Neovim 0.7 Released

NVIM v0.7.0 Build type: Release LuaJIT 2.1.0-beta3 Install Windows Zip Download Extract the zip. Run nvim-qt.exe MSI Download nvim-win64.msi Run the MSI Search and run nvim-qt.exe or run nvim.exe on your CLI of choice. macOS Download nvim-macos.tar.gz Extract: tar xzvf nvim-macos.tar.gz Run ./nvim-osx64/bin/nvim Linux (x64) Tarball Download nvim-linux64.tar.gz Extract: tar xzvf nvim-linux64.tar.gz Run ./nvim-linux64/bin/nvim…

Neovim 0.7 Released

NVIM v0.7.0
Manufacture form: Free up
LuaJIT 2.1.0-beta3


House windows


  1. Earn nvim-take hold
  2. Extract the zip.
  3. Plug nvim-qt.exe


  1. Earn nvim-take hold of64.msi
  2. Plug the MSI
  3. Search and escape nvim-qt.exe or escape nvim.exe for your CLI of different.


  1. Earn nvim-macos.tar.gz
  2. Extract: tar xzvf nvim-macos.tar.gz
  3. Plug ./nvim-osx64/bin/nvim

Linux (x64)


  1. Earn nvim-linux64.tar.gz
  2. Extract: tar xzvf nvim-linux64.tar.gz
  3. Plug ./nvim-linux64/bin/nvim

Debian Package

  1. Earn nvim-linux64.deb
  2. Install the equipment the utilization of sudo helpful install ./nvim-linux64.deb
  3. Plug nvim


  1. Earn nvim.appimage
  2. Plug chmod u+x nvim.appimage && ./nvim.appimage
    • If your system does not non-public FUSE you are going to be ready to extract the appimage:

      ./nvim.appimage --appimage-extract


SHA256 Checksums

5b3fced3f185ae1e1497cb5f949597c4065585fc26e7cd25a31f5f791dbd9b59  nvim-linux64.tar.gz
4c36e1708b99f24327cde6fff2c19c2b4217e1a289fac90c2c10492df3ea7a71  nvim-linux64.deb
ac1caae4f1c54e0ce126b9313d993cb0d1cc4a81ef3e09dd26772be37aaa61db  nvim.appimage
9711fd721732ac189e8fa40aea6aadc5816861cf53f6ac498bd21cd6cf602f85  nvim.appimage.zsync
6260a2edb2da35af02b986c8a6506138afcb3f78f81a80734214b2cadf390a42  nvim-macos.tar.gz
a72a90e2897ea296b777c325a37c981a0b51e2fe0c8b8735e3366b65e958cddc  nvim-take hold
c79b647338c3728e8d690ff70f81a4dda815adf9195cfdcfaa4f715514b0b3b2  nvim-take hold of64.msi


  • Reinforce for Python 2 is dropped. For Python 3, the minimal supported version is 3.6. Legacy :pythonx commands are easy on hand, and constantly makes employ of the python 3 provider.

  • api: Existing usages of nvim_buf_set_text that employ unfavorable line numbers will be off-by-one.

  • highlight: signature of vim.highlight.vary used to be changed.

  • enter: distinguish between some enter keys which previously were synonyms. This can also simply atomize some exiting mappings.

    • , and must not thought of identical to , and > respectively. In case the terminal or GUI supports distinguishing these keys, these can now be mapped separately. But even if the terminal only can send one code you might still need to change what variant is used in the config.


Core APIs:

  • api: add support for lua function & description in keymap (b411f43)

  • api: add api and lua autocmds (991e472)

  • api: nvim_clear_autocmd (b80651e)

  • api: pass args table to autocommand callbacks (30bc02c)

  • api: remove Lua autocommand callbacks when they return true (#17784) (be35d3c)

  • api: implement nvim_{add,del}_user_command (eff11b3)

  • api: implement nvim_buf_get_text (#15181) (11f7aee)

  • api: add nvim_get_option_value (71ac00c)

  • highlight: ns=0 to set :highlight namespace (4aa0cdd)

  • highlight: support for blend in nvim_set_hl (#17516) (b5bf487)

  • api: add strikethrough, nocombine to set_hl (cb18545)

  • api: relax statusline fillchar width check (3011794)


  • lua: add vim.keymap (6d41f65)

  • lua: add vim.spell (#16620) (e11a44a)

  • lua: add proper support of luv threads (b87867e)

