Journalists constructed a crowdfunding advertising and marketing and marketing campaign to build Meduza Russian newspaper

Journalists constructed a crowdfunding advertising and marketing and marketing campaign to build Meduza Russian newspaper

Meduza Crowdfunding Campaign Video

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Editor’s Show: This submit modified into as soon as at the starting build published in German on the author’s blog  Blaupause, on March 14. It modified into as soon as translated by GIJN German editor Anna Poth, and is republished right here with permission. 

Meduza, no doubt one of Russia’s last honest news websites, modified into as soon as focused in Moscow’s crackdown on the free press this past one year. After the invasion of Ukraine, the gain net site misplaced 30,000 donors when subscriber payments from Russia had been decrease off due to sanctions. This drew the attention of two reporters from Krautreporter, a German on-line news net site with experience in crowdfunding. In decrease than per week, the reporters organized a advertising and marketing and marketing campaign to build Meduza. Right here’s a diary of the challenge. To affix in the give a take to for Meduza, click right here.


In the morning, Rico Grimm (Krautreporter co-founder) gets enthusiastic with Leon Fryszer (managing director) and me (publisher). Our veteran author Moritz Gathmann — who is now working for Cicero [a German magazine] and is in Ukraine — made sure that honest journalists in Russia are in a determined topic, particularly Meduza. The finest honest Russian media net site that’s silent functioning is sending emergency calls due to of its financial topic. “I mediate fleet aid will most possible be correct now,” writes Gathmann.

Since the outbreak of war, we at Krautreporter (KR) had been spending our days helpless and indolent on Twitter, following the war in Ukraine. The prospect of doing something is exactly what we settle on as an editorial crew. We have some experience with such scenarios. As early as 2014, I supported colleagues from Direkt 36 in Budapest in organizing originate-up crowdfunding. We had been also in a jam to relief other projects with skills, such as Athens Dwell in Greece for the length of the Euro disaster.

Meduza is an distinctive case amongst honest media inner Russia, where the click is no longer allowed to call the Ukraine war a “war.” Journalists also face up to 15 years in jail and draconian penalties for other, unspecified violations. First the BBC, then [German broadcasters] ARD and ZDF, and other foreign media stopped reporting from Russia (quickly). However Meduza planned forward. Since the annexation of Crimea in 2014, the editorial net site of work has been based entirely in Riga, Latvia, in the European Union. So Meduza can continue to document — as long as Meduza has cash.

Meduza’s journalists are at risk of losing their independence or their jobs, for the reason that positioning’s financial give a take to is decrease off. In such moments of disaster, the topic would possibly maybe well well furthermore seem hopeless, however there is one last resort: rely on the readers for aid. For these projects, a hit crowdfunding will most possible be the originate of a community that wants to permit honest journalism.

Meduza, on the opposite hand, already confronted a equal disaster last one year. It misplaced all selling earnings when Russian authorities labeled the journal’s journalists as “foreign brokers” and imposed drastic restrictions. The 50-solid editorial crew modified into as soon as left with out a exterior earnings, overnight. However Meduza’s readers stepped in and began donating, and additional than 30,000 participants, nearly completely Russian, began funding Meduza’s reporting, and supported the unfold of honest recordsdata.

However then the invasion of Ukraine started and the first European sanctions kicked in. Because the subsequent bans on financial transfers, no extra cash is allowed to transfer from Russia to the EU, no longer even from Meduza’s particular particular person participants. The journal merely misplaced on the topic of all of its financial give a take to at a time when Russia’s media has needed to duvet up the atrocities of the war and play it down as a “special operation.”

What attain we attain? There are about a tips. KR board member Leon Fryszer gets enthusiastic with Meduza. They are grateful for our offer. We agreed on a assembly for the subsequent day.

Leon and I originate planning. The premise: If the approximately 30,000 Russian participants can no longer aid Meduza, then participants from the West must always decide their net site. We are elated that there’ll possible be ample of us in Europe and most likely The us for the following mission: Together, we create certain that the of us in Russia learn the facts about Putin’s war against Ukraine.

So, we settle on a fundraising advertising and marketing and marketing campaign that works for a Western target audience. And truly, in a short time.

What is lacking? The rate infrastructure is on hand at Meduza. It has an account with the rate provider Stripe and an English-language net site. In our realizing, it would possibly well probably well well be delicate to build a protracted-term, sustainable membership machine with the outdated fashioned constructing for a Western target audience. Within an hour, we created the attain of a brand fresh advertising and marketing and marketing campaign net page and a first pitch text. Right here, that it is possible you’ll well be in a jam to silent ranking the first draft.


We talk with Meduza. The topic is dramatic, determined, and unsure at all. In terms of the general reporters who had been silent reporting from Russia fled last weekend.

