Most incessantly We Suck (2005)

Most incessantly We Suck (2005)

We’d appreciate to assert regret. The closing few weeks were honest brutal for the Flickr crew. Switching hardware platforms on a dwell location with a full bunch of spirited substances that’s serving hundreds of requests every second (actually) is exhausting. Unpleasantly exhausting.

Fortunately, fully a truly little percentage of that you just may want noticed any issues. Unfortunately, “a truly little percentage of you” is now a honest monumental quantity in absolute terms. Meaning that there had been many of of us reporting issues – some little annoyances and some bigger ones. And we had been, at bigger than one level, in actual fact spoiled at maintaining Up alongside with your experiences, responding to them, and staying in communication about stuff that wasn’t working, stuff that used to be being labored on, and all of that.

And the breakdown wasn’t exact in speaking with you. Our inner communication used to be overwhelmed by the quantity and immediacy of work coming in. And that intended that we didn’t repeatedly resolve things very rapidly – in assert, we let one in actual fact stressful worm whisk unfixed for over every week with out saying the leisure about it. That’s no honest. And we’re sorry.

The Flickr crew has repeatedly prided itself on responsiveness to the of us the utilization of Flickr, on speed and agility, on innovation and the swiftly evolution of Flickr itself and never stopping making things higher. As we’ve gotten bigger, pulling that off within the identical approach we now beget got within the previous will get more durable and more durable. The aim is no longer unreachable – we exact must commerce our how to get grasp of the identical results. And we’re working on it 🙂

Dark at the beginning of the tunnel

And to those of you who were patiently (or impatiently) staring at for more!, higher!, faster! – it’s coming. Loads of basic initiatives are underway: just a few of them exact horrifying frosty, some exact, some you’ll never test Up on on tale of they reach all of the style down to the center and kind the final blueprint Correct Work, some which attend diversified developers build stuff on high of Flickr, some which is in a location to attend us take reliable thing about the Yahoo! machine and some exact on tale of we can’t face Up to making them.

And we’re also exact about finished sorting thru an amazingly immense pile of put Up it notes, extinct wiki pages, spreadsheets,and whiteboards stout of notes so we can particular out the Flickr backlog and prioritize the 10,001 things that we resolve to get grasp of finished this twelve months. The future is … going to proceed to be exhausting. For us.

Nonetheless for you it’ll be monumental. The next six weeks protect cease an strangely monumental selection of foremost adjustments, and so will the subsequent six months and the subsequent six years. Excelsior, Flickrverse!

And we are in actual fact, truly sorry for the times that we suck. We’re aloof discovering out

p.s. Comments are open. Elaborate it appreciate it is far..

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