Orderly Straightforward Storage Carrier

Another cloud storage solution? Hardly. While storage in the cloud becomes increasingly commonplace, the market need for a new paradigm, with additional speed, security, and reliability is paramount. Many of our competitors employ an old fashioned read/write interface. Our competitors: S4’s state-of-the-art write-only interface removes the headaches commonly associated with reading data. S4: More Secure:…

Orderly Straightforward Storage Carrier

Here is one huge constituent!!

But another cloud storage resolution? No longer frequently.

While storage within the cloud becomes increasingly more identical outdated, the market need for
a brand original paradigm, with extra flee, security, and reliability is paramount.

Many of our competitors employ an worn well-liked read/write interface.

Our competitors:

S4’s suppose-of-the-art write-simplest interface gets rid of the headaches repeatedly
linked with reading files.


More Score:
Thanks to our strict write-simplest draw, S4 is the most effective carrier that has provable
files-at-leisure security. In fact, we leverage our occupy high-security machine for instance
this proof, readily accessible here.

More Horsepower:
Our market research indicates the frequent buyer reads files FOUR TIMES more continuously
than writing. By no longer simplest reducing but placing off completely these wrong operations
we can provide blazingly mercurial writes with a near 100% success rate.

More Built-in:
Consuming S4 is a snap with evolved integration choices. Upload straight from our
web site, ship an electronic mail, tweet your affirm, or honest bawl in an empty room. Engineers
can without reveal work alongside with our API through SOAP, REST, and YouTube comment – the build they’re
guaranteed by no technique to be read.
Place confidence in the convenience of enabling your clients to starting up support tickets, provide
suggestions, add feature requests straight to your shared, read-proof retailer.

S4’s finest within the industry pricing choices our queer S4 storage for simplest

$1 per TERABYTE per thirty days.

Review S4’s pricing to other storage suppliers:

 S4Amazon’s S33.5″ floppiesAbacuses
Storage per Terabyte$1$153$211,172†$1.83 x 1012
1,000 PUT/POST RequestsFree!$0.01IncludedFinger soreness
10,000 GET RequestsN/A$0.01IncludedSearch stress

† According to 1.44MB per “Excessive Density” floppy at a cost of $0.29 per floppy
‡ According to 6 bytes of files saved per abacus at a cost of $10 per abacus

The chart below illustrates the comparative cost of a gargantuan choice of storage choices basically based on
a identical outdated utilization scenario of:

  • Storage Historical: 4TB
  • PUT/POST Requests: 50 billion
  • GET Requests: 0

The selections built on high of S4 are as revolutionary as the carrier itself – providing
rate to entire customers while saving your industry time and money.

Add S4 toughen to your utility this day with our intuitive API choices:

Divulge Web Upload
Upload your affirm through salvage put up-again:


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