Observe HN: All-in-One GTD, Time, Contacts, Habits & Zettelkasten map for Emacs

Observe HN: All-in-One GTD, Time, Contacts, Habits & Zettelkasten map for Emacs


All-in-one pragmatic workflow map for vanilla Emacs that honorable works.
Entails a pragmatic GTD map (Getting Things Finished), Time management map,
Behavior management map, Contact management map, Zettelkasten and mobile
app synchronization out-of-the box.

I’d possess to make a GTD+Zettelkasten workflow map that is lightweight,
straightforward and reasonable, the employ of only vanilla Emacs and that caters to precisely what I
need for my day-to-day responsibilities.

I in actuality net explored and individually ragged several GTD map, and learned them to be
overly advanced for my desires.

The workflow configuration goals to net a pragmatic GTD map the employ of only
vanilla Emacs with none needless capabilities to be usable.

Besides as to GTD workflow, the setup moreover involves Zettelkasten, Contact
Management and Behavior Management programs out-of-the box.

There is one custom kit that will most definitely be installed by diagram of MELPA/ELPA to enhance
CMS which is the bbdb v3 kit. The kit are no longer most critical, and the
configuration will work with out it but the CMS menus within the org-prefer
menu will no longer seem.

To put in, add the following line to your init.el file.
You might perhaps must swap the org-directory depending to your liking.
Also, specify the stout course pointing to the reasonable.org.el file.

# Clone the repository 
git clone https://github.com/jjuliano/reasonable.org.el.git ~/.emacs.d/pkgs/reasonable.org.el

# Append the following lines to your init.el file
cat  EOF>> ~/.emacs.d/init.el
;; org directory
(setq org-directory "~/Documents/Emacs/org")

;; mobile-org directory
(setq org-mobile-directory (build higher-file-establish "~/Dropbox/Apps/MobileOrg"))

;; 12 hours format
(setq org-timestamp-12-hours t)

;; conceal all non scheduled items from agenda question
(setq org-conceal-all-non-scheduled-items t)

;; don's provide the tags/context from the context.txt file
(setq org-disable-context-file t)

;; reasonable.org.el GTD+Zettelkasten workflow
(setq reasonable-org-mode-el
      (build higher-file-establish "~/.emacs.d/pkgs/reasonable.org.el/reasonable.org.el"))
(load-file reasonable-org-mode-el)

Next, replica the integrated files to your org-directory. Search for Included org files for additional small print.
You moreover must make the “notes/” directory for your Zettelkasten notes. Search for Zettelkasten for additional small print.

# Be decided the org directory & the zettelkasten notes directory are created
mkdir -p ~/Documents/Emacs/org/notes

# Copy the integrated files into the org directory
cp ~/.emacs.d/pkgs/reasonable.org.el/files/*.{txt,org} ~/Documents/Emacs/org/.

Then originate Emacs then press C-c. You might perhaps be equipped with the org-prefer menu, and kind the first letter.

You might well even are desirous to install the bbdb kit for Contact Management diagram, to attain so,
honorable form M-x kit-install then form bbdb. Restart Emacs then you definately will doubtless be equipped with the CMS menu in case you press C-c.

Included org files

This workflow configuration uses a predefined dad or mum nodes. The instructed org
files templates are divulge within the files/ directory. Trusty replica these files to
your org-directory.

Besides as to the org-files, a context.txt file can moreover be learned which
contains the total map-huge tags and context that it is probably you’ll perhaps perhaps also employ within the org file.

There are several variables settings that it is probably you’ll perhaps perhaps also swap the behaviour of this
configuration. They’re the org-timestamp-12-hours, org-disable-context-file and

12 hours or 24 hours time format

To diagram shut the timestamp format that will most definitely be ragged on your org-agenda-files, you
can account for the org-timestamp-12-hours variable. A price of t will residing the
latest timestamp to make employ of the American kind, otherwise, residing to nil or attain no longer
account for the variable to residing to European time format.

;; Setting this variable to 't' will employ the American kind (12-hour) timestamp,
;; otherwise in case you did no longer account for the variable or residing the price to 'nil', it
;; will employ the default European (24-hour) timestamp.
(setq org-timestamp-12-hours t)

Veil all non-scheduled items in Agenda question

The default habits is all non-scheduled items such as inbox, and notes,
will doubtless be proven within the Agenda question. This permits you to observe the total items
created on that honest timestamp. To cover the total non-scheduled items in
agenda question, residing the org-conceal-all-non-scheduled-items to t.

;; Setting this variable to 't' will conceal the total non-scheduled items such as
;; 'inbox' and 'notes'. In the event you did no longer account for the variable, or residing the price of
;; this variable to 'nil', this can screen all items within the Agenda question.
(setq org-conceal-all-non-scheduled-items t)

Exercise context file

You might well even add/prefer/edit context and tags in a context.txt file. This file will
be sourced to net the total extra context/tags that it is probably you’ll perhaps perhaps also employ on your
org entries. To disable this diagram, residing the org-disable-context-file, or
don’t make the context.txt file.

