Kharkiv Rubyist throughout the battle: We are aloof here

Kharkiv Rubyist throughout the battle: We are aloof here

Добрий вечір, ми з України*

“Generous evening, we’re from Ukraine” is a meme-admire phrase of advanced origins that is now frequently faded first and fundamental of the knowledge reports and as a commentary to the soundless subject.

I am Victor Shepelev from Kharkiv, Ukraine, additionally identified as @zverok (Twitter, GitHub).

I’d genuinely admire this blog to return to its “queer things on Ruby and other languages” mode. But all I’m capable of stop for now may possibly be write one other blog post relating to the battle. I don’t need us to develop into “normal knowledge” for the world.

Russia aloof proceeds with a paunchy-scale aggressive battle in my nation.

How am I (you may possibly skip this)

Since the final post, I managed to evacuate my family to Poltava (extra from the frontlines, and no bombings there) and returned to Kharkiv to forestall something necessary for town.

With no military journey and even no riding license, I stop things on a genuinely puny scale: just delivering food and other requirements (diapers, cat food, leisure room paper, females hygienic merchandise) to those in need in my district, on foot. With a colossal tourist backpack, it takes just several hours of my day, and I am elated with this distraction.

The comfort of the time, I am attempting to work on my day job (even when my employer Hubstaff made it definite they’ll reinforce me even when I’m now not ready to, for which I am grateful). Doomscrolling. Talking with friends and family who stayed in other districts or went to safer cities.

So, no, I’m now not “hiding in my cave” as some factual-intentioned folks on Twitter customarily set this. Sure, I essentially have a bomb shelter in the basement (the build my family is photographed in But sitting in there may be now not what I stop all day.

What’s occurring around

My district is rather restful for those old few days. Totally a ways away explosions, handiest popular air raid signals, handiest some structures with out home windows/roofs (but those have been broken per week previously).

Assorted districts of my city have it extra tough. Correct the day gone by, several dozens of shellings counted (now not several dozens of shells, several dozens of multi-shell strikes). The city reportedly has 600+ living houses ruined (most of them are condominium structures that have been houses for a complete bunch of households every), ~50 colleges, some hospitals, plenty of historical structures in the heart, many bright city markets, the list goes on and on. There’s a rumor that Putin had lately made a deepest show to hurt as powerful of Kharkiv as doubtless, to retaliate for breaking the hope of being “legitimate-Russian.” And on the quite plenty of hand absurd it’d sound, I am near believing it because there appears to be like to be no other point in doing what they stop now.

Assorted cities have it extra tough. A minimum of Kharkiv is now not blockaded, admire Mariupol, the build reportedly 2000+ civilians are tedious and humanitarian convoys are detained by Russians. Kharkiv is now not occupied admire Kherson and Melitopol, the build city inhabitants scamper on squares, unarmed, each day, to instruct with Ukrainian flags and bid those cities that “expected to be legitimate-Russian” aren’t; the build occupiers kidnaped plenty of Ukrainian officials. Kharkiv is now not obliterated fully admire Volnovaha and powerful of puny cities in Kharkiv and Kyiv regions, the build every building is ruined or broken.

Yeah, now we have it easy. Here’s just one characterize I took personally on on the present time’s stride. A soundless early spring landscape, authorized?.. Please designate broken trees, burned automobile, and home windows with blankets moderately than glass (yes, folks are aloof living there). Now imagine this being 3 min stride out of your personal home.

I set here this gentle image, now not the overall tedious folks and ruined quarters from all Ukrainian cities. Perchance it will genuinely feel extra proper for some, but I’ll emphasize: now we have it easy here.

It’s admire Russians deliberately invoke the Godwin regulations: who of their authorized mind will imagine the popular military of “civilized European nation” does bomb hospitals and colleges and living quarters, and agree on inexperienced corridors to bomb the following morning and shoot evacuating civilians, and marauder, and resolve hostages, and stop what they stop?.. Sadly, too many autonomous and verifiable reports are they stop just this.


There are rather heaps of how to inspire.

It’s doubtless you’ll possibly well ship money: Here is a verified list of funds to present money to, each to inspire the military and powerful of humanitarian causes. It’s doubtless you’ll possibly well reinforce Ukrainian refugees. It’s doubtless you’ll possibly well inspire to catch and ship requirements for military and humanitarian utilization.

I do know that rather heaps of my on-line friends and acquaintances already stop loads – frequently powerful higher than I am ready to forestall from here. We are eternally grateful. We obtain you.

But I must request my neighborhood about one puny thing. It is the identical thing as in my old post: Write about us. Rating us seen. Build aside notices on high of your products and companies. Level out us for your blogs and newsletters. Write for your Twitter. And don’t stop.

Why is it crucial? At this point, it appears to be like proper that we can accumulate. But how long will it resolve (=how long will cities be ruined, civilians killed, infrastructure destroyed) severely is dependent on strikes of colossal and tiring entities: worldwide locations, worldwide organizations, vast corporations. To ship inspire to us. And to interrupt all ties with Russia and close all ways for it to obtain its battle economy, present its military, and obtain its folks restful and managed. So we need massive stress to build the overall worldwide locations too cautious about making sanctions extra extreme. On the overall worldwide organizations with their half of-measures. On the overall colossal corporations which may possibly possibly be aloof doing enterprise with Russia because why now not.

And for that, we need rather heaps of visibility.

I’m now not asking you to cease your complete existence and working around screaming, “HELP UKRAINE”. Any puny gesture counts. Like sites with memes that stop popular sets with memes about badassery of Zelensky or unhappy eyes of evacuated Ukrainian animals. Like Instagrams of characterize magazines that just commit a pair of slots a day to Ukrainian photographers – let it is pre-battle images, but if the battle is explicitly mentioned, it counts.

And your silence counts, too. Your unwillingness to leer and listen to, or to upset your thousands of followers or to exhaust your social capital on something unrelated to your critical curiosity counts, too.

Please proceed along with your day.

Victor Shepelev, Kharkiv, Ukraine, Mar 15, 2022.

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β€œSimplicity, patience, compassion.
These three are your greatest treasures.
Simple in actions and thoughts, you return to the source of being.
Patient with both friends and enemies,
you accord with the way things are.
Compassionate toward yourself,
you reconcile all beings in the world.”
― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching