Pachyderm Is Hiring SDET&Compose/Open Eng to Vitality the Files-Centric AI Platform

Pachyderm Is Hiring SDET&Compose/Open Eng to Vitality the Files-Centric AI Platform

Would like to be a component of a passionate community of of us that are on a mission to make recordsdata science explainable, repeatable and scalable? Be a part of “The Pach”!

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Why Work Right here?

We truly care about our pach and desire every member to actually feel identified, supported and cared for. We provide a pleasurable benefits package, flexible spoil day and extra perks and stress-free!

Our Core Values

  • Nurture Your Community

    Every interaction now we occupy with our customers, clients, coworkers and fellow builders helps make our open provide community. We put that it’s our responsibility to raise to it what we truly feel it wants and continue to nurture it and support it grow.

  • Be a Supervisor of One

    We cultivate our autonomy by studying management our time, prioritize our duties and establish novel duties that are succesful of consideration. Your job is extra than your job description.

  • We’re Open Provide and we’re a Commerce

    We strive to strike the steadiness between being every open provide and a a hit industry. Every choice we make is fueled by the necessity to make Pachyderm (the company) a hit so that we are able to continue to nurture Pachyderm (the open provide mission) and its community.

  • Open Provide is a Tradition

    Transparency is key to everything we fabricate. As a miles-off company, open and proactive dialog is most indispensable to our success and harmony as a team.


Community – Meet our Team

Pach Info:

  • Pachyderm has 59 workers spread across 4 international locations
  • Pachyderm is pronounced “pa-kee-drm” and is defined as a mountainous thick-skinned mammal (insist elephants, hippos, rhinos, and tapirs)!
  • We make distributed systems and we comprise a distributed personnel and team. We had been a miles-off team earlier than it became frigid! #HipsterRemoteWork
  • Our most smartly-liked slack channel is #cute_emergency (cue canines, cat and puny one elephant photography)
  • We’re avid gamers, creators, hikers, bikers, readers, mathematicians, writers, bakers, gardeners, snowboarders, poker enthusiasts, musicians and additional. We are able to’t wait to look at what else you may per chance well raise to the team!

Open Positions

At Pachyderm, we’re constructing an open-provide endeavor-grade recordsdata science platform that lets you deploy and prepare multi-stage, language-agnostic recordsdata pipelines whereas affirming total reproducibility and provenance. Whereas you occur to procure to prefer to learn extra about our wide imaginative and prescient, read what has become our “manifesto.” Our machine, developed with open provide roots, shifts the paradigm of recordsdata science workflows by offering reproducibility, recordsdata provenance, and alternative for proper collaboration.

Pachyderm utilizes novel technologies like Docker and Kubernetes to make an totally novel manner of inspecting recordsdata. Equipped every as an in-dwelling solution to boot to hosted-provider, Pachyderm brings collectively model-management for recordsdata with the instruments to make scalable pause-to-pause ML/AI pipelines whereas empowering customers to exhaust any language, framework, or tool they wish.

Customer Team

Customer Engineering

Advertising and marketing and marketing

Product Administration

Gross sales


Tool Engineering

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