LibreOffice 7.3

LibreOffice 7.3

Moreover to the vast majority of code commits being focused on interoperability with Microsoft’s proprietary file codecs, there is a wealth of recent functions centered at users migrating from Situation of business, to simplify the transition

Berlin, February 2, 2022 – LibreOffice 7.3 Community, the recent main free up of the volunteer-supported free location of business suite for desktop productivity, is supplied from In line with the LibreOffice Technology platform for deepest productivity on desktop, mobile and cloud, it affords a colossal sequence of improvements centered at users migrating from Microsoft Situation of business to LibreOffice, or exchanging documents between the two location of business suites.

There are three utterly different forms of interoperability improvements:

  • Construction of recent functions, such because the recent dealing with of substitute tracking in tables and when textual affirm material is moved, which beget a definite influence on interoperability with Microsoft Situation of business documents.
  • Performance improvements when opening colossal DOCX and XLSX/XLSM files, improved rendering tempo of some advanced documents, and recent rendering tempo improvements when the usage of the Skia lend a hand-cease launched with LibreOffice 7.1.
  • Enhancements to import/export filters: DOC (greatly improved checklist/numbering import); DOCX (greatly improved checklist/numbering import; hyperlinks linked to shapes are basically imported/exported; fix permission for modifying; track substitute of paragraph vogue); XLSX (lowered row top for Situation of business XLSX files; cell indent doesn’t extend on every assign; fix permission for modifying; higher strengthen of XLSX charts); and PPTX (fixed interactions and hyperlinks on photography; fix the incorrect import/export of PPTX lumber footers; fix hyperlinks on photography and shapes; clear shadow for tables).

Moreover, LibreOffice’s Serve has also been improved to bolster all users, with a instruct consideration for these switching from Microsoft Situation of business: search outcomes – which would be basically the usage of FlexSearch in deserve to Fuzzysort for indexing – are focused on the user’s newest module, while Serve pages for Calc Functions beget been reviewed for accuracy and completeness and linked to Calc Function wiki pages, while Serve pages for the ScriptForge scripting library beget been up so some distance.

ScriptForge libraries, which produce it more uncomplicated to build macros, beget also been extended with utterly different functions: the addition of a brand recent Chart service, to account for charts saved in Calc sheets; a brand recent PopupMenu service, to remark the menu to be displayed after a mouse occasion; an intensive choice for Printer Administration, with a checklist of fonts and printers; and a characteristic to export documents to PDF with full administration of PDF choices. Your entire space of companies is supplied with equivalent syntax and habits for Python and Traditional.

LibreOffice affords the very top stage of compatibility in the placement of business suite market segment, starting up with native strengthen for the OpenDocument Format (ODF) – beating proprietary codecs in the areas of safety and robustness – to true strengthen for DOCX, XLSX and PPTX files. Moreover, LibreOffice affords filters for a colossal sequence of legacy document codecs, to reach lend a hand ownership and regulate to users.

Microsoft files are aloof according to the proprietary structure deprecated by ISO in 2008, and now not on the ISO current fashioned, in remark that they camouflage a colossal amount of man-made complexity. This causes dealing with disorders with LibreOffice, which defaults to an ethical originate fashioned structure (the OpenDocument Format).

LibreOffice 7.3 is supplied natively for Apple Silicon, a sequence of processors designed by Apple and according to the ARM structure. The choice has been added to the default ones available on the fetch net page.

A video summarizing the tip recent functions in LibreOffice 7.3 Community is supplied on YouTube: and PeerTube:

A description of all recent functions is supplied in the Liberate Notes [1]

Contributors to LibreOffice 7.3 Community

LibreOffice 7.3 Community’s recent functions beget been developed by 147 contributors: 69% of code commits are from the 49 developers employed by three corporations sitting in TDF’s Advisory Board – Collabora, Crimson Hat and allotropia – or utterly different organizations (in conjunction with The Doc Foundation), and 31% are from 98 particular person volunteers.

Moreover, 641 volunteers beget supplied localizations in 155 languages. LibreOffice 7.3 Community is released in 120 utterly different language versions, more than any utterly different free or proprietary system, and as such will also be frequent in the native language (L1) by over 5.4 billion of us worldwide. Moreover, over 2.3 billion of us insist a vogue of 120 languages as their second language (L2).

LibreOffice for Enterprises

For endeavor-class deployments, TDF strongly recommends the LibreOffice Endeavor family of purposes from ecosystem companions – for desktop, mobile and cloud – with a colossal sequence of devoted label-added functions. These consist of lengthy-term strengthen choices, legitimate support, personalized developments and utterly different advantages such as SLA (Provider Diploma Agreements):

Despite this advice, an rising sequence of enterprises are the usage of the version supported by volunteers, in deserve to the version optimized for their wants and supported by the several ecosystem corporations.

Over time, this represents a finishing up for the sustainability of the LibreOffice mission, since it slows down the evolution of the mission. Truly, every line of code developed by ecosystem corporations for their endeavor clients is shared with the community on the grasp code repository, and improves the LibreOffice Technology platform.

Products according to LibreOffice Technology are available for main desktop running techniques (Windows, macOS, Linux and Chrome OS), for mobile platforms (Android and iOS), and for the cloud. Slowing down the enchancment of the platform is hurting users at every stage, and the LibreOffice mission might presumably tumble short of its expectations and possibilities.

Migrations to LibreOffice

The Doc Foundation has developed a Migration Protocol to bolster enterprises provocative from proprietary location of business suites to LibreOffice, which is according to the deployment of an LTS version from the LibreOffice Endeavor family, plus migration consultancy and training sourced from licensed professionals who provide label-added choices according to proprietary choices. Reference: a hand/legitimate-strengthen/.

Truly, LibreOffice – attributable to its frail codebase, prosperous characteristic space, solid strengthen for originate requirements, very fair correct compatibility and LTS choices from licensed companions – is the true resolution for corporations that desire to salvage regulate of their data and free themselves from vendor lock-in.

Availability of LibreOffice 7.3 Community

LibreOffice 7.3 Community is straight away available from the next hyperlink: Minimum requirements for proprietary running techniques are Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 and Apple macOS 10.12.

LibreOffice Technology-based merchandise for Android and iOS are listed here:, while for App Stores and ChromeOS are listed here:

For users whose predominant aim is deepest productivity, and attributable to this truth prefer a free up that has gone by diagram of more attempting out and malicious program fixing over the recent functions, The Doc Foundation maintains the LibreOffice 7.2 family, which entails some months of lend a hand-ported fixes. The latest version is LibreOffice 7.2.5.

The Doc Foundation would not provide technical strengthen for users, even supposing they are able to win it from volunteers on user mailing lists and the Search data from LibreOffice web affirm online:
LibreOffice users, free system advocates and community individuals can strengthen The Doc Foundation with a donation at

LibreOffice 7.3 is built with document conversion libraries from the Doc Liberation Project:

[1] Liberate Notes:

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