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Scientific Breakthrough at Community 3.1

We have done some experiments at our labs to make knowasiak community more user friendly with an easy and adaptable user interface and functionality.

Here is the changelog and what differences we made! –


  • Personalized Timelines for all users, based on your previous activity and your followers.
  • Faster load times [before: 6-7sec | now: 2-3sec]
  • Night mode is now available for all users, and it gets into sync from where you left the site so that you can continue in the same theme which you left before.
  • Lightweight UI [before 890kb transfer after cache | now: 450kb transfer after cache]
  • Elements render fast on-screen including widgets and images
  • Takes less mobile data [knowasiak now only loads those images which come in front of screen rest are prevented from loading until visible- lazy loading]
  • Automated email subscription system differentiated for comments and newsletters [manage your comment subscriptions: | newsletter subscription: ]
  • Header, footer, and content are always loaded first and the rest content is loaded asynchronously so that users can start reading till the rest loads.
  • Extra API calls and trackbacks are minimized to only useful ones, with no extra unnecessary data usage.
  • Images dimensions are revised.
  • Media upload size is now increased to a 20MB limit for users.
  • Servers are upgraded to M.2 NVME’s for world-class loading speeds with the highest possible bandwidth.
  • Messaging now became faster with just only 0.72sec avg. latency in sending across anywhere in the world.
  • Profile fields and submenu becomes, log in now to review. If you have any feedback or doubt kindly describe it here:

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Knowasiak 2.0

Knowasiak 3.1

Knowasiak 3.1 [Current] is upgraded to the best version of knowasiak ever giving you blazing fast load speeds, and an integrated web app that installs on your device that installs with just a click of a button, in less than a minute*.

Knowasiak 3.1 always gets into sync with your device, so that you can continue in the web app from where you left for the last time you used the application.

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