Ken and Roberta Williams Engaged on Big Cave Hotfoot Remake for VR and PC

Ken and Roberta Williams Engaged on Big Cave Hotfoot Remake for VR and PC

Sierra On-Line founders are encourage in commercial. Ken and Robert Williams obtain announced that they are actually engaged on a 3D model of Big Cave Hotfoot, one of many first and most influential toddle video games ever.

The iconic sport designers announced a “reimagining” of the classic title on March 22.

  • The developers mention a marvelous desire of puzzles, an immersive 3D world, and extra than 143 areas among the necessary aspects.
  • Ken and Roberta Williams are engaged on Big Cave 3D Hotfoot below their sleek self-funded studio Cygnus Entertainment.
  • The Game is being constructed with Team spirit for VR (by job of Quest 2 headset) and PC and is anticipated to come out later this year.

“Roberta began to work adapting it to 3D, and I assembled a crew,” Ken Williams acknowledged. “As we dug deeper and deeper into the Game we found layers of complexity that show why the Game turned such an change phenomena. It has action parts, humor, a scoring system, toddle parts, moving characters, a giant world to explore and extra. This is basically a sport that will delight a brand sleek generation, and 100% various than anything I’ve considered available within the market this day.”

Ken and Roberta Willams announced their return last year, announcing that they began engaged on their first sport in over 20 years. It’s miles now clear that this project is Big Cave 3D Hotfoot.


The usual Big Cave Hotfoot came out in 1976. It used to be a text-essentially based toddle sport, which turned one of many genre-defying titles and impressed a marvelous desire of classic PC video games like Rogue and Zork.

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