Notable items missing from English Wikipedia

Notable items missing from English Wikipedia

This is the interesting ever!!

Notable items missing from English Wikipedia

Want to write a new Wikipedia article but can’t think of a subject not
already covered? Here are some items that are notable and
should be easy to source:

  • Richard Dattner, U.S. proponent of the “Adventure Playground”
    movement and designer of playgrounds, including the famous one in
    New York’s Central Park near 67th Street.

  • Publications International v. Meredith Corp, U.S. federal law
    case that held that while cookbooks are protected by copyright,
    the recipes themselves are not.

  • Dorrance H. Hamilton Charitable Trust. Hamilton was heir to the
    Campbell’s Soup fortune and a noted philanthropist. Her name is on many
    buildings and other institutions around the Philadelphia
    area. Wikipedia does have an article about Hamilton, but it is sadly
    incomplete and does not mention the Trust.

  • Victor Dubourg, a journalist who angered Louis XV with his
    criticism, was induced to visit France under some pretext, and then
    was kidnapped and imprisoned in Mont-Saint-Michel for the rest of
    his life. Stories about the conditions of his confinement vary,
    ranging from the awful and terrifying to the terrifying and awful.
    (French Wikipedia)

  • Knox v. United States. Knox was convicted of possession of
    child pornography for owning videotapes of girls in leotards and
    swimsuits but not engaged in sexual acts or even simulated acts. The
    U.S. Solicitor General, in a confession of error, joined in Knox’s
    plea to the Supreme Court to vacate the conviction.
    The Court agreed and remanded
    the case to the lower court — which convicted him again. Knox
    appealed the second conviction, but the Solicitor General again changed their view
    and this time supported the conviction!

  • Branly Cadet, U.S. sculptor, created the Octavius V. Catto
    memorial at Philadelphia City Hall, and the Jackie Robinson
    sculpture at Dodger Statdium.

  • The Rowland Company, founded 1732, oldest still-operating
    manufacturing company in the U.S.. There are older businesses, but
    they are mostly taverns and inns.

  • Beth Irene Stroud, ordained Methodist minister who came out as
    lesbian and was consequently defrocked in 2004. The United
    Methodist Church “affirms that all people are of sacred worth and
    are equally valuable in the sight of God” but apparently draws the
    line at lesbian ministers.

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