Marktext – Elegant Markdown Editor for Linux, macOS, Windows

Marktext – Elegant Markdown Editor for Linux, macOS, Windows



🔆 Next skills markdown editor 🌙

A straightforward and stylish commence-source markdown editor that fascinated by tempo and usability.

Accessible for Linux, macOS and Windows.





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This Markdown editor that would. Built with ❤︎ by
Jocs and


Supporting MarkText

MarkText is an MIT licensed commence source mission, and basically the latest model will continuously be downloadable at no cost from the GitHub free up net page. MarkText is aloof in construction, and its construction is inseparable from all sponsors. I am hoping you be half of them:

What is the inequity between Patreon and Commence Collective?

Patreon: Funds will most definitely be straight subsidized to Luo Ran (@jocs) who created MarkText and continues to retain it.
Commence Collective: All expenses are clear. The funds will most definitely be stale for the come and repairs of MarkText, funding online and offline activities, and acquiring diversified obligatory resources.
Names and firm logos of all sponsors (from each and each Patreon and Commence Collective) will appear on the adequate net net page for MarkText and in its file.

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  • Realtime preview (WYSIWYG) and a honest and straight forward interface to gain a distraction-free writing skills.
  • Enhance CommonMark Spec, GitHub Flavored Markdown Spec and selective toughen Pandoc markdown.
  • Markdown extensions akin to math expressions (KaTeX), entrance subject and emojis.
  • Enhance paragraphs and inline kind shortcuts to enhance your writing effectivity.
  • Output HTML and PDF data.
  • A gigantic selection of issues: Cadmium Light, Fabric Dark and many others.
  • A gigantic selection of improving modes: Source Code mode, Typewriter mode, Point of interest mode.
  • Paste photos straight from clipboard


😸Edit modes🐶

Why manufacture one more editor?

  1. I fancy writing. I in actuality enjoy stale loads of markdown editors, but there’s aloof not an editor that can fully meet my desires. I produce not fetch to be panicked once I write by some insufferable bug. MarkText uses digital DOM to render pages which has the added advantages of being extremely efficient and being commence source. That extend anybody who loves markdown and writing can exhaust MarkText.
  2. As talked about above, MarkText is fully free and commence source and will most definitely be commence source forever. We hope that each and each one markdown fanatics will make a contribution their comprise code and relieve build MarkText into a preferred markdown editor.
  3. There are many markdown editors and all enjoy their comprise deserves, some enjoy aspects which others produce not. It’s sophisticated to fulfill each and each markdown customers’ desires nonetheless we hope MarkText will most definitely be ready to fulfill each and each markdown particular person as vital as likely. Even supposing basically the latest MarkText is aloof not ideally friendly, we will have the option to strive to manufacture it as most efficient as we per chance can.

Assemble and Installation


Wish to compare fresh aspects of basically the latest model? Please talk to CHANGELOG.


It’s likely you’ll well be ready to both download basically the latest marktext-%model%.dmg from the free up net page or set up MarkText the exhaust of homebrew cask. To make exhaust of Homebrew-Cask you precise will deserve to enjoy Homebrew attach in.

brew set up --cask label-text


Simply download and set up MarkText by the exhaust of setup wizard (marktext-setup-%model%.exe) and pick whether or to not set up per-particular person or machine wide.

Alternatively, set up MarkText the exhaust of a bundle manager akin to Chocolatey or Winget.

  • To make exhaust of Chocolatey it is advisable enjoy Chocolatey attach in.
  • To make exhaust of Winget it is advisable enjoy Winget attach in.


Please apply the Linux set up instructions.


All binaries for Linux, macOS and Windows will also be downloaded from the free up net page. If a model is unavailable on your system, then please commence an hiss.


Whenever you fetch to construct MarkText yourself, please take a look at out our build instructions.

Whenever you’ve gotten any questions relating to MarkText, that you just would be in a position to be welcome to write a space. When doing so please exhaust the default layout came all over when opening a space. Clearly, when you happen to post a PR straight, this will also be vastly preferred.


  • Alfred Workflow: A Workflow for the macOS app Alfred: Exercise “mt” to commence data/folder with MarkText.


MarkText is in construction, please be sure to be taught the Contributing Recordsdata forward of making a pull search data from. Wish in an effort to add some aspects to MarkText? Search advice from our roadmap and commence disorders.


Thanks to your total participants who enjoy already contributed to MarkText[contributors]

Particular which skill of @Yasujizr who designed the MarkText label.



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