  • lua: make :lua=expr print result of expr (d442546)

  • lua: handle lazy submodules in :lua vim. wildmenu completion (5ed6080)

  • lua: add notify_once() (#16956) (d78e466)

  • lua: add support for multiple optional types in vim.validate (#16864) (55c4393)

  • lua: show proper verbose output for lua configuration (ebfe083)

  • lua: more conversions between LuaRef and Vim Funcref (c8656e4)

  • lua: support converting nested Funcref back to LuaRef (#17749) (cac90d2)

  • call __tostring on lua errors if possible before reporting to user (81bffbd)

  • filetype.lua (#16600) (3fd454b)

  • filetype.lua: add support for files under .git (7a574e5)

  • filetype.lua: add support for patch files (27b664a)

  • filetype.lua: add support for tmux.conf files (94d5358)

  • filetype.lua: add support for txt files (#16926) (a45b578)

  • filetype.lua: Add typescript extension to filetype detection (#16923) (8ade800)

  • filetype.lua: fix .cc file not detected (c38d602)

  • filetype.lua: fix .env file not detected (19864bd)

  • filetype: convert patterns for mail buffers (#17238) (4458413)

  • filetype: support scripts.vim with filetype.lua (#17517) (fdea157)

UI and decorations:

  • decorations: support signs (30e4cc3)
  • extmarks: add strict option (11142f6)
  • api: expose extmark more details (5971b86)
  • api: expose extmark right_gravity and end_right_gravity (3d9ae9d)
  • use nvim_buf_set_extmark for vim.highlight (#16963) (b455e01)
  • statusline: support multibyte fillchar (be15ac0)
  • add support for global statusline (5ab1229), closes #9342


  • ui: allow conceal to be defined in decorations and tree-sitter queries (6eca9b6)
  • tree-sitter: allow Atom-style capture fallbacks (#14196) (8ab5ec4)
  • treesitter: add more default groups to highlight map (#17835) (6d648f5)
  • treesitter: multiline match predicates (6e6c36c)
  • treesitter: set allocator when possible (b1e0aa6)
  • ts: add support for multiline nodes in get_node_text (#14999) (1f3c059)
  • ts: expose minimum language version to lua (#17186) (8c140be)
  • runtime: add query filetype (#17905) (2e85af4)

LSP and diagnostic:

  • diagnostic: add “code” to the diagnostic structure (#17510) (5d6006f)
  • diagnostic: allow retrieving current diagnostic config (c915571)
  • lsp,diagnostic: open folds in jump-related functions (#16520) (222ef0c)
  • lsp: add buf_detach_client (#16250) (1b04da5)
  • lsp: add handler for workspace/workspaceFolders (#17149) (8e702c1)
  • lsp: dynamically generate list title in response_to_list (#17081) (574a582)
  • lsp: enable default debounce of 150 ms (#16908) (55a59e5)
  • lsp: skip or reduce debounce after idle (#16881) (b680392)
  • lsp: use for selecting lsp client (#16531) (f99f3d9)

Initial work to support remote TUI (and ui client library):

  • ui_client: connect to remote ui (a4400bf)

  • ui_client: implement event handlers (794d274)

  • ui_client: handle resize events (c6640d0)

  • ui_client: implement async paste handling (55b6ade)

  • ui_client: pass user input to remote server (6636160)

  • –headless: add on_print callback to stdioopen (a4069a3)

  • add autocommand event when search wraps around (#8487) (8ad6015)

  • add vim.tbl_get (#17831) (69f1de8)

  • autocmd: add Recording autocmds (8a4e26c)

  • autocmd: populate v:event in RecordingLeave (#16828) (f65b0d4)

  • completion: support selecting item via API from Lua mapping (c7aa646)

  • eval/method: partially port v8.1.1993 (4efcb72), closes #10848

  • eval/method: partially port v8.1.1996 (2ee0bc0)

  • eval/method: partially port v8.1.2004 (0f4510c)

  • eval: partially port v8.2.0878 (d746f5a), closes vim/vim#5481

  • eval: port emsg from v8.2.3284 (8adbba7)

  • events: add DirChangedPre (059d36e), closes vim/vim#9721

  • events: support SIGWINCH for Signal event #18029 (b2cb05b), closes #15411

  • hardcopy: check gui colours for highlights first (e5b5cbd)

  • highlight: support color names for cterm (dc24eeb)

  • ignore nore on maps (0347875)

  • input: delay some conversions to vgetc() (d7488bf)

