Mozilla Thunderbird Beta now helps Matrix chat

Matrix Live 🎙 Dept of Status of Matrix 🌡️Matthew announces is finally here as a tracker for our progress on P2P MatrixDept of Spec 📜TravisR saysHere’s your weekly spec update! The heart of Matrix is the specification – and this is modified by Matrix Spec Change (MSC) proposals. Learn more about how the process works…

Mozilla Thunderbird Beta now helps Matrix chat

My magnificent professor says right here is inconceivable!!

Matrix Are residing 🎙

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Dept of Web page online of Matrix 🌡️

Matthew publicizes is finally right here as a tracker for our growth on P2P Matrix

Dept of Spec 📜

TravisR says

Right here is your weekly spec replace! The coronary heart of Matrix is the specification – and right here is modified by Matrix Spec Exchange (MSC) proposals. Be taught more about how the blueprint works at

MSC Web page online

Merged MSCs:

  • No MSCs had been merged this week.

MSCs in Closing Roar Duration:

Contemporary MSCs:

Spec Core Crew

In terms of Spec Core Crew MSC heart of attention for this week, we get now been largely taking a get a examine proposals which are at or attain FCP with a conception to bag them through the closing phases of the blueprint. We’re also interesting on what the following release (v1.3) looks love and after we are going to discontinue up placing it out into the arena. Whenever you get MSCs which you’ll need integrated, please dwell by the #sct-station of on Matrix with your suggestions – within the event that they are attain enough, we are going to are attempting to bag them in.

Random MSC of the week

The script has elected MSC3391: Eliminating memoir records as the random MSC this week. It’s a ways a runt but engaging MSC which helps gorgeous up memoir records on the server when or now not it is now not wished, though how this create of elimination gets represented to purchasers can also be a jam. It’s currently lacking an implementation if any person is making an are attempting to earn a medium complexity contribution this weekend 😉

The Chart

So many MSCs are within the commence disclose, which is why we’re continuously taking a get a examine merging MSCs which are prepared to mosey.

Dept of Servers 🏢

Synapse (web living)

Synapse is a Matrix homeserver implementation developed by the core group

Brendan Abolivier reviews

This week, we get now released Synapse 1.56! It contains completely a pair of latest capabilities but lots of worm fixes and interior enhancements. One in all the most fundamental changes integrated on this version is that Synapse will now refuse to open if configured with commence registration and not utilizing a verification (e.g. electronic mail, recaptcha, etc). Right here is an are attempting at reducing the likelihood of unsolicited mail in all places in the federation, as most cases of abuse we get now seen over time most regularly contains the attacker(s) discovering homeservers with commence registration and mechanically rising hundreds of accounts on them in insist to evade sanctions.

This version of Synapse also deprecates the groups/communities characteristic of Matrix. Right here is a characteristic we launched support in 2017, and modified into the predecessor of Matrix areas. But now that it has been mostly replaced by areas, we get determined to retire this characteristic, which we thank dearly for its 4 years of valid and proper provider to the federation.

Read all about this, and more, within the release announcement on the blog! 🙂

Dendrite / gomatrixserverlib (web living)

Second generation Matrix homeserver

neilalexander publicizes

This week we released Dendrite 0.8.0, which is basically a characteristic release, and then Dendrite 0.8.1 which fixes an emergency worm. It’s a ways also a suggested strengthen may well presumably perchance get to you are working a Dendrite deployment. It contains:

  • Enhance for presence has been added

    • Presence is now not enabled by default
    • The global.presence.enable_inbound and global.presence.enable_outbound configuration alternate choices allow configuring inbound and outbound presence individually
  • Enhance for room upgrades through the /room/{roomID}/strengthen endpoint has been added (contributed by DavidSpenler, alexkursell)

  • Enhance for ignoring customers has been added

  • Joined and invite user counts are literally sent within the /sync room summaries

  • Queued federation and dilapidated utility listing updates will now be staggered at startup over an up-to 2 minute warmth-up interval, comparatively than going down

  • Memory stress created by the sync notifier has been diminished

  • The EDU server disclose has now been eradicated, with the work being moved to more relevant ingredients

  • It’s now likely to living the power_level_content_override when rising a room to encompass energy phases over 100

  • /send_join and /disclose responses will now not unmarshal the JSON twice

  • The stream event consumer for push notifications will now not quiz membership events which may well maybe presumably perchance be beside the level

  • Appservices will now not incorrectly receive disclose events twice

Our sytest compliance numbers are literally:

As steadily, be part of us in for more news and discussion.

