Kagi: A Premium Search Engine

Kagi: A Premium Search Engine


Premium search engine where everything on the page matters.

Quality First

100% free of ads and tracking.

We favor the best information, not sites that try to further monetize you.

Our own index of the finest results augmented by the results from the best search engines on the market.

Designed for You

No ad targeting, no tracking, no telemetry. Just best results and tons of features.

We stop attempts to influence your behaviour.

Kagi respects you.

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Fast and Lightweight

Full power, no bloat.

Fastest results in the industry.

Be snappy and responsive on every device even without JavaScript enabled.

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Great Search Experience

Search experience tailored to you and your needs.

Mute or prefer websites in your results.

Customize the look or customize your searches with Kagi “lenses”.

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Made for power users, search will never be the same again with lenses.

A “Programming” or “Recipes” lens can provide results only from sites you trust.

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Change colors, spacing and control what is shown and how.

Making Kagi your own!

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Customize Results

Boost your favorite websites.

Or, block a pesky website out of your results for good.


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Fetched that?

Kagi has been built to let people discover the content that amplifies their knowledge. A search engine envisioned as a tool for the user, not for the advertiser. A true search companion.

Let’s go!

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Join the pack! Join 8000+ others registered users, and get chat, make groups, post updates and make friends around the world!
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2 thoughts on “Kagi: A Premium Search Engine

  1. Aditya avatar

    Test driving for a week now. Fast. Relevant results, haven't reached for alternatives (backups) just yet.

    Disclaimer : haven't done a deep project yet ( new software stack or deep bug fix for example ).

    Would pay for a neutral search engine, right now ( and I have no subscriptions atm, not even NF ).

  2. Aditya avatar

    Been using them for about a week, very happy with it.

    Regional results (especially since the last update) feel as automatic as google. While I still hope they’ll add my suggestion of a bang for region switches, most queries I do don’t need one, and it properly switches between English and German.

    All of the DDG bangs. Seriosuly, search without bangs is nothing I’d ever want to go back to.

    Built-In Domain Blacklist. Goodbye Pinterest. Forever.

    General results are great. More relevant results than either DDG or Google and a great presentation (like showing snippets from accepted or upvoted SO answers)

    And I have not even played around with advanced filters like lenses (which people in their discord seem to love).

    Negatives: So far, I’d say only that the widgets are less usable than DDGs.

    I had low expectations, but I’m really very positively surprised.