  • input: enable /, /, / pairs unconditionally (ed88ca7)

  • keymap: add F38-F63 keys (#17893) (9da0023)

  • keymap: return nil from an expr keymap (58140a9)

  • mappings: considering map description when filtering (#17423) (9a74c2b)

  • provider: remove support for python2 and python3.[3-5] (baec0d3)

  • remote: add basic –remote support (5862176)

  • runtime: import cleanadd.vim from Vim (#17699) (d33aebb)

  • runtime: include Lua in C++ ftplugin (#17843) (02fd00c)

  • runtime: new checkhealth filetype (#16660) (734fba0)

  • term: use vterm_output_set_callback() (7813b48)

  • test: use nvim_exec in helpers.source() #16064 (72652cb), closes #16071

  • trigger ModeChanged for terminal modes (fdfd1ed)

  • tui: add error logging (#16615) (34d88ed)

  • tui: add support for CSI 4 : [2,4,5] m (f89fb41), closes #17362

  • tui: enable CSI u keys (a11ff55)

  • support additional args for -s (0ec92bb)

Performance Improvements

  • lsp: request only changed portions of the buffer in changetracking (#17118) (9055ec5)
  • only redraw concealed line if cursor has moved horizontally (595c1a7), closes #17889
  • pre-compile embedded Lua source into bytecode (#16631) (4240ce8)
  • screen: reduce cursorline redrawing when jumping around (c29a14d), closes vim/vim#9996
  • treesitter: cache query parsing (9c26939)
  • api: elide luaref copy when setting ‘callback’ in nvim_set_keymap (9f489f5)

