Launch HN: Kable (YC W22) – All-in-one platform for API merchandise


Hi HN! I’m Adam from Kable ( We get hang of it easy to present sizable API merchandise.

Kable takes care of all of the issues that pull you a ways off from your core industry – API keys and authentication, utilization-metering and billing, invoicing your customers, dashboards for tracking key metrics, evolving pricing to optimize income, surfacing utilization dashboards to your customers – so that it’s essential to per chance well focal point on what’s predominant.

Every API developer has to address fundamental however unsexy responsibilities fancy “How will I securely train up API keys?” “How am I going to trace which customers are using which substances of my product?” “How am I going to tune utilization of my API, and how can I get hang of that info on hand to customers?” “Billing is complicated, invoicing is time-drinking, when am I going to rep time to automate that?” That is the stuff we resolve care of.

I led the billing crew at Hulu for 5 years and got a fleshy training within the complexities of billing, payments, and accounting. Earlier than that, I led the protection crew at Appian for two years, and earlier than that I labored at WePay (YC S09), a payments API firm. On a moderately weirder demonstrate…I actually enjoy an obsession with API-first corporations. I am desirous relating to the upward thrust of the API economic system. Twilio for messaging; Stripe for payments; Algolia for search; Segment for info; the checklist will get longer each One year. I actually enjoy continuously been desirous about these corporations, wished to work with them, be taught from them, and abet them.

I spoke to a full bunch of of us building API corporations and two subject matters rang more loudly than the relaxation: “We’re doing X for now however we in fact are attempting to get hang of Y…” and “We haven’t built Z yet because we factual don’t enjoy the time.” These statements enjoy been continuously relating to the the same matters, too: billing, invoicing, authentication, monitoring, analytics. Why became each startup struggling with the the same issues? I definite the simplest diagram to abet this team – a team I fancy – became to present instruments for all of it. Kable presents all of the infrastructure you’d produce in-dwelling whereas you happen to had all of the time you wished.

Actually, instruments already exist for all these items. So why wasn’t there wider adoption amongst the startup team? The reply, I realized, is rather straight forward: integrating with third events can also be complicated and time-drinking. The key insight for Kable, on account of this fact, is: it need to be trivial.

Kable can also be added to any utility with factual three traces of code: import, configure, get hang of. We don’t depend on you storing exterior keys, nor get hang of we require weeks-prolonged technical integration to salvage onboarded. It’s probably you’ll maybe well also sign in, add us to your API, configure pricing plans, train up invoicing, and visualize your customers’ utilization by our dashboard – all in about 15 minutes.

Many of our first customers are diverse startups in our YC batch. They’ve been in a situation to bring their merchandise to market sooner by outsourcing issues fancy authentication. Staunch from originate they’ve sure visibility into their customers’ utilization patterns. They don’t need to manually invoice their customers, and not entirely that, however having built on our infrastructure, they’re ready to tune their pricing objects to optimize income without ever writing a line of billing code. With all this, startups can transfer sooner than became beforehand that it’s essential to per chance well imagine.

Our pricing is pay-as-you-budge per the amount of events we store and the income we help our customers generate. That diagram we salvage to dogfood our possess instrument for utilization-basically based fully mostly billing!

We’d fancy so that you can enjoy a examine it out. It’s probably you’ll maybe well also sign in at and commence using our test ambiance for free. We require a credit card on file earlier than provisioning reside API keys, however the product is fully accessible to modern customers.

It’s so thrilling for me to fraction what we’ve been engaged on with the HN team. You’re the builders we hope to abet, and I’d fancy to listen to your solutions. Win you ever built an API? Ever struggled with pricing? Ever spent one too many hours developing a dashboard? Ever thought to yourself “I wish I can also factual focal point on my product?” We’re attempting to listen to your tales. Kable became built for you, so please advise us what you’re thinking that!



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These three are your greatest treasures.
Simple in actions and thoughts, you return to the source of being.
Patient with both friends and enemies,
you accord with the way things are.
Compassionate toward yourself,
you reconcile all beings in the world.”
― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

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