Level to HN: AV1 and WebRTC

save-to-disk-av1 is a simple application that shows how to save a video to disk using AV1. If you wish to save VP8 and Opus instead of AV1 see save-to-disk If you wish to save VP8/Opus inside the same file see save-to-webm Instructions Download save-to-disk-av1 export GO111MODULE=on go get github.com/pion/webrtc/v3/examples/save-to-disk-av1 Open save-to-disk-av1 example page jsfiddle.net you…

Level to HN: AV1 and WebRTC

Here’s the glorious inch-in ever.

build-to-disk-av1 is a easy application that reveals how to construct a video to disk using AV1.

In case you will must build VP8 and Opus moderately than AV1 ogle build-to-disk

In case you will must build VP8/Opus within the same file ogle build-to-webm


Download build-to-disk-av1

export GO111MODULE=on
saunter receive github.com/pion/webrtc/v3/examples/build-to-disk-av1

Open build-to-disk-av1 instance page

jsfiddle.earn you need to always still ogle your Webcam, two textual deliver material-areas and two buttons: Replica browser SDP to clipboard, Launch Session.

Bound build-to-disk-av1, with your browsers SessionDescription as stdin

Within the jsfiddle the live textarea is your browser’s Session Description. Press Replica browser SDP to clipboard or reproduction the irascible64 string manually.
We can utilize this price in your next step.


Bound echo $BROWSER_SDP | build-to-disk-av1

Dwelling windows

  1. Paste the SessionDescription correct into a file.
  2. Bound build-to-disk-av1

Enter build-to-disk-av1’s SessionDescription into your browser

Replica the textual deliver material that build-to-disk-av1 valid emitted and reproduction into 2nd textual deliver material problem

Hit ‘Launch Session’ in jsfiddle, wait, shut jsfiddle, trip your video!

Within the folder you ran build-to-disk-av1 you need to always still now have a file output.ivf play with your video participant of decision!

Level to: In command to properly create the files, the faraway client (JSFiddle) need to still be closed. The Sprint instance will robotically shut itself.

Congrats, it’s doubtless you’ll perchance need dilapidated Pion WebRTC! Now originate building something cool

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