Bug Fixes

  • –headless: do not block on press-enter prompts when no UI (5b34c2a), closes #9358 #11718 #15910
  • not shown in :map commands (07a98b1)
  • add forkpty for SunOS variants (2c8f4d0)
  • add STRNLEN compatability macro (8f1fdbc)
  • anonymous sid not working (7b6ee3e)
  • api, lua: return NIL on failure to find converted function (#17779) (77eb6f9)
  • api/nvim_win_call: share common win_execute logic (452b46f)
  • api: allow empty list for cterm in nvim_set_hl (e35a2d8)
  • api: allow nvim_buf_set_extmark to accept end_row key (#16548) (cf32053)
  • api: convert blob to NUL-terminated API string (f6cc604)
  • api: correctly handle negative line numbers for nvim_buf_set_text (#17498) (1500447), closes #15181
  • api: correctly pass f-args for nvim_create_user_command (#18098) (e463eb8)
  • api: delete all autocmds with the same ID (dc3bbd3)
  • api: force redefinition of user commands by default (#16918) (3923843)
  • api: highlight attribute for underline (96bb178), closes #17624
  • api: improve autocmd error handling (9292938)
  • api: include event in get_autocmds (#17553) (37a86a2)
  • api: make nil value in nvim_set_option_value clear local value (#16710) (33cd1ba)
  • api: nvim__set_hl_ns causes extra redraws (505c12c)
  • api: nvim_win_set_cursor() redraw for cursorline and statusline (f92e749)
  • api: re-route nvim_get_runtime_file errors (d512be5)
  • api: use changedir_func() in nvim_set_current_dir() (23c3f7f)
  • api: validate command names in nvim_add_user_command (#17406) (238b944)
  • api: validate user_command name (#17004) (a34652e)
  • append test for checking zero width node range (58d81ef)
  • aucmd_win: always make aucmd_win the last window (89712dc)
  • aucmd_win: ensure aucmd_win stays floating (2deffb5)
  • autocmd: clean up autocmds only when needed (#17593) (d5bd7ff)
  • autocmd: restore autocmd showing behavior (74a2774)
  • autoload variables not loaded with vim.g & nvim_get_var (f292dd2)
  • bounds check for underdot (7fd1182)
  • build: check for empty value of LUAC_PRG (#16711) (eceb0b3)
  • build: check that LuaJIT has required modules for compilation (#16714) (abdf3a8)
  • build: install luajit modules on windows (#16658) (2abd178)
  • channel: fix channel consistency (5051510)
  • check for interrupt in nvim_echo, write_msg and nlua_print (#16537) (db4bc32)
  • checkhealth: make provider checkhealth output more consistent (#17722) (33ada23)
  • ci/backport: check for event_name==”pull_request_target” (50c8cc3)
  • ci: provide necessary permissions for calling workflow (b55e659)
  • clang/’Dead store’: do not assign endcol (#17788) (876d22f)
  • close floating windows when calling win_close() (85ae04d)
  • completion: prevent K_LUA from closing pum (42e5fd3)
  • completion: update submode message when selecting from API (#17022) (69f3719)
  • correct vertical dragging room calculation with global statusline (#17928) (0d4bd42)
  • coverity/175977: big parameter passed by value (da89725)
  • coverity/188749: nullify pointer to fix use-after-free (d224957)
  • coverity/340720: error if nvim_eval_statusline given invalid winid (e850a92)
  • coverity: dead code and operands don’t affect result #17662 (c3a6ff6)
  • decorations: do not put empty virt_text (#17872) (ba257d7)
  • define NAME_MAX from _XOPEN_NAME_MAX (8fdf1b2)
  • diagnostic: allow setting arbitrary config values (984270c)
  • diagnostic: assert that diagnostics have line number and column (#16683) (b515160)
  • diagnostic: clamp diagnostics on negative line numbers (#16496) (254c22a)
  • diagnostic: escape special chars in file names (#16527) (62f0157)
  • diagnostic: improve validation for list arguments (#16855) (838631e)
  • diagnostic: make open_float respect global diagnostic options (#17879) (a8e2c45), closes #17878
  • diagnostic: only set default handler config if unset (8a27205)
  • diagnostic: resolve nil opts tables (fc8af96)
  • diagnostic: respect “if_many” source option for virtual text (#16653) (818ae74)
  • diagnostic: set effective buffer number for DiagnosticChanged autocmd (#16474) (99f6260)
  • diagnostic: set effective buffer number in autocmd (again) (#16589) (6063e07), closes #16474
  • diagnostic: use botright copen for qflist (#17475) (d80c9b9)
  • diff: make algorithm work for vim.diff (#17300) (92e92f0), closes #17207
  • do not cast offset to char_u (1a88729)
  • do not pass aucmd to the callback (#17650) (4f007a7)
  • do not save K_EVENT as lastc in Insert mode (ab1ceaa)
  • docs: add bufnr and user_data to diagnostic-structure (#16619) (3aff3d6)
  • docs: spelling in new underlines docs (4472820)
  • don’t include pty.h on SunOS (435dd04)
  • don’t use cfsetspeed, use i and o variants (05f9f63)
  • enable filetype detection and syntax highlighting with –clean (#17566) (ed1a9c3)
  • eval/method: add missing method support for existing built-ins (752ca2c)
  • eval: v:lua support for - in module names (fb8cd34)
