Oggify: Download Songs Directly from Spotify

Oggify: Download Songs Directly from Spotify

This is another unbelievable add-on.

Download Spotify tracks to Ogg Vorbis (with a premium account).

This library uses librespot. It is my first program in Rust so you may see some horrors in the way I handle tokio, futures and such.

To download a number of tracks as “artists” – “title”.ogg, run

oggify “spotify-premium-user” “spotify-premium-password”Copy Song Link” or “Share->Copy Song URI” in the Spotify client, for example or spotify:track:1xPQDRSXDN5QJWm7qHg5Ku.

Helper script
A second form of invocation of oggify is

oggify “spotify-premium-user” “spotify-premium-password” “helper_script”Read More
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