Martin’s Mortgage Maneuver

Martin’s Mortgage Maneuver

These extensions are reasonably purposeful!!

Disclaimer:  here’s no longer financial advice.  That you might possibly smartly be utterly liable for all outcomes connected to taking any or the total following steps.  In case your space is price larger than $1,000,000 and changed into purchased after 2016 then there might well merely be some barriers for your skill to refinance your mortgage.   

What I’m about to part with you are a number of easy steps that might well merely support you steer clear of the gigantic charges charged by banks while you ruin your mortgage. I did now not space out to see this. I changed into merely attempting to handbook clear of my beget exorbitant ruin price.  As it looks, this has no longer top saved my family a whole bunch cash, it has helped a lot of of my mates as smartly.  Some rep saved as much as $35,000 in mortgage ruin charges. I truly rep chosen to part this in instruct that it is doubtless you’ll advantage too.

What follows is pretty dense. I’m assured this might well also be price the learn while you:

  1. Bear a mounted-price mortgage at a price of larger than 1.64%;

  2. Favor to place hundreds of bucks by taking honest appropriate thing about this day’s low mortgage rates; and/or

  3. For private reasons, deserve to interrupt your mortgage and are being quoted an injurious price.

Right here is a brief summary of the first factors:

  • Whereas you ruin your mortgage, Canadian banks tag you a price. 

  • This price is in step with both three months’ pastime or the pastime price differential (IRD), whichever is top.

  • Primarily the most exorbitant ruin charges are constantly in step with the IRD.

  • On the day you signal your mortgage your IRD is, by definition, $0. 

  • Six months after signing your mortgage the IRD explodes, ensuing in gigantic ruin charges.


  • Whereas you blend-and-lengthen your mortgage you signal a designate-contemporary mortgage: deem $0 IRD. 

  • When then you definately ruin your contemporary mortgage, you crop the ruin price by as much as 90%.

  • After breaking your mortgage it is doubtless you’ll join a brand contemporary mortgage at this day’s low rates and put tens of hundreds of bucks.

I name this … Martin’s Mortgage Maneuver.  




In December 2019, my family purchased our first home.  We took on a 5-year, mounted-price mortgage at 2.49%.  Our mortgage changed into $504,000.

In April 2020, mortgage rates had fallen to 2.25%.  Out of curiosity, I called our bank to be taught what it might well tag us to interrupt our mortgage.  Our mortgage balance changed into now $498,000. The bank quoted me $3,100 to interrupt our mortgage.  The Prepayment Payment had been calculated in step with three months’ pastime:

Prepayment Payment=$498,000 last mortgage my 2.49% pastime price 3/12 months

Prepayment Payment=$3,100

By October 2020 our bank’s mortgage price on a 5-year, mounted-price mortgage had dropped to 2.0%.  Charges at varied banks were now as diminutive as 1.74% (FYI – as of December 2020, they were as diminutive as 1.64%).  

The use of an on-line mortgage payment calculator, I spotted that I’d put roughly $14,250 if I’ll well well refinance my 2.49% mortgage at 1.74% over the next four years.  I top checked out the next four years of savings because I had roughly four years left on my 2.49% mortgage.


So, in October 2020, I called support our bank to substantiate the $3,100 ruin price. I concept it will most certainly be a diminutive lower than in April because we now had top $490,000 left on our mortgage.  As an different, the bank quoted me a mortgage ruin price of virtually $28,600.

Let me correct stop here for a minute to recap. 

six months later my ruin price had increased by over $25,000

My ruin price changed into no longer in step with three months’ pastime. It changed into now in step with the pastime price differential (IRD).  The Prepayment Payment (or ruin price) the utilization of the IRD changed into calculated as follows:


IRD Prepayment Payment=Mortgage Quantity Years Outstanding (Your Right Payment (A) – The Bank’s Present Payment (B))

The mortgage quantity ($490,000) and years critical (4 years and two months, or 4.167 years) were each and each easy calculations.  The calculation of “A” and “B” changed into spirited. 

Let me ruin down these calculations for you.

The manner to calculate “A” or “Your Right Payment”:

Banks use their Posted Mortgage Charges, which are the banks’ “kindly” mortgage rates.  The Posted Payment is an inflated price that no one ever will pay when they join a mortgage.    


To arrive at your right mortgage price, banks discount their Posted Payment.  The Slit value is a derived calculation representing the unfold between your bank’s Posted Payment while you signed your mortgage and the mortgage price that you obtained.  In December 2019, I signed a mortgage at 2.49%.  In December 2019, my bank’s Posted Payment on a 5-year, mounted-price mortgage changed into 5.29%.  To acquire to my 2.49% mortgage price my bank utilized a Slit value of two.8%.  

You needs so that you might possibly be taught your Right Payment, the Posted Payment, and the Slit value that you obtained for your mortgage contract.  A couple of banks (esteem Tangerine Bank, who I’m now with) don’t use Posted Charges and their ruin charges are constantly more cheap.  

The manner to calculate “B” or the “Bank’s Present Payment”:

To calculate “B” banks subtract the Slit value that you obtained for your mortgage (i.e. 2.8%) from their fresh Posted Payment on the “most connected” mortgage on the day that you ruin your mortgage.


Right here’s what it looked esteem for me.