  • event-loop: call vpeekc() directly first to check for character (74998b0)
  • event-loop: check if executed register has ended (64802da)
  • event-loop: duplicate display updating logic in vgetorpeek() (#17913) (a9665bb)
  • events: make v:event readonly in more events (#18070) (f89ca71)
  • ex_normal: spam n in Ex mode only if in Cmdline mode (#17977) (a783cdd)
  • extmarks: fix signs (2ab2af5), closes #17638
  • extmarks: splice extmarks on accepting spell (ea71c26)
  • filetype.lua: always return a string in getline helper function (#17852) (5e64d65)
  • filetype: expand tildes in filetype patterns (#17091) (59ea8fa)
  • filetype: fix foam pattern detection (6e04c86)
  • filetype: match negative priority patterns after extensions (#16980) (e92b816)
  • filetype: match on rather than (#16943) (f40ce34)
  • filetype: normalize slashes in file paths (6c86079)
  • filetype: set default ft_ignore_pat in filetype.lua (#16917) (60d3bb7)
  • float: do not switch window before deleting last listed buffer (#17840) (a72f338)
  • float: don’t always switch window when deleting last listed buffer (#17836) (ff82b27)
  • float: handle buffer deletion with floating windows (3fdb7b5)
  • float: make laststatus=1 behave consistently with floating windows (a9359dc)
  • healthcheck: handle empty reports (300b009)
  • health: do not run external processes in a shell (a87ecf5)
  • highlight: accept NONE as a color name (#17487) (1e7cb2d), closes #17478
  • highlight: allow globals to be cleared (876aaf2), closes #17420
  • highlight: always update window highlight if highlight changed (23dcef9)
  • inccommand: do not change reg_prev_sub when previewing (d11bbac)
  • input: do not translate scroll keys into multiclicks (5499736)
  • input: fix clearing of reg_executing (2a574f7)
  • input: never escape CSI bytes (ff7c3d1)
  • input: put modifiers back into typeahead buffer when needed (8184564)
  • input: remove reinterpreted ALT/META chords from recorded macro (75f4741)
  • keymap: don’t coerce false to ” (3cc29b7)
  • keywordprg: retain terminal buffer after K (#17046) (3ee1ba3)
  • line continuation: set growsize to correct value (#17655) (f24121a)
  • lsp and diagnostic highlight priority (#17461) (791e400)
  • lsp: always split text edits on r, rn, and n (#17087) (b72aae8)
  • lsp: always use target bufnr in location handler (#16876) (e42c906)
  • lsp: avoid attaching to unloaded buffers (#16723) (d6b939a)
  • lsp: avoid nil workspace/symbol query (#17107) (7085e5b)
  • lsp: call config on_exit handler before context is cleared (#16638) (6a92a53)
  • lsp: correct prefix when filterText is present (#17051) (f6329ea)
  • lsp: correctly align start and end range to codepoints during incremental sync (#16670) (36c401d), closes #16624
  • lsp: create lsp requests with position offsets considering client encoding (#16382) (22d7dd2)
  • lsp: ensure pending changes are flushed on skipped debounce (#17015) (3f2fbb8)
  • lsp: explicitly pass bufnr in didSave handler (#16906) (207307d)
  • lsp: fetch offset_encoding from client in references (#17104) (a0201b6)
  • lsp: fix nil-index behavior for UTF-8 in _str_*index_enc methods (#16731) (9625832)
  • lsp: fix applying multiple out-of-range TextEdits (#17037) (43ef7df)
  • lsp: fix lookup of boolean values in workspace/configuration (#18026) (6160973)
  • lsp: forward offset_encoding in rename handler (#17079) (8066abc)
  • lsp: forward offset_encoding to apply_text_edits (#17075) (9304ee3)
  • lsp: handle insertion of previous line (#17618) (3800615)
  • lsp: handle negative activeSignature in signatureHelp (#17064) (e7cd811)
  • lsp: only send valid params in executeCommand (#16987) (e41e8b3)
  • lsp: pass offset_encoding in formatexpr() (#18084) (392cb7a)
  • lsp: progress handlers should return vim.NIL on error (#16472) (730a951)
  • lsp: resolve bufnr for get_lines (#16986) (b65a23a)
  • lsp: resolve nil bufnr (#16902) (e6c1545), closes #16889 #16745
  • lsp: respect all of ‘fixeol’, ‘eol’, and ‘binary’ applying edits (#17574) (d477788)
  • lsp: set tabSize from ‘shiftwidth’, not ‘softtabstop’ (#17787) (af427de)
  • lsp: start incremental sync range at previous newline character (#17610) (a5e475f)
  • lsp: strictly enforce passing offset encoding (#17049) (bc722c8)
  • lsp: suppress ContentModified errors from UI (#16904) (d6f0c95)
  • lsp: use “text” filetype for plaintext (#17898) (4d3acd6)
  • lsp: use botright copen for all handlers (#17471) (6a3accc)
  • lua: don’t use nlua_error when exiting early (1479083)
  • lua: print multiple return values with=expr (#16933) (287d356)
  • lua: restore priority of the preloader (b518b57)
  • lua: stricter type check when calling API function (#16745) (297ff97), closes #13651
  • make mode() return correct value in ex mode (600e7e3)
  • man.vim: fix search function on some systems (#13709) (7165e77)
  • man.vim: support calling :Man without a section again (#17119) (ad2dbd4)