;; Setting this variable to 't' will disable sourcing the total context/tags from
;; the context file. In the event you did no longer make this file, or residing the price of
;; this variable to 't', this can employ the tags defined on per-file foundation
(setq org-disable-context-file t)

Org-Set up shut Menu

You originate by opening the prefer menu. On this menu, it is probably you’ll perhaps perhaps also safe the GTD or
Zettelkasten actions that you just is also desirous to attain. Here are the total actions that will most definitely be
equipped within the prefer menu. Org agenda will doubtless be opened by pressing C-c a.

Motion Description File Keystroke
Inbox Add unique inbox item inbox.org C-c c i or C-c i
One Step Job Accumulate a single step project initiatives.org/One Step Initiatives C-c c T or C-c T
Assembly Accumulate unique Scheduled meeting item agenda.org/Habitual C-c c m
Habitual Assembly Accumulate a unique recurring meeting item agenda.org/Assembly C-c c r
Routine Accumulate a unique routine item initiatives.org/Habitual/Routine C-c c R
Behavior Accumulate a unique behavior item initiatives.org/Habitual/Behavior C-c c h
Observe Accumulate a unique divulge entry to notes.org notes.org C-c c n
Mind dump Accumulate a divulge as a unique org file notes/.org C-c c b or C-c b
Mind dump at level Accumulate a divulge as a unique org file at level notes/.org C-c c N or C-c N
Search Tags Search all tags including tags from notes/*.org C-c c t or C-c t
Edit context file Add/Resolve on away/Edit context or tags context.txt C-c c E or C-c E

Habitual Agenda, Routine and Behavior/Goal items

Habitual, Routine and Behavior items are repeating scheduled items that can
seem within the agenda question. The prefer menu has a pre-defined time table price.

Variety Description Preliminary Utter Pre-defined schedules File
Habitual Assembly Assembly schedules MEETING/APPOINTMENT/CANCELLED On each day foundation agenda.org/Habitual
Routine Initiatives that desires to attain frequently TODO/NEXT On each day foundation initiatives.org/Habitual/Routine
Behavior Repeated responsibilities with a visible graph HABIT/GOAL/REFLECTION 2 to 4 days initiatives.org/Habitual/Behavior

Behavior responsibilities will originate up depending on the originate date, and on completion, DONE
habits will switch relief to TODO, logging the time it is switched to DONE
to the LOGBOOK drawer.


There are two forms of Habits, Fulfillment Goal and Behavior Goal.

Fulfillment desires are Results-essentially essentially based, whereas Behavior desires are Route of-oriented.

You might well even make an success or an behavior item, that will most definitely be tagged as either

The convey will moreover be caused, which might merit as to where you is also going
to safe the behavior. Dwelling will doubtless be kept within the :LOCATION: drawer.

Fulfillment Goal

Fulfillment desires are behavior items with a lower-off date and will most definitely be closed after a
lower-off date is passed. Imagine success diagram as a one-time deal that you just don’t
are desirous to repeat.

To residing a lower-off date on a behavior item, form C-c C-d.

Fulfillment items can moreover be the resulting diagram of an behavior item.

Behavior Goal

A extremely famous thing to be acutely aware in Habits is that you just need to deem of the 3 W’s,
the What, When and The attach.

In case your success diagram is to “Loose weight”, then your behavior item might perhaps net a
title of “Jogging 30 minutes a day”, scheduled “every 7AM” within the morning, with a
convey of “On the park”.

Refinement Behavior

You might well even moreover are desirous to make a refinement behavior, which it is probably you’ll perhaps perhaps also make with a
assign REFINEMENT behavior form. Refinement behavior permits you to re-judge your
desires, and watch and adjust it to look at your needs.

Missing a Traipse

It is miles a necessity to preserve a walk of your habits in a consecutive intervals,
then again, there are instances that it is probably you’ll perhaps perhaps also miss your desires. Overlooked desires net a
visible graph highlighted in RED. Set up a decided hopeful attitude in case you
left out your desires so that it is probably you’ll perhaps perhaps also race relief to it again with option, be
reasonable about it. With a recurring refinement behavior, it is probably you’ll perhaps perhaps also re-judge all
your desires so as that they “works for you” in technique to “against you”.


Zettelkasten is a divulge taking system where notes are grouped collectively with
connected tags. The reach the configuration put in force Zettelkasten is the employ of the
built-in tags property, that will most definitely be requested each time you make a unique divulge or a
mind dump.

To seem ahead to the total tags, press C-c c t or C-c t, then you definately can even press TAB to
build higher the total tags from the total agenda files and divulge/*.org files. After
selecting the assign, this can divulge a list of all files connected with these
tags. To open the chosen file, press TAB.

You might well even moreover make a unique mind dump divulge on basically the latest level by pressing the
C-c c N or C-c N, which can perhaps perhaps make a unique org file, with basically the latest buffer or
level. The URL of the level or buffer will doubtless be kept within the :LOCATION: drawer

Contact Management

In the event you installed the bbdb model 3 kit (The Insidious Mountainous Brother
Database), the prefer menu might perhaps net extra items, namely:

Motion Description Keystroke
All Contacts Observe all contacts C-c c C
Novel Contact Accumulate a unique contact C-c c c
Search Contact Regexp search all contacts C-c c s

bbdb-mode keystrokes

Whereas on bbdb window, it is probably you’ll perhaps perhaps also add, prefer, insert entries and replica every
contacts. Here are basically the most invaluable bbdb keystrokes, divulge that they don’t
require the regulate keys to be pressed.

Motion Description Keystroke
Accumulate Accumulate a unique contact c
Edit Edit contact e
Insert Insert a line i
Copy Copy the contact Cr
Set up Set up the contact s

bbdb hyperlink

To hyperlink to a BBDB file, honorable make a hyperlink on your org-files with the
following format:

[[bbdb:Joel Bryan Juliano]]

To discuss over with this bbdb file, honorable form C-c C-o.

For various workflow, the entirety starts with an inbox. You might well even originate your day
with filing up the inbox items and refiling them into initiatives or agenda.

Every item will doubtless be caused for an preliminary convey, and every item convey has it’s
dangle progressions.

Here’s the table of the preliminary states. Changing states will doubtless be performed by diagram of
C-c C-t.

GTD states

Inbox items starts with a TODO, then every states will doubtless be toggled to NEXT,
DOING and DONE. Toggle the project to WAITING if the project is wanting ahead to
dependency, or ARCHIVE to totally conceal it from agenda question,
watch Archive items for additional files on archiving.

Utter Description
TODO Starting convey
NEXT Next precedence item to originate up working
DOING Currently doing / Work in growth
DONE Heed as performed (no longer famous in agenda question)
WAITING Ready for dependency project or being prefer
ARCHIVE Heed as archive the thing (no longer famous in agenda question)

Other states

Other states are invaluable to provide extra facts about the project. Extra
metadata and properties will doubtless be added If it is created by diagram of org-prefer C-c c.

Utter Description
REVIEW/FEEDBACK Item is being reviewed or wanting ahead to feedback
BLOCKED/CANCELLED/POSTPONED/CLOSED Item is blocked, cancelled, postponed or closed
MEETING/APPOINTMENT Assembly or Appointment agenda

Over time, it is probably you’ll perhaps perhaps also gain items that can perhaps perhaps muddle your agenda files.
You might well even decided up your todo/agenda items by archiving them.

There are 2 ways to archive an item.

  1. In the event you residing the thing assign as ARCHIVE, this is also no longer famous within the agenda question.
  2. Permanently transfer the thing to archive by pressing C-c C-x C-a.

Number 2 will transfer the thing into a .org_archive file, which might no longer be
displayed within the org agenda.

To toggle the screen of the total archived files in org agenda, press
C-c a n v a. Resolve on divulge that DONE archived items can even no longer be proven, you’d
must press C-c a t then safe DONE then r.

Objects will doubtless be refiled to and from the agenda files. To refile an item press
C-c C-w. This configuration can refile to an org agenda file with a dad or mum
heading on the identical time. If the heading does no longer exist, this is also created.

There are form of how to provide extra files on an item, such because it’s
prioritization, time table, context, time spent and effort on an item.

This half, we’ll discuss the system to residing precedence, context, estimated efforts and
preserve a file on time spent on an item.


Objects will doubtless be prioritized by pressing C-c ,=or=S-/, the precedence
will seem subsequent to the thing establish as an illustration TODO [#A] Query for Exam,
where the precedence is displayed as [#A], [#B] or [#C], where [#A] is the
top probably.

Estimated Effort

Effort estimation helps with planning the most critical time to safe the
project. With estimated effort, this can come up with an concept what’s the preliminary
perceived time to eat on an item.

To estimate the insist on an item, press C-c C-x e, which might divulge a
suggested to search files from about the estimated time on the thing. There are predefined effort
on every org agenda files. Press to screen all
the predefined time.


Admire Tags, items can net context that can mean it is probably you’ll perhaps perhaps also safe extra files where
these items are connected. By GTD convention, context is a assign that starts with
an @. There are predefined contexts per every org agenda files, such as
@home, @work, @mail, @comp and @web. You might well even add extra contexts
by editing the #+TAGS: line on top of every agenda file.

In the event you net a context.txt file on your org-directory, this can provide this file
in its attach. There is a prefer menu item that edit this file. To edit this file,
press C-c c E or C-c E. Search for the sample context.txt file within the files/

So that you just can add a context on an item, press C-c C-c, then safe the context of the
item, that will most definitely be added to the thing’s present tags.

Scheduling, Closing dates and Time Management

Objects will doubtless be scheduled to a date or with a time which might seem significantly
within the agenda question as Scheduled: . To time table an item, press C-c C-s.

You might well even moreover residing a lower-off date on an item by pressing C-c C-d, which might screen
a Closing date: line within the agenda question.

Those files equipped within the agenda question will mean it is probably you’ll perhaps perhaps also propose, focal level and
prioritize on the thing.

One other time management diagram that you just add to the thing is the employ of the Clock
functionality, which might give your item extra files on how worthy
time did you exhaust on it.

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