Luerl – An Implementation of Lua in Erlang

Luerl – An Implementation of Lua in Erlang

The migration from Lua 5.2 to 5.3 is amazingly noteworthy Work-In-Development. Please take a look at it however there are as yet no guratantees.

Luerl is an implementation of fashioned Lua 5.3 written in Erlang/OTP.

Lua is a extremely nice, efficient, light-weight, embeddable scripting language standard in games, IoT gadgets, AI bots, machine studying and scientific computing learn.

It helps procedural, object-oriented, purposeful, info-pushed, reactive, organizational programming and info description.

Being an extension language, Lua has no thought of a “vital” program: it genuinely works as a library embedded in a host easy known as the embedding program. The host program can invoke ideas to realize part of Lua code, can write and learn Lua variables, and would possibly perchance perchance doubtless call Erlang ideas by Lua code.

Via the exercise of Erlang ideas, Luerl can even be augmented to contend with a broad assortment of totally different domains, increasing a custom-made language sharing a syntactical framework.

Luerl is utilized as a library, written in tidy Erlang/OTP. For more info, learn the documentation and practice the originate up tutorial. That you just can doubtless also moreover browse the examples and learn from the luerl_demo provide code.

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