Ledger – the first recognize-reviewed journal on blockchains and cryptocurrencies

Ledger – the first recognize-reviewed journal on blockchains and cryptocurrencies

Welcome to Ledger, the first recognize-reviewed journal dedicated to the peek of blockchains and cryptocurrencies! In our digital pages, you’ll salvage sufficient effective, scholarly overview on the makes utilize of, implementations, and implications of this burgeoning sector of the technology landscape. First printed in 2016, Ledger used to be, is, and can continue to be a free and beginning-salvage entry to academic journal, backed by an beginning, traceable recognize-overview job.

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  1. I didn’t see a single disclosure of any of the authors’ personal holdings of the discussed coins, though maybe I missed it. The tone and topics seem neutral and levelheaded, in fairness.

    I think it is just as important as a disclosing who sponsored your research and being transparent about any potential conflicts of interest.

    The listed Bitcoin wallet address of “Peter R. Rizun, Co-Managing Editor” (1BWZe6XkGLcf6DWC3TFXiEtZmcyAoNq5BW) has some pretty juicy trade volume. There’s no way to tell if that’s all there is to see, of course.

    Framed another way, would it be expected for a shareholder of a company writing a paper about that company (or its direct competitors) to disclose their stake and relationships?

  2. Everyone in the blockchain space self-publishes all relevant material hence a journal like this is completely pointless. It also slows down the rate of publishing by requiring ridiculously tedious formatting requirements all so a self-elected panel of experts can deem if a piece of content is worthwhile. Of course, to get through this process we end up with a 'paper' with no runnable code, and its considered a good academic result even if no users ever benefit from it. Waste of time, just a circle jerk for status.

    Also didn't even mention the most important part: that major contributions to the blockchain space have notably come from outsiders. No thanks to these 'academic' 'experts.'