New York City will make it mandatory for companies to post salaries on job ads

New York City will make it mandatory for companies to post salaries on job ads

In a hot, challenging job market, it’s likely that we’ll see a steady flow of positive new … [+] initiatives from politicians and companies to better the lives of employees.


It feels like almost everyone is looking for a new job. There are about 11 million jobs available. Each month, millions of Americans quit their positions, in pursuit of better opportunities. One of the most important aspects of a new job is the compensation. Up until now, the overwhelming majority of companies conveniently left out the salary from their job advertisements. 

Lost in the holiday season and current surge in omicron, there was a piece of great news that went overlooked. Under a new law passed by the New York City Council, which will go into effect in April 2022 if not vetoed by January 14, 2022, e

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