Node.js Notebooks


  • Enhanced REPL experience for Node.js in Notebooks (with top level awaits)
  • Run & debug JavaScript, TypeScript code in node.js
  • Built in support for typescript (ships with TypeScript & ts-node).
  • Built in support for plotly (plotly.js is shipped with the extension)
  • Rich (inline visualizations) using @tensorflow/tfjs-vis & Tensorboards
  • Excellent support for danfo.js (rich HTML output and plots)
  • Excellent support for arquero (rich HTML output)
  • Run shell scripts within the notebook cell.
  • Quickly prototype and view HTML/JavaScript/CSS output
  • Support for user input using readline

Packages such plotly, tfjs-vis & danfo.js support rich visualization only in the browser,
however, this extension leverages the power of Notebooks to provide the same rich visualizations when targeting node.js.

Use the command Open a sample node.js notebook to open a sample notebook to get started with plotly.js, danfo.js, tensorflow.js, etc.

Getting started

  • For a REPL experience use the command Open Node.js REPL
    • Consider installing the Jupyter extension for an enhance user interface (toolbars).
  • For a notebook experience, create a file with the extension *.nnb, e.g. sample.nnb
    • Or use the menu item New File... to create a Node.js notebook



  • Use the command Open a sample node.js notebook to open a sample notebook.
  • Use the command Welcome: Open Walkthrough... to checkout the samples.


  • node.js>=12
  • node.js needs to be in the current path


  • Open a plain js/ts file as a notebook & vice versa.
  • Better renderers for tabular data (arquero, danfo.js, etc)
  • Vega plots without having to install vega
  • Custom node arguments

Known issues, workarounds and technical details

  • See here for more details


Thanks to the various packages we provide integrations with which help make this extension useful:

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