Level to HN: 3D mannequin file thumbnails for Home windows Explorer

Level to HN: 3D mannequin file thumbnails for Home windows Explorer

These parts are awesome.

Generates preview thumbnails for 3D mannequin info. Provide a Home windows Explorer extensions that provides preview thumbnails for 3D mannequin info.


Supported formats

  • Wavefront Object (.obj)
  • FBX-Layout, as ASCII and binary (.fbx)
  • Stereolithography (.stl)
  • Collada (.dae)
  • Stanford Polygon Library (.ply)
  • glTF2.0 (.glb/.glTF)
  • Extensible 3D (.x3d/.x3db)
  • 3D Studio Max 3DS (.3ds)

Home windows Explorer Extensions

Download From Github Originate

No thumbnails exhibiting

Ensure thumbnails are on the final enabled. Are thumbnails working with other file forms in your system, e.g. photos? If no longer, that you may also bear disabled them altogether.

  1. open any folder

  2. open the Folder Choices

    • Home windows 10: seize out WatchChoicesSwap folder and search alternatives

    • Home windows 7: seize out Space UpFolder and search alternatives

  3. Utilize the Watch tab

  4. in Evolved settings, build distinct that the Repeatedly express icons, by no approach thumbnails probability is no longer checked

Distinct your thumbnail cache. This forces Explorer to demand unusual thumbnails rather then counting on outdated data.

  1. click on the Delivery button and type cleanmgr.exe
  2. seize out drive C: and verify
  3. take a look at Thumbnails and verify
  4. reboot


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Please glimpse LICENSE.

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