LLVM Clang Lands Initial SPIR-V Toolchain Support

LLVM Clang Lands Initial SPIR-V Toolchain Support


A thrilling LLVM enhance has landed in time for Christmas! Complementary to the LLVM SPIR-V aid-pause work that can perchance well also quickly be mainlined, Clang has now merged the preliminary SPIR-V toolchain enhance. This permits going from Clang to the SPIR-V intermediate representation that’s conformant to the OpenCL ambiance specification — corresponding to for compiling OpenCL kernels into SPIR-V.

With out the LLVM SPIR-V aid-pause itself being merged but, the Clang SPIR-V toolchain relies upon the initiate air LLVM to SPIR-V translator (llvm-spirv) for the conversion course of. Once that gargantuan SPIR-V aid-pause is merged and in lawful standing, it will transition to the consume of that in some unspecified time in the future of the LLVM code-obscene as opposed to requiring the initiate air llvm-spirv tool.

This toolchain enhance enables generating SPIR-V binaries for 32-bit or 64-bit targets. The SPIR-V era targets the OpenCL Ambiance Specification whereas will be prolonged for Vulkan, and lots others.

Concentrated on SPIR-V is now most likely from mainline Clang.

With the initiate air llvm-spirv doing powerful of the heavy lifting, the Clang toolchain enhance is tremendous over 200 traces of code and had been below overview since October whereas now will most definitely be section of LLVM 14.0 next three hundred and sixty five days.

With the HIPSPV code being merged this month too for going from AMD HIP to SPIR-V, December has been a huge month so a ways for the initiate-supply LLVM stack.

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