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We offer an online platform that offers content creators a unique opportunity to promote and share their writings with a global audience while earning without any limit for the same! And Knowasiak is better than other platforms, we don’t take a single dime from your income! Read on to know more!

We become happy when you become happy 🙂

One-stop destination for content creators of all genres and styles.

Founded in 2020, the website has quickly become one of the most preferred destinations for Content creators from around the world who are looking to showcase their creativity to the world.

How a Content creator can make money on Knowasiak?

It’s easy peasy! – Go to your Author page>Edit profile>Socials.
Hint: For doing this you must be logged in.

There you’ll find Buymeacoffee link field. You can easily put your page link in this field. After you write your link in your buymeacoffee field, make sure to update your profile by clicking the save/update button below.

Now if you’ll navigate to your author page, there will be a new button added to your profile, like in the photo below:

There will be a new Buy me a coffee button that will appear on your profile!

Now your supporters can buy you a coffee directly to you with instant cash outs for you. You can also now ask your readers to buy you a coffee if they find your content worth their money, you can out a paragraph like this in your articles to let your readers and followers know this and support you.

Are Writers only eligible to join knowasiak?

Of course no! Knowasiak is a platform for all kind of content creators like, video creators, podcasters, musicians, writers and photographers etc.

You can easily post different type of content from same page! Just go to Write>Scroll to bottom near publish post their will be a setting button like this: Click this button and their will be a plethora of options in post format to choose from like in this photo:

So you can select between different post types and post content according to what you are expert inside! and let your views, comments, likes and followers grow! 🙂

What’s inside for you?

Knowasiak provides content creators the opportunity to build their global audience by allowing them to share their writings with a global community of readers. Knowasiak’s platform has hundred of thousands of readers from around the world, which makes it possible for content creators to reach out to readers from diverse backgrounds and with different interests. Furthermore, the website also allows creators to connect with other creators by creating their own personal profile pages.

In addition, Knowasiak offers content creators the option of monetizing their work by offering them the chance to earn through their writings. This is achieved by placing buy me a coffee button on their author pages.

How to track analytics on Knowasiak?

Apart from earning revenue through their work, content creators are able to extend their reach on Knowasiak by taking advantage of its smart analytics directly shown on articles/ blog posts such as views, comments, likes. This feature allows content creators to track the views, likes, and comments of their work. This level of analytics helps creators ascertain the impact of their work and develop future content strategies to maximize their reach and income.

Finally, Knowasiak provides content creators with all the tools needed to protect their intellectual property, as the website is PCI compliant and all information is stored on a secure, industry-standard server.


To sum up, Knowasiak is an online platform that offers content creators an immense range of possibilities in terms of promoting and sharing their work. From providing creators with global reach and helping them build their global audience, to providing a platform for them to monetize their work and collaborate with other creators, Knowasiak has become a favored destination for content creators of all genres and styles.

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