LOAD light will attain assist on.

Breeze out the RL01 cupboard and open the live. The bottom of the force pack must be resting within the recess — pick it off, then stride the latch to the left whereas lifting the handle. There must be a clunk because the magnets release and the force pack comes free. Install the following force pack, lower the handle, insist the disguise ontop, shut the lid and stride it assist into the rack. Press LOAD again to mount the force.


It’s very crucial that you just unmount the drives sooner than shutting down! The RK05 heads will shatter for the explanation that backup batteries like long since died. Hit LOAD and wait the thirty seconds unless the loud clunk allows you to know that the force is obliging. Open the front door and utilize the decpack.

DO NOT LEAVE A DECPACK IN THE RK05 This could per chance possibly per chance be broken and sure damage the force as successfully. Somebody will must open the case and test on the heads. Design now not form it!

Hit the LOAD button any of the RL01 drives which could possibly per chance be mounted — the button should come out and at closing the light will attain assist on to mean you have to possibly per chance per chance possibly also know that the force is safely unmounted.

As soon as the final media has been unmounted (you potentially did unmount and utilize the media, staunch form), flip off front panel swap to “DC OFF” and flip off the PDU at the bottom of the rack. At closing swap off the VT100 (since we make now not just like the disguise saver strengthen) and you’re completed!


Perfect update: November 8, 2020



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