Pachyderm (YC W15) is hiring recordsdata science product managers and SDETs

Pachyderm (YC W15) is hiring recordsdata science product managers and SDETs

Are searching to be an a part of a passionate group of folk which are on a mission to execute recordsdata science explainable, repeatable and scalable? Join “The Pach”!

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Why Work Right here?

We surely care about our pach and desire every member to feel identified, supported and cared for. We offer a beneficiant benefits kit, flexible demolish day and extra perks and relaxing!

Our Core Values

  • Nurture Your Community

    Every interplay we admire with our customers, customers, coworkers and fellow builders helps form our begin source group. We realize that it is our accountability to bring to it what we feel it wants and proceed to nurture it and lend a hand it develop.

  • Be a Manager of One

    We domesticate our autonomy by studying the ideal draw to arrange our time, prioritize our projects and identify fresh projects which are obedient of consideration. Your job is more than your job description.

  • We are Originate Source and we’re a Industry

    We strive to strike the stability between being each begin source and a winning industry. Each decision we execute is fueled by the would like to execute Pachyderm (the firm) winning so that we are in a position to proceed to nurture Pachyderm (the begin source mission) and its group.

  • Originate Source is a Culture

    Transparency is fundamental to all the things we dwell. As a faraway firm, begin and proactive communication is wanted to our success and harmony as a crew.


Community – Meet our Personnel

Pach Facts:

  • Pachyderm has 59 workers unfold across 4 international locations
  • Pachyderm is pronounced “pa-kee-drm” and is printed as a tall thick-skinned mammal (mediate elephants, hippos, rhinos, and tapirs)!
  • We form disbursed systems and we comprise a disbursed group and crew. We had been a faraway crew earlier than it became once cool! #HipsterRemoteWork
  • Our most standard slack channel is #cute_emergency (cue dog, cat and minute one elephant photos)
  • We are gamers, creators, hikers, bikers, readers, mathematicians, writers, bakers, gardeners, snowboarders, poker lovers, musicians and more. We can’t wait to understand what else you will bring to the crew!

Originate Positions

At Pachyderm, we’re constructing an begin-source endeavor-grade recordsdata science platform that enables you to deploy and arrange multi-stage, language-agnostic recordsdata pipelines whereas affirming complete reproducibility and provenance. While you might want to maybe well like to admire to learn more about our sizable imaginative and prescient, learn what has change into our “manifesto.” Our system, developed with begin source roots, shifts the paradigm of recordsdata science workflows by providing reproducibility, recordsdata provenance, and opportunity for generous collaboration.

Pachyderm makes use of up-to-the-minute applied sciences cherish Docker and Kubernetes to form a utterly fresh way of analyzing recordsdata. Offered each as an in-home solution as successfully as hosted-service, Pachyderm brings together model-adjust for recordsdata with the tools to form scalable stop-to-stop ML/AI pipelines whereas empowering customers to exercise any language, framework, or instrument they wish.

Buyer Personnel

Buyer Engineering

Advertising and marketing

Product Administration

Gross sales


Machine Engineering

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