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Body issues - Featured - Hacked - Recommendations - July 22, 2020

Nobody can really touch you, except your parents! – Genius Talks

Are You Sitting?

Are you currently sitting somewhere, reading my article? then in reality, you are not! By the famous word ‘touch’, we mean that we are in contact physically to something. i.e. Matter-to-matter contact. but in reality you are just kinda floating above it at a very tiny level.

As you already know, that the smallest constituent unit of any matter is an atom, therefore your butt and you are floating always on the chair instead of connecting to it on a very tiny scale. So we know how an atom looks like?

So, as the basic knowledge of homo sapiens suggest (sarcasm) that atom’s nucleus is surrounded by – ELECTRONS which are negatively charged so technically when a matter touches another the electrons bombard with each other and being of same charge they repel each other. making them touch each other temporarily.

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Pauli Exclusion Principle.

This principle says that (full study), no two electrons or no two set of electrons can be pushed tightly together to the same energy level into the same shell.

This floating or hovering of one object on another happens due to the force called electromagnetic repulsion between that two objects. No two Different objects can really touch each other fully. they just hover over each other closely. – if Observed.

So when you say, clap your nerves can feel that force and that feeling is what we called touch, our brain has simulated over the year like in the way, that we called that feeling touch.

What if you pushed too hard?

if you even manage to push or apply force very hard, then you might poke into the other thing or you might tear it apart but the fact is –

they cardboard above is being cut due to electron-electron repulsive force.

Ok so i think now you should watch this full great video below to understand things more deeply, have a great day, Cheers!

Naah..Don’t Believe me?? – Listen to the explanation of this genius educator. Also, drop your comments below to continue the discussion or if u have any questions 🙂

Now, Do you have feelings or visualisations? 😂


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