Level to HN: Edrys – an initiate-supply some distance flung instructing platform

Level to HN: Edrys – an initiate-supply some distance flung instructing platform

The Inaugurate A ways flung Instructing Platform


Edrys is a web based reside instructing app and a collaborative ecosystem for some distance flung instructing.


  • Modular: Construct your class by combining Modules or fetch your possess with an straightforward actual-time API
  • Live Faculty rooms: Click on on a pupil to seek the advice of with them, or create rooms and journey college students in & out
  • Collaborative: Classes and Modules are straightforward JSON files which would possibly possibly possibly be straightforward to piece between educators
  • Acquire & Flee: No setups, containers, or databases to place up. Edrys servers are completely self-contained
  • Privacy-Suitable: Passwordless auth with minimal client PII saved
  • Fast & Well-liked: Based mostly solely on Deno and Vue with a intentionally runt codebase
  • Free and Inaugurate Supply, forever: No paywalled aspects or lock-in

📸 Screenshots

  • Classes dashboard: Own out what class to enter or create as many as wished

  • Teacher class dashboard: Teachers acquire an define of all rooms and can switch college students around to chat

  • Scholar class leer: Students stare their fresh room and are in a suite to have interaction with others in the room

  • Class settings: Teachers can manage memberships, modules, and extra to customise their class

💡 Disclose instances

  • Live online instructing: One to 1, one to many, and masses to many reside classrooms
  • A ways flung Labs: Enable college students to acquire entry to and alter reside instruments remotely
  • Flipped classrooms and blended studying: Carry out modules to bring almost any disclose material asynchronously
  • Neighborhood coursework: Dynamic breakout rooms and uncomplicated leaping between rooms
  • Computerized Grading: Disclose Stations to safely auto-grade pupil submissions into your LMS

With modular architecture the leisure is probably going. A whiteboard, a discussion discussion board, polls, or even some distance flung Arduino programming, are all effortlessly encapsulated into shareable modules (explore Edrys modules on GitHub).

💻 Getting Started

To originate an arena Edrys server:

  1. Acquire Deno (minimal v1.20.1)
  2. Clone our repo git clone git@github.com:edrys-org/edrys.git
  3. Flee the server deno bustle -A dist/app.js --take care of localhost: 8000 --encourage-direction dist/static


  • 🎉 Talk over with localhost: 8000 and log in. The email verification code will likely be logged in the server console
  • 📖 Please seek the advice of with our documentation to continue surroundings up your server and adding Modules
  • 💬 For questions and discussions, please seek the advice of with our Gitter crew
  • 🐞 For worm experiences and characteristic requests, seek the advice of with the factors tab

🏦 Give a boost to & Contact

Edrys.org offers improve and precedence pattern as a service.
For sponsorships, donations, or improve, please contact edrys.org@pm.me.

Sponsors and known adopters (contact us for your logo right here!):


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