  • msgpack#strptime: use calendar.timegm to get seconds since epoch (fb14e2a)
  • ops: str_to_reg passing NULL to memcpy (8170260)
  • options: disallow empty ‘fdc’ and ‘scl’ (#16765) (70a68dc)
  • paste: avoid edges cases caused by empty chunk (fcc6f66)
  • paste: deal with eol and eof in Visual mode (bfb7754)
  • paste: deal with trailing new line in chunk (a6eafc7)
  • paste: don’t move cursor past the end of pasted text in Normal mode (2601e08)
  • paste: escape control characters in Cmdline mode (e263afc)
  • paste: use getcmdtype() to determine whether in cmdline mode (9b1e1fb)
  • prompt: add missing changes from v8.1.0036 (d6ea074)
  • pty_process_win/wait_eof_timer_cb: also check for proc->out.did_eof (4154bf9)
  • pum_redraw: employ grid_puts_len() to truncate the text (e6d35b9)
  • PVS/V1019: compound project expression is historical interior situation (93e0d9b)
  • PVS/V560: ignore false “conditional expression is continually false” (#17830) (d3af109), closes /
  • PVS/V583: the ‘?:’ operator constantly returns one and the identical sign (#17790) (e9b53f3)
  • ask.lua: test empty desk for traces (afcf644)
  • quickfix: support a ways off from O(N^2) when filling from string typval (#16654) (5ba45a7)
  • a ways off: invent assemble all all over again (70d2ab1)
  • a ways off: story connection error, missing return values (2be938a)
  • a ways off: story on missing wait commands, typecheck lua results (29c3632)
  • a ways off: admire silent in error reporting (1dbf867)
  • a ways off: employ STATIC_CSTR_AS_STRING (1201145)
  • resolve nil arguments to API features (#16889) (36662c9), closes #16745 #16745
  • admire os_proc_children rv of pid not learned (045422e)
  • runtime: add missing launch metadata (5c1b8b7)
  • runtime: add syntax file for ask (#18101) (7d1142b), closes #17905
  • runtime: test markdownError sooner than syn-determined (#16930) (b435755)
  • display cover: attain not attain syntax highlighting at filler or folded traces (#17818) (7735163)
  • display cover: attain not plan filler traces put up eof if already within the waste row (b326bf5)
  • display cover: attain not update syntax_last_parsed when drawing folded line (#17826) (52fe8ea)
  • display cover: don’t build empty signal text in line quantity column (4ddd6c5)
  • screenpos, trot with the streak: add high and left border adjustment (ffe3003)
  • display cover: truncate double-width persona precisely (bc75544)
  • display cover: truncate when overwriting appropriate half of of a double-width char (28dadd5)
  • dwelling nested sooner than executing callback (#17801) (7fb2310)
  • dwelling RedrawingDisabled sooner than coming into aucmd_win (dd21e21)
  • signcol: constantly dwelling off a redraw (8ba8f1a), closes #17693
  • signcol: take care of edge case with most sign (e67cd22)
  • signcol: update cursor when signcol adjustments (9d53791), closes #14195
  • skip libutil on SunOS (b8ae43d)
  • substitute: properly test for empty picture line (9955209)
  • syntax.c: valid hunk from Vim patch 8.0.0647 (#17761) (9e66d27)
  • syntax: deem away trailing areas in vim.vim (6795c97)
  • tabpage: valid test for failure to shut window (ae0a43e)
  • termdebug: take care of exiting at some level of startup properly (#16790) (315858b)
  • terminal: precisely forward mouse occasions (e0956f7)
  • terminal: repair resize atomize with pending scrollback (#14891) (0a1391f)
  • terminal: ignore left-launch mouse motion (c96f7e2), closes #9483 #8691
  • terminal: return early if there are no invalid rows (c83fedf)
  • terminal: employ coladvance() to calculate buffer cursor dwelling (2784a5d)
  • test: simplest employ buffer completion in popupmenu timer test (5ecb2cb)
  • assessments: update legacy tab swap test to be sane (6dc31ee)
  • translation: po file for Russian (#17767) (e0fe91f)
  • translation: po file for Ukrainian (#18100) (4dc09f3)
  • ts: escape lang when loading parsers (#16668) (f9080b2)
  • tui: support a ways off from the utilization of uninitialized memory in kitty (#17866) (a70b399)
  • tui: valid CSI sequence (#17844) (b81c310), closes #17771 /invisible-island.fetch/xterm/manpage/xterm.html#VT100
  • tui: waste streamed paste precisely when key buffer is empty (40ed2b5)
  • tui: deem away ESC NUL forced escape (#17198) (a2f1572)
  • ui: shut floating window on BufLeave tournament (#16557) (576408d)
  • ui: inccomand performance degradation (54cec45)
  • ui: invent window resize commands dwelling up cmdheight (463174b)
  • update final cursor on first CursorMoved (#16698) (b42e0c4)
  • uri: alternate blueprint sample to not encompass the comma persona (#16797) (56f3c41)
  • employ customary! in default mapping (#17695) (f291a03)
  • repair N/A files patterns (#18073) (8f95f3e)
  • win_close: depend the window the be closed in dwelling of curwin (3539456)
  • win_split_ins: attain not fail when oldwin just isn’t helpful (0cf2dc6), closes #14240

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