LifestyleNitroPhone 2/Knowledgeable with 4.5 years of application updates

NitroPhone 2/Knowledgeable with 4.5 years of application updates


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Proper four months after the a hit originate of the NitroPhone 1, we are with no doubt releasing the NitroPhone 2 and NitroPhone 2 Knowledgeable. The recent NitroPhone 2/Knowledgeable is the enviornment’s most staunch Android smartphone and is derived with many years of application updates until 2026, combining safety, privateness and ease of spend with sustainability and a low fee per time. The NitroPhone 2/Knowledgeable is in step with the pinnacle class Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Knowledgeable and GrapheneOS, basically the most hardened Android for mavens. Create beefy lend a hand a watch on of your smartphone without Google and Apple!

Optionally accessible: Removed microphones, sensors and cameras discover eavesdropping bodily most unlikely. Phone calls are made with now now not essential headset.

“If I had been configuring a smartphone this present day, I can even spend DanielMicay’s GrapheneOS because the tainted operating system. I can even desolder the microphones.” Edward Snowden, NSA whistleblower

“NitroPhone is an unbelievable greater product than we did with Blackphone.” Phil Zimmermann, inventor of PGP

Spend NitroPhone 2/Knowledgeable Now!

Bodily Tamper Protection

  • Sturdy encryption and Titan M2 safety chip protects your tool and files against delicate bodily attacks.
  • Verified boot ensures that your operating system has now now not been modified.
  • Automatic murder swap: Robotically shutdown after utter of no activity of configured time-frame.
  • PIN layout scrambling, alongside with privateness show (now now not incorporated), enable entering PIN in public without being watched. Alternatively: integrated fingerprint sensor.
  • The NitroPhone is delivered in a sealed field.

Protection From Spy ware and Zero-Day Exploits

  • Severely hardened Android 12 for excessive safety demands (e.g. hardened stock apps, libc, malloc, compiler toolchain, kernel, filesystem discover admission to, WebView).
  • All apps are sandboxed to give protection to against exploitable and malicious apps.
  • Hardened browser, WebView and PDF viewer.
  • Lightning rapid distribution of safety updates until 2026.
  • Protection against over-the-air exploits by keeping apart the baseband radio processor using IOMMU and now now not essential LTE-handiest mode to tremendously decrease cell radio attack ground.
  • Optionally accessible: For very excessive safety necessities, both microphones and acceleration and rotation sensors will likely be removed. Indeed, acceleration and rotation sensors will likely be misused as microphones. This bodily prevents conversations in the ambiance from being recorded. Phone calls can composed be made with an exterior headset.

Privacy Protection: No Monitoring, No Google

  • No cloud or Google Play Products and companies integration by default, all below your lend a hand a watch on. If required, usual Google Play Products and companies will likely be installed as sandboxed apps without particular privileges. This new potential ends in great greater compatibility than incomplete reimplementations love microG whereas providing elevated safety. Deliver: Here is work-in-development and a few apps can even simply now now not work as anticipated.
  • Monitoring safety: Apps can now now not discover admission to tool IMEI and serial numbers, SIM card serial numbers, subscriber ID, MAC take care of etc.
  • Per-connection MAC randomization prevents monitoring by nearby WiFi scanners.
  • Firewall: Granular network and sensors permissions (e.g. GPS) toggle for each app.
  • Default Indicators for fascinating camera, microphone, and placement.

Cheap and Sustainable

  • For industrialized smartphones, a lengthy lifespan is the handiest potential to decrease handy resource consumption per user. As with infrequently any diversified Android smartphone, safety updates are provided for the NitroPhone 2 for up to 5 years, specifically until October 2026. Calculated over this lifetime, the phone handiest costs from €0.50 per day.

Easy Usability for All americans

  • No bloatware. Minimal staunch system with few apps by default. Extra apps will likely be installed manually; updates must composed be confirmed.
  • Cease-to-end encrypted computerized backups to USB force or to any cloud storage (e.g. Nextcloud).

Open Source and Attestation

  • Open source lets in verifying absence of backdoors.
  • Some distance away attestation: hardware-based fully verification of the authenticity and integrity of phone’s application.

Who Needs NitroPhone?

  • Experts who want a staunch smartphone for lovely files and verbal exchange.
  • Folks that must make spend of a privateness-excellent smartphone (without Google, without Apple).
  • Companies who must supply their workers a staunch smartphone.
  • Journalists, activists and NGOs who must give protection to themselves and their contacts.

Why Google Pixel Smartphone?

  • Unlike most diversified devices, Pixel smartphones encompass a Titan M2 staunch instruct that enables Verified Boot.
  • Pixel smartphones are supported by Android by default, so safety updates will likely be allotted hasty.
  • Pixel smartphones enable set up of custom application equivalent to GrapheneOS. Sarcastically, this makes them a pair of of the absolute most practical hardware for Google-free smartphones.

Comparison With e.g. LineageOS, CalyxOS, /e/

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LineageOS, CalyxOS, /e/ and diversified Android distributions genuinely rely on the customary Android which handiest comes with its get different of apps. GrapheneOS, on the diversified hand, is an elaborately hardened Android and will therefore be considered as its get operating system. To boot, safety updates are as soon as in a while provided tiresome by the distributions mentioned firstly.

Comparison With Linux Telephones

Establishing Linux for smartphones as a third ecosystem alongside iOS and Android is a promising arrangement. To boot to hundreds of reward functions, user freedom, transparency and safety, the usability on both smartphones and gigantic screens is compelling. Unfortunately, “Linux for Smartphones” is now now not but pale ample for most customers. In narrate to produce our possibilities a professionally usable, stable and staunch smartphone, now we bear chosen GrapheneOS.

Spend NitroPhone 2/Knowledgeable Now!

Join the pack! Join 8000+ others registered customers, and discover chat, discover groups, post updates and discover friends around the enviornment!

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  1. €250 to solder off components seems steep. It takes me less than 30min, i can imagine it takes a lot less to disassemble+desolder+reassemble if you do it all day. Can't see this taking up more than 1 manhour. If they added a switch instead of desolder the price would have been more reasonable (but still steep, it can buy a usable phone on its own)

  2. If you don't bother to click, the linked phones are the Google Pixel 6/Pro with Graphene OS and some (optional?) hardware modifications.

    I know it's probably not in their best interest, but I really wish they specified the source of their features individually (whether something comes from the Pixel 6 Titan chip, Graphene or their own custom hardware or software). It makes it difficult to evaluate their value-add over buying a Pixel 6 and throwing Graphene on it.

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