Dept of Bridges 🌉

matrix-hookshot (web living)

A multi aim multi platform bridge, formerly identified as matrix-github

Half-Shot says

Matrix-Hookshot: The one with the widgets release

Hello webhook followers! As teased closing week, configuration widgets get landed in hookshot! 1.4.0 now accommodates all you wish to setup your very get webhooks without needing to disappear the consolation of your GUI. The thought is for widgets to be vastly expanded over the brand new few releases to reinforce more products and companies. At closing, this work is going to propagate out to other bridgey projects 🌉.

The plump characteristic listing for this release looks a chunk love:

  • Add strengthen for configuring generic webhooks through widgets. (#140)
  • Existing the closing feedback on closed GitHub PRs. (#262)
  • Webhooks created through !hookshot webhook now get their secret URLs sent to the admin room with the user, comparatively than posted within the bridged room. (#265)
  • Robotically link GitHub components and pull requests when a jam number is mentioned (by default, the usage of the # prefix). (#277)
  • Enhance GitLab release webhook events. (#278)

Substitute away, and let me know the map you bag on.

matrix-appservice-kakaotalk (web living)

A Matrix-KakaoTalk puppeting bridge.

Beautiful reviews:

A Matrix-KakaoTalk puppeting bridge.

Many updates this week! Contemporary capabilities encompass:

  • Mentions & replies, both incoming & outgoing
    • Dinky exception: Matrix->KT replies don’t yet work in KT “commence channels” yet.
  • Capability to fabricate a portal by engaging a KT puppet to a DM
    • Camouflage that this currently completely works for KT divulge chat channels that exist already & get been energetic nowadays.
  • Connection resilience between the Python and Node ingredients of the bridge
    • i.e. If the Node disclose ever exits & restarts, the Python disclose will reconnect to it mechanically. This helps both with deployment (since it enables the ingredients to be started in any insist) and rupture tolerance (since a Node rupture & restart now not requires a ebook restart of the Python disclose)
  • Clear warnings when receiving a KT message that the bridge doesn’t yet strengthen

At this level, the bridge may well presumably perchance get to peaceable be pretty usable now. Very quickly I may commence a Matrix-bridged KT channel to behave as a public stress-take a look at!

Discussion: #matrix-appservice-kakaotalk:miscworks.fetch
Disaster web page: https://src.miscworks.fetch/comely/matrix-appservice-kakaotalk/components

Heisenbridge (web living)

Heisenbridge is a bouncer-trend Matrix IRC bridge.

hifi reviews

Heisenbridge roundup!

Heisenbridge is a bouncer-trend Matrix IRC bridge.

Release v1.11.0 🥳

  • Mounted retry behavior on startup to support for HS startup
  • Ignore TAGMSG messages from IRC server
  • Mounted HTML messages now not working as commands
  • Mounted room aliases in messages dropping the message entirely
  • Make stronger to Mautrix 0.15

Appropriate your conventional worm repair release but this release also breaks strengthen for homeservers now not supporting the “v3” API path so may well presumably perchance get to you roam Synapse 1.47 or older the bridge will now not open. Sorry.

Tear and bag some spring cleaning from GitHub, PyPI or matrix-docker-ansible-deploy!


Dept of Purchasers 📱


freaktechnik reviews

Thunderbird is a free commence-source electronic mail, calendar & chat app.

The most contemporary Thunderbird beta finally has Matrix strengthen enabled by default. Fetch Thunderbird beta now to are attempting it out.
There get been many enhancements to the Matrix implementation since the closing replace, in conjunction with:

  • Nearly entire discontinue-to-discontinue encryption strengthen
  • Enhance for showing formatted messages
  • .well-identified dwelling server discovery
  • Message redactions
  • Now all room invites imply that you simply can acknowledge
  • Lazy loading room members

Factor Web/Desktop

kittykat reviews

  • We eradicated skinning! It won’t be within the discharge this week, but will land in 2 weeks (roughly). Whenever you stare bugs, please account them!
  • Threads Beta went into the RC!
  • Having a test at a module machine for extending functionality – may well presumably perchance get to you get modules we haven’t talked about, catch to permit us to dangle.
  • In labs (that you simply can enable labs in settings on or on Nightly)
    • Work on video rooms continues, and we’re exploring how we are able to get them feel more native.

Syphon (web living)

Chat with your privateness and freedom intact

0x1a8510f2 says

Syphon is a Matrix consumer with heavy emphasis on privateness and ease of expend; currently in commence alpha.

Hello all 👋.

We released 0.2.13 this week mainly fixing an anxious worm that will presumably perchance cause messages sent while a configured proxy server modified into all of the blueprint down to be re-sent more than one instances as soon as the proxy came support on-line. Whenever you expend a proxy with Syphon, this replace is extremely suggested!

As well to, this release will completely uncover the risk to make expend of hidden be taught receipts if the characteristic is supported by your server.

At closing, a fluctuate of translation updates and enhancements are integrated on this release.

Extra changes are coming quickly, in conjunction with a (currently work-in-growth) implementation of MSC2228 (self destructing events). As a ways as we know, we’re heading within the valid route to be the first user-coping with implementation of this MSC, placing Syphon on the bleeding fringe of Matrix!

Nheko (web living)

Desktop consumer for Matrix the usage of Qt and C++17.

Nico reviews

On memoir of the friendly polyjuice consumer, Nheko now helps MSC3700, which a chunk improves privateness in encrypted rooms. It also lead to us fixing components with the catch symmetric secret storage, where some purchasers expend a sure imperfect64 encoding than suggested within the spec, which may well maybe presumably perchance get unlocking the secrets and methods with a restoration key or passphrase fail. And we also improved the most fundamental queries on preliminary login, which may well maybe presumably well on occasion fail to_device messages with a warning, that the utility is unknown.

As a runt characteristic, that now you can shut the currently commence room the usage of Ctrl-W, areas are now not treated as DMs below some circumstances anymore, you may well presumably perchance get to peaceable bag a much less complicated error message than 500 when coming into an invalid alias now and lots of fixes to the translations.

Thanks, LorenDB, Apurv and Mikaela for the contributions!

Hydrogen (web living)

Hydrogen is a delicate-weight matrix consumer with legacy and mobile browser strengthen

Bruno reviews

Come by released the SDK, v0.0.10 with customized tiles strengthen. Calls and theming are getting nearer, the latter we had been planning to release this week but hit a blocker for theming strengthen in acquire mode, so we are going to get to postpone to subsequent week.

Factor iOS (web living)

Accept and unbiased dialog for iOS, connected through Matrix. Near discuss with us in!

Manu publicizes

  • Eager in dropping strengthen for iOS12 – this may well perchance presumably affect 0.9% of classes. Requiring iOS 13 or more moderen will allow us to make expend of SwiftUI libraries.
  • You may well presumably have the chance to opt in to threads within the following release (currently in testing), alongside updates to room preview on prolonged press in room listing, ability to part any build of living and strengthen for more languages

Factor Android (web living)

Accept and unbiased dialog for Android, connected through Matrix. Near discuss with us in!

benoit reviews

  • Release candidate 1.4.11 is currently obtainable on the PlayStore may well presumably perchance get to you are a tester. May maybe perchance perchance just peaceable be pushed to manufacturing subsequent Monday! F-Droid publication is in growth too. Be taught more relating to the plump release disclose material right here:
  • Add banner to timeline when build of living sharing is working. Are residing Mutter Sharing (a.ample.a. LLS) is peaceable a piece in growth and never obtainable within the Factor app yet.
  • Improved unit take a look at protection (especially spherical login with MXID)
  • Improved how threads test within the most fundamental timeline
  • Add notification for customers to opt in to threads
  • Sharpening spherical areas to ship them into line with latest designs
  • Hotfix for leaving all rooms in a station without leaving the DMs. The hotfix is integrated within the discharge candidate 1.4.11.
  • We are inquisitive about editing our rules to format source code. We are able to are attempting to restrict the affect on forks, but this can now not be easy.

Dept of Non Chat Purchasers 🎛️

Populus Viewer (web living)

A Social Annotation Instrument Powered by Matrix

gleachkr reviews

Since closing time, we get now made hundreds of runt advantageous-of-life enhancements, but a pair of changes that stand out are:

  1. Now we get improved strengthen for offline PWA usage.
  2. Now we get improved caching of station contents, reducing the choice of instances that we get to hit the spaceHierarchy endpoint and making improvements to efficiency.
  3. Now we get moved to a more in-the-spirit-of-the-spec blueprint of coping with hidden annotations: these are literally represented by rooms with an event, and no correpsponding event within the resource-station.
  4. Now we get added a modal for viewing checklist messages at plump-size.

