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We precise launched the first version of Pidgeon. It’s meant to be a sort of “reddit for images”, and we’re making an are attempting to fix quite a bit of the considerations instagram has.

Relatively a slight of of us recently detest instagram for one reason or one other. Per chance you detest the amount of advertisements it has. Per chance you detest the algorithm. Per chance you detest the shop share that no one ever uses. Per chance you detest the records sequence, or reels, or that it precise looks like an immense reputation contest.

We are looking out to take care of all of the above.

Organic outreach

The feed is organized chronologically. Right here it’s doubtless you’ll per chance easiest search your get hold of posts and the posts of of us you put collectively. Don’t distress about bots or engagement on myth of that gained’t tank your reach.

The invention queue is split into different classes, roughly like subreddits. Every post is then ranked by how precise users judge the images within the post are, divided by a feature of the age of the post – if truth be told the upvote/downvote machine that exists on reddit. There are also no hashtags, on myth of we didn’t want of us to raze time coming up with a bunch. We judge that within the lengthy inch, hashtags are a get opposed as a feature.

Indisputably, it’s doubtless you’ll per chance presumably’t pay to promote your post, and this is able to per chance no longer ever alternate.

Photo essentially essentially based chat rooms

While you half a portray, it’s a natural thing to are looking out to talk about it. But feedback aren’t repeatedly the nicest solution to attain this. So we made portray essentially essentially based chat rooms. You may per chance well per chance presumably originate or be half of chat rooms and specify a couple classes for the room. Any time someone within the room makes a post to a category that’s connected with the room, the post would perchance be shared to the room in addition.

So at any time while you originate a post, your images would perchance be shared with a community of individuals who occupy a an identical ardour within the originate of portray you’re posting. This also has one other attain – assuredly social platforms want a couple million users to reach a “famous mass”, or a level where there’s any fee in any recognize to the divulge of the app. But with a chat room, you easiest want a hundred or so users for it to occupy fee – and the truth is, oftentimes you don’t want worthy bigger than that within the room anyway. We’re hoping this allows of us to search out fee within the divulge of the app earlier than we grow to a huge userbase.

We gained’t inch advertisements

Apart from the glaring upside of no longer seeing advertisements, this also plan we don’t occupy an incentive to amass your private records and sell it to advertisers. Discord has shown that the freemium mannequin can work, and that’s what we plan to attain – quite a bit of the app being free, with none of the paid aspects being “very famous”. If truth be told, for the when it comes to future we quiet occupy a ton of aspects we’d like to add to the app, and none of them are paid.

Assorted things…

We gained’t add one thing dreary just like the shop tab or snap scrolling on instagram. If truth be told, if we add one thing that our users find yourself hating, we’ll get hold of rid of it. We occupy now to, on myth of our industry mannequin depends on keeping our users satisfied.

To boot, easiest it’s doubtless you’ll per chance presumably search who you’re following. So no more of that “put collectively me put collectively lend a hand” nonsense. Finest put collectively of us whose stutter you with out a doubt are looking out to appear for, and unfollow them at any time while you wish without them fascinating. Follower counts will quiet be public.

We also occupy murky mode from day 1

In explain for you to envision it out, it’s on the app store and play store:
NOW WITH OVER +8500 USERS. of us can Be half of Knowasiak without cost. Be half of on

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