April 2020:

In April, I had four years and eight months left on my mortgage.  The “most connected” mortgage to my mortgage changed into therefore a 5-year, mounted-price mortgage.  So, my bank aged its April 2020 Posted Payment on its 5-year, mounted-price mortgage, which at the time changed into peaceable 5.29%.  My IRD Prepayment Payment changed into calculated as: 

IRD Prepayment Payment=$498,000 mortgage 4.66 years (A – B)

IRD Prepayment Payment=$498,000 mortgage 4.66 years ((5.29% – 2.8%)- (5.29% – 2.8%))

IRD Prepayment Payment=$2,320,680 (2.49% – 2.49%)

IRD Prepayment Payment=$2,320,680 0.0%

IRD Prepayment Payment=$0

As it is doubtless you’ll well even see, since A minus B equaled 0.00%, the IRD Prepayment Payment changed into $0.  For the rationale that IRD Prepayment Payment changed into $0, my bank quoted me the three months’ pastime Prepayment Payment, or $3,100.


October 2020: 

In October, I had four years and two months left on my mortgage. The “most connected” mortgage to my mortgage changed into therefore a four-year, mounted-price mortgage.  So, my bank aged its October 2020 Posted Payment on a four-year, mounted-price mortgage to calculate my Prepayment Payment.  The Posted Payment on its four-year, mounted-price mortgage in October 2020 changed into 3.89%.  My mortgage changed into now all the manner down to $490,000.  Attributable to this reality, my IRD Prepayment Payment changed into calculated as:

IRD Prepayment Payment=$490,000 mortgage 4.167 years (A – B)

IRD Prepayment Payment=$490,000 mortgage 4.167 years ((5.29% – 2.8%)- (3.89% – 2.8%))

IRD Prepayment Payment=$2,041,830 (2.49% – 1.09%)

IRD Prepayment Payment=$2,041,830 1.4%

IRD Prepayment Payment=$28,585

As it is doubtless you’ll well even see, my IRD Prepayment Payment ballooned because my bank changed into now the utilization of a much lower four-year Posted Payment (3.89%) than the 5-year Posted Payment it had aged support in April (5.29%).  Banks exhaust regularly declining Posted Charges as mortgages means maturity, which keeps the IRD Prepayment Payment high. Moreover in the first six months. 

Notionally, if I had broken my mortgage six months much less a day into my mortgage, I’d rep paid a $3,100 Prepayment Payment (in step with the 5-year Posted Payment).  If I had broken in some unspecified time in the future later, or precisely six months into my mortgage, my Prepayment Payment would rep jumped to $28,585 (in step with the four-year Posted Payment).  In brief, the timing of while you ruin your mortgage issues loads because it is the only real real determinant of which Posted Payment the bank goes to make use of to calculate your Prepayment Payment.  Within the future can fabricate a gigantic distinction.  

Right here’s the right information:

This means to calculating the IRD Prepayment Payment might well be aged to your advantage.  As it is doubtless you’ll merely rep noticed, on the day that you signal your mortgage, the IRD Prepayment Payment is, by definition, $0.  Indeed, see you later as your mortgage is peaceable “closest” to being a 5-year mortgage on the day that you ruin it, then the bank will use its 5-year Posted Payment to calculate your IRD Prepayment Payment.  If the 5-year Posted Payment hasn’t modified since you signed your mortgage, then the IRD Prepayment Payment will most certainly be $0. That’s because “A” and “B” are connected, that draw that A – B will rep out to 0.00%.  Even when the bank’s 5-year Posted Payment drops in the months after you signal your mortgage, or no longer it is liable to be by a much smaller quantity than if the bank utilized the four-year Posted Payment to calculate the IRD Prepayment Payment.  

To acquire around the $28,585 IRD Prepayment Payment, I did a “blend-and-lengthen”.  With a combination-and-lengthen, I blended the last 4.167 years of my fresh mortgage at 2.49% with a 0.833-year mortgage at the fresh 2.00% mortgage price supplied by my bank.  This resulted in a fresh 5-year, mounted-price mortgage with a “blended” pastime price of two.41%. 

Once my bank had calculated the 2.41% mortgage price, it subtracted this quantity from the October 2020 Posted Payment on a 5-year, mounted-price mortgage (now at 4.79%) to acquire a Slit value of two.38%.  

I then broke this fresh 2.41% mortgage.  Since I had correct signed the mortgage, the IRD Prepayment Payment changed into $0.  Namely, my IRD Prepayment Payment changed into calculated as follows:

IRD Prepayment Payment=$490,000 mortgage 5.0 years (A – B)

IRD Prepayment Payment=$490,000 mortgage 5.0 years ((4.79% – 2.38%)- (4.79% – 2.38%))

IRD Prepayment Payment=$2,450,000 (2.41% – 2.41%)

IRD Prepayment Payment=$2,450,000 0.0%

IRD Prepayment Payment=$0

For the rationale that IRD Prepayment Payment changed into $0, the bank charged me three months’ pastime or $2,952, calculated as: 

Three Months’ Pastime=$490,000 mortgage .0241% pastime price 3/12 months

Three Months’ Pastime=$2,952

By mixing-and-extending my mortgage ahead of breaking it, I decreased my Prepayment Payment from $28,585 to $2,952, for a rep discount of $25,633   

I’m now on a brand contemporary 5-year, mounted-price mortgage at 1.74%.  Over the next four years, my family will put roughly $10,000 in after-tax bucks (and steer clear of a $28,585 ruin price).  Right here is after accounting for all charges connected to breaking my mortgage, i.e. the $2,952 Prepayment Payment plus roughly $1,200 in varied refinancing charges.  

So, there you rep gotten it. The mechanism I chanced on to handbook clear of the banks’ exorbitant mortgage ruin charges. 

Aka Martin’s Mortgage Maneuver.  

I am hoping you chanced on this purposeful!

When you rep gotten any questions, I’ve created an FAQ net page.

Moreover see “Martin’s Mortgage Maneuver: Phase Deux”, which explores refinance your mortgage to originate low-threat, passive earnings.

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