Pair Programming Antipatterns


It’s doable to pair properly unprejudiced by avoiding pairing poorly.

Defend a ways from these frequent mistakes and you’ll up your potentialities of success.

For navigators:

Leaping on errors too rapid

Give your driver a probability to stumble on their have syntax errors and typos.

Continuously pointing out runt errors hurts waft. Yours and theirs. It can per chance also additionally compose your pair self-awake.

Remember: your job is to take into story the greater list, no longer to show misspelled phrases as soon as you space them.

Giving low-stage instructions

Must you would possibly per chance the truth is hang a proposal for the motive force, communicate it at the ultimate stage of abstraction they’ll mark.

Must you damage up dictating code (or worse, person keystrokes), stop and watch as soon as you would possibly per chance also communicate your idea at a bigger stage.

If that fails, demand to pressure for a little bit to procure your idea sketched out.

No longer bringing a keyboard

Elevate your have keyboard to each and every pairing session. Trip it in before you start.

This makes swapping roles simpler and lets you point in preference to list when phrases fail.

Having your have mouse is advantageous too, but no longer as an valuable. (It’s easy to demand any person to click on one thing, tougher to procure them to form many characters.)

For drivers:

Utilizing too hasty

Must you’re extremely proficient at the side of your editor, it’s easy to switch hasty sufficient to lose even skilled navigators.

Unless you’re obvious your pair is conserving up, don’t manipulate code quite as hasty as you’re in a diagram.

It helps as soon as you dictate what you’re doing.

Allowing a checked-out navigator

It’s easy to lose your navigator’s consideration by interesting too hasty, or doing things they don’t quite mark.

Must you procure the sense that your pair’s consideration is drifting, stop and sync up.

A sorrowful quiz: “You mark this, correct?”

A correct quiz: “Which section of right here’s hardest to monitor?”

Pairing need to maintain fixed two-formula verbal exchange. Must you or your navigator has gone aloof, stop and register.

Unequal camouflage procure entry to

Sit so as that the visual show unit is between the two of you. Be obvious both of you would possibly per chance also watch it equally properly (take into story bumping up font sizes).

If one person is tucked off to the facet, this can method a unconscious unequal hierarchy.

A pair is a unit. Neither of you is more valuable.

No longer taking breaks

Pairing is draining. Even more so than same old programming.

A advantageous formula to compose obvious you purchase sufficient breaks is to make spend of the Pomodoro Approach. Snort into consideration agreeing on preferred work and spoil lengths at the side of your pair before you start.

Listening without listening to

It’s onerous to pay consideration and form at the the same time.

In case your navigator is making a proposal, take into story taking your palms off the keyboard. Even higher: flip and compose gape contact.

For both:

Allowing unproductive distractions

Sooner than you start pairing, disable all notifications (to your pc and cellphone).

A pairing session must be interrupted by exactly zero Slack notifications or text messages. If one slips thru, specific feel sorry about and disable future ones.

Don’t leave your email initiate on another visual show unit.

(It’s good to method the above even as soon as you’re no longer pairing. The quickest formula to toughen programming productiveness is to chop interruptions.)

No longer swapping roles

Utilizing and navigating are draining for more than a couple of causes.

Swapping roles lets you leisure the drained facets of your mind and set off the idle ones.

Swapping drivers is a large formula to energise a pairing session that’s losing steam. Snort into consideration surroundings a timer to point whenever it’s time to exchange.

Forgetting it’s a skill

Pair programming is a skill which must be discovered.

It is probably you’ll per chance per chance no longer be correct at it firstly, but consistent observe will yield improvements.

Don’t stop after a fancy first ride. Don’t purchase skilled developers are automatically correct pairing partners. Don’t quiz to be correct without observe.

Snort into consideration reflecting at the side of your pair or soliciting for feedback after each and every session. What would possibly per chance also had been higher?

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β€œSimplicity, patience, compassion.
These three are your greatest treasures.
Simple in actions and thoughts, you return to the source of being.
Patient with both friends and enemies,
you accord with the way things are.
Compassionate toward yourself,
you reconcile all beings in the world.”
― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching