NuGet adds central kit administration

NuGet adds central kit administration

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Dependency administration is a core feature of NuGet. Managing dependencies for a single mission will seemingly be easy. Managing dependencies for multi-mission solutions can level to to be nerve-racking as they commence to scale in size and complexity. In scenarios where you arrange total dependencies for quite quite a bit of different initiatives, you can leverage NuGet’s central kit administration aspects to attain all of this from the benefit of a single squawk.

Historically, NuGet kit dependencies had been managed in two predominant locations:

  • packages.config – An XML file ragged in older mission kinds to protect the checklist of packages referenced by the mission.
  • – An XML part ragged in recent mission kinds that manages NuGet dependencies straight within mission recordsdata.

Starting with NuGet 6.2, you can centrally arrange your dependencies for your initiatives with the addition of a Itemizing.Capabilities.props file.

The feature is on hand correct by means of all NuGet integrated tooling.

Older tooling will ignore Central Kit Administration configurations and aspects. To employ this selection to the fullest extent, create distinct your total create environments employ the most recent appropriate tooling versions.

Central Kit Administration will note to all initiatives – including legacy .csproj – so long as appropriate tooling is ragged.

Enabling Central Kit Administration

To commence with central kit administration, you can create a Itemizing.Capabilities.props file at the root of your answer.

Interior, you can affirm each of the respective kit versions required of your answer using parts that outline the kit ID and version.


Within a mission of the answer, you can then employ the respective syntax you know and love, however without a Model attribute to deduce the centrally managed version as every other.



Now you’re using central kit administration and managing your versions in a central squawk!

Central Kit Administration guidelines

The Itemizing.Capabilities.props file has a decision of guidelines close to where it’s positioned in a repository’s directory and its context. For the sake of simplicity, handiest one Itemizing.Capabilities.props file is evaluated for a given mission.

What this means is that need to you had multiple Itemizing.Capabilities.props recordsdata for your repository, the file that is closest to your mission’s directory will seemingly be evaluated for it. This enables you additional regulate at varied stages of your repository.

Right here’s an instance, take hang of into consideration the following repository structure:

 |-- Itemizing.Capabilities.props
 |-- Solution1
     |-- Itemizing.Capabilities.props
     |-- Project1
 |-- Solution2
     |-- Project2
  • Project1 will take hang of into consideration the Itemizing.Capabilities.props file within the RepositorySolution1 directory.
  • Project2 will take hang of into consideration the Itemizing.Capabilities.props file within the Repository directory.


To utterly onboard your repository, take hang of into consideration taking these steps:

  1. Operate a brand recent file at the root of your repository named Itemizing.Capabilities.props that publicizes your centrally defined kit versions in.
  2. Define gadgets for your Itemizing.Capabilities.props.
  3. Define gadgets without Model attributes for your mission recordsdata.

Transitive pinning

You’re going to mechanically override a transitive kit version even without an specific top-level by opting correct into a feature is believed as transitive pinning. This promotes a transitive dependency to a top-level dependency implicitly to your behalf when mandatory.

You’re going to enable this selection by environment the MSBuild property CentralPackageTransitivePinningEnabled to factual in a mission or in a Itemizing.Capabilities.props or Itemizing.Kind.props import file:


Overriding kit versions

You’re going to override a person kit version by using the VersionOverride property on a merchandise. This overrides any defined centrally.



You’re going to disable this selection by environment the MSBuild property EnablePackageVersionOverride to incorrect in a mission or in a Itemizing.Capabilities.props or Itemizing.Kind.props import file:


When this selection is disabled, specifying a VersionOverride on any merchandise will consequence in an error at restore time indicating that the feature is disabled.

Disabling Central Kit Administration

When you’d steal to disable central kit administration for any motive, you can disable this selection with the following:


Warning when using multiple kit sources

When using central kit administration, you are going to learn a NU1507 warning need to you can need got a few kit source defined for your configuration. To resolve this warning, plot your kit sources with kit source mapping or specify a single kit source.

There are {0} kit sources defined for your configuration. When using central kit administration, please plot your kit sources with kit source mapping ( or specify a single kit source.


We hope that these aspects could well also support give a take hang of to your productiveness of managing your dependencies as they scale with your initiatives, promote healthy safety simplest practices, and empower your personnel to assassinate more with the benefit of a single squawk.


Since that is no longer a brand recent feature and has been round in a single shape or manufacture for a few years, we’re composed finding out and need your feedback more than ever to create distinct these aspects can meet your expectations. Basically the most high-quality device to present us that feedback is a observation on this put up and filing a pains on GitHub.

Your feedback is the biggest to us. If there are any problems with this selection, take a look at our GitHub Factors. For recent elements within this journey, please document a GitHub Narrate. To support us with documentation, please indubitably be at liberty to contribute and quiz questions on how we can impart the feature additional.

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