Koenigsegg’s Little Electric Motor Makes 335 HP and 443 LB-FT of Torque

Koenigsegg’s Little Electric Motor Makes 335 HP and 443 LB-FT of Torque

Swedish hypercar maker Koenigsegg has lengthy been a house for unique engineering, and that’s the reason evident in its new electric motor. Developed for the Gemera four-seater, this electric motor, dubbed the Quark, is a minute powerhouse. In a bundle that weighs right 63 kilos, the Quark develops 335 hp and 443 lb-feet of torque. For scale, that is a 330-mL energy drink within the photos viewed all over.

koenigsegg quark power chart


The Quark, introduced Monday, combines both radial- and axial-flux constructions to give a right steadiness between energy and torque. In predicament of interpret the adaptation between the two, I’m going to scream you in opposition to this article from EV change publication Charged. All you basically need to know is that that is a handiest-of-both-worlds solution—Koenigsegg claims the Quark has an industry-main torque-energy-weight ratio. Those peak energy and torque figures are handiest obtainable for 20 seconds, which is well-liked among EV motors. After 20 seconds, the figures fall to 134 hp and 184 lb-feet of torque. That’s ideal for the Gemera, which has three electric motors and a 600-hp three-cylinder.

“The Quark is designed to bolster the low-bustle vary of the Gemera, where you will need it, for brutal acceleration,” stated Koengisegg electric-motor produce lead Dragos-Mihai Postariu in a press free up. “The ICE then specializes within the excessive-bustle vary. What this methodology by manner of efficiency for the Gemera is a enormous energy surge adopted by a continuous epic-bustle push to 400 km/h [248.5 mph] without any torque or energy losses.”

koenigsegg quark


Naturally, Koenigsegg makes employ of all sorts of attention-grabbing materials for the trend of the Quark, along with aerospace/motorsport-grade steel, and hollow carbon fiber—Koenigsegg’s Aircore know-how—for the rotor. The corporate hopes the Quark will receive a house in bigger than right the Gemera, as it changed into as soon as also designed for aerospace and marine purposes.

“The Quark is irregular in its excessive effectivity along with its class-main torque-to-energy-to-rpm-to-weight matrix,” stated CEO Christian von Koenigsegg in a press free up. “This suggests, when utilizing the Quark in purposes comparable to marine, plane or VTOL, there may be now not any such thing as a need for a step-down transmission, as an different convey power may perhaps well very well be finished, because the RPM of the motor is right from the fetch-mosey. Puny excessive-revving motors can procure larger peak energy-to-weight ratio, nonetheless they need transmissions in most purposes in interpret to fetch to the desired output rpm and torque, inflicting energy loss and along with weight and complexity to attain the same job. So any relieve in dimension is misplaced.”

koenigsegg terrier


Koenigsegg shall be marketing and marketing an EV power unit made up of two Quark motors, plus its little-nonetheless-great inverter, and little low-ratio planetary gearsets at each output shaft. The unit often known because the Terrier, and serves up 670 hp and 811 lb-feet in a bundle that weighs right 187 kilos, and which offers torque vectoring across an axle. A Terrier may perhaps well very well be bolted straight to a car’s monocoque as well.

Extra info on the Terrier unit is forthcoming, and presumably, it may perhaps perhaps well be featured on future Koenigsegg merchandise. As ever, the numbers are deeply impressive and completely unsurprising from the modern Swedish firm.

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