Amount 4 works properly with my instructing-assistant-bot (built with matrix-bot-sdk, mathjs, and chartjs), which helps me visualize files about student exercise.

MSC3752 – Markup Areas for Text, has also stuffed out comparatively a chunk! Implementation coming quickly confidently.

As steadily, may well presumably perchance get to you wish to be taught more, or discuss relating to the future of social annotation at matrix, come be part of us at!

Matrix Highlight (web living)

A decentralized and federated blueprint of annotating the fetch basically based on Matrix.

Daniel publicizes

Matrix highlight seen some “below the hood” changes this week, in particular a refactor to rely much less on the Chrome/Firefox extension API. This is able to presumably perchance get to peaceable get it likely (in principle, and with some more work) to roam Matrix Highlight on pages without inserting within the leisure! Excluding the unpleasant, I feel that there are additional expend cases opened up by this exchange; one such case I even take into consideration is as a commenting machine on a living (a la cactus feedback, but with the power to highlight web page snippets!).

Within the blueprint of all of this, I’ve spent some time working Matrix Highlight in Firefox. I’ve encountered no components at some level of this time, so it appears love the utility is usable from FF, too.

Dept of SDKs and Frameworks 🧰

Trixnity (web living)

Multiplatform Kotlin SDK for Matrix

Benedict reviews

Trixnity 2.0.0-RC1 has been released.
This release candidate accommodates many breaking changes due to the a large refactoring, which enables us to part lots code between server and consumer implementations of the Matrix APIs.
Yes, which blueprint Trixnity can also be venerable to implement a matrix server!
We also made some growth to get the consumer module (with all of the excessive stage good judgment) multiplaform. Right here is the completely module, which does now not strengthen Kotlin/Native and Kotlin/JS yet.
There are many other capabilities (love consumer-facet notifications!), which has been added. See the changelog for more particulars:


  • clientserverapi-server: new module for server-facet REST endpoints of the Consumer-Server-API (Server-Server-API will apply quickly)
  • olm: libolm is bundled into trixnity-olm jars
  • consumer: push notification strengthen (push rules are evaluated)
  • consumer: introduce helpers to bag entire timeline as waft (no more complicated loops to bag the timeline)
  • consumer: allow subscribing to all timeline events -> in actuality functional for bots with e2e strengthen
  • consumer: allow to sync as soon as (e. g. for push notifications)
  • consumer: disclose material field of TimelineEvent gets also living for unencrypted events
  • consumer: public bag entry to to keys
  • clientserverapi-model: allow customized field in pusher records
  • core: introduce BaseEventContentSerializerMappings


  • consumer: rob away divulge room, when other user leaves room
  • consumer: exchange varchar size to reinforce MariaDB
  • clientserverapi-consumer: first sync after dwell without timeout

simplematrixbotlib (web living)

simplematrixbotlib is a really easy to make expend of bot library for the Matrix ecosystem written in Python and basically based on matrix-nio.

krazykirby99999 says:

An easy to make expend of bot library for the Matrix ecosystem written in Python.

Version v2.6.3 Launched!

2022-04-06 5f54f69

  • The uncover matcher now has strengthen for case-insensitive fits.
  • Add case insensitive risk to uncover matcher
  • Substitute Pillow Dependency to version 9.0.1
  • None
  • None

Polyjuice (web living)

Elixir libraries connected to the Matrix communications protocol.

uhoreg publicizes

Polyjuice Consumer Take a look at is a testing utility for Matrix purchasers. Since the closing TWIM replace,

  • two new tests get been added: key historical past sharing (MSC3061) and no plaintext sender key (MSC3700).
  • more purchasers endpoints get been utilized or stubbed. This has improved compatibility with some Matrix purchasers, and diminished noise within the logs.
  • the deployment at https://take a look now mechanically runs the latest version from git. This Matrix-basically based precise deployment is powered by one other private facet-venture, that will presumably very well be revealed at some point soon.
  • the UI is now essential much less grotesque (unless you detest crimson, in which case that you simply can earn it more grotesque).
  • now exists for discussing the leisure connected to the Polyjuice venture

Dept of Ping 🏓

Dept of Ping will return!

That is all I do know 🏁

See you subsequent week, and be definite to remain by with your updates!

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