You’ve got to possess it be pleased this: The crew quickly realizes that the Russian issue is changing from an authoritarian regime to an equipment of repression with protection force censorship. At the same time, the extent of Western sanctions is changing into sure. The reporters nearly originate no longer have any time left. They head to the airport and protect shut the first on hand flight of the few that are silent on hand. Entry into the EU is no longer any longer that you will most possible be in a jam to imagine, so the reporters are stranded in the Russian periphery: Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Turkey, or Egypt. The ATMs are silent working for 2 days, however that it is possible you’ll well be in a jam to finest withdraw small portions of cash. Most Meduza of us with tiny cash in their pockets protect in Airbnbs, hotels, or sleep on pals’ sofas with out a prospect of onward slump to Europe. To lately, per week later, finest a tiny bit has modified.

We focus on Putin’s war. It’s delicate to build Meduza on-line in Russia. However the net site net site visitors on the net pages doesn’t descend noteworthy. The journal presents many ways to manual sure of censorship. Also, many Russians use VPN products and companies, the Tor browser, and other hacks to manual sure of network blocking off.

The Meduza crew is borderline determined. On the bustle, fearful about pals and household, and dealing spherical the clock, lustrous that they’re doing the finest job that journalists can attain for the time being. When we talk, Leon and I straight away build an instruct to that these of us have a raffle. On this topic, Meduza acts shrewdly, quickly, and decisively. There would possibly be a improvement crew, designers, and experienced advertising and marketing and marketing campaign consultants. Our realizing will determine.

We focus on who will attain what. Meduza takes care of the technology and the pronounce material. Krautreporter produces a video, organizes an international network, and presents advice on the attain of the advertising and marketing and marketing campaign net site. The production collective LELP is ready to relief straight away. They can negate a advertising and marketing and marketing campaign video inner about a days.

Taking a peep aid, I mediate our most necessary contribution at that 2d modified into as soon as focal point. Formulate a realizing that we would maybe work thru together in about a days. When, attain you imagine, would possibly maybe well well furthermore we originate the advertising and marketing and marketing campaign? “Thursday afternoon,” says Meduza. That would possibly maybe well well be a record.

In direction of Tuesday night time, we purchased a message from California. Krautreporter co-founder Theresa Bäuerlein told her sister, Monika Bäuerlein. Monika will most possible be a journalist and CEO of the renowned Mom Jones journal in San Francisco (“Trim, intrepid Journalism”). She is smartly linked in US media, particularly in nonprofit journalism. She presents aid, and is inviting to come to a decision the Meduza advertising and marketing and marketing campaign to The us.

Mother Jones Spreads the Word to Support Meduza

Krautreporter co-founder Theresa Bäuerlein enlisted her sister, Monika, CEO of Mom Jones journal in the US, to relief unfold the note referring to the Meduza crowdfunding advertising and marketing and marketing campaign. Image: Screenshot


In the morning, we ranking the first draft for the advertising and marketing and marketing campaign net page as a figma file. The enchancment is correct. On the opposite hand, we work with Meduza for hours on the particulars of the many donation packages, the amount for annual and monthly memberships. The a form of upright facets and, above all, the rely on: How attain we possess belief for a mark whose name most supporters will hear for the first time? When will we send the first emails, and what exactly will we would love to suppose? Also, what are essentially the most well-liked questions, and in what pronounce will we present them? How can supporters without problems assassinate or demand invoices?

At noon, the Meduza tech crew begins constructing the positioning. We note the progress stay at It is a ways changing into sure that Thursday is simply too fearless. We are focusing on Monday as the fresh originate of the advertising and marketing and marketing campaign.

In the afternoon, the Meduza crew is filming. They send us snippets from those in exile. These colleagues gawk light from exhaustion, however they talk clearly and are focused. In quick and extremely tremendous sentences, they pronounce of the silent-imprecise plans for the future. They rely on for give a take to to continue their work: reporting on the war; informing Russia.

Leon and I contacted colleagues from other media, originally in Germany. The the rest of the Krautreporter crew will most possible be getting up a network. We are writing a record about what Western media can attain to relief Meduza.

We invite our network to a Zoom call on Thursday afternoon. A entire bunch of us register in fact quickly. The advertising and marketing and marketing campaign is rolling.

Meduza and Krautreporter have finest been enthusiastic for no longer yet three days. “As if it modified into as soon as weeks ago,” says a Meduza contact.


In the morning, we are working on the net page and making ready our network call. It remains to be unclear how extensive this advertising and marketing and marketing campaign will possible be. Our feeling: It’s going to be extensive.

At 4: 30 p.m., our Zoom room fills up: 57 colleagues hear, at the side of extensive brands. Meduza will most possible be represented. Our dialogue isn’t without controversy: Shouldn’t such a concerted circulation aid all honest journalists? And, how will we give a take to Ukrainian media? Does it create sense to finest give a take to Meduza?

I argue pragmatically: Meduza is now ready. As the marvelous honest Russian media net site, Meduza silent has the most principal infrastructure to continue reporting straight away and to build many of us. The give a take to of hundreds of Western participants will provide Meduza with a stable earnings and create it honest, at the side of from Western institutional financiers. Now no longer as soon as, however completely, and, if most principal, over the subsequent few years.

The bulk appears elated. Together, we would love to portray the German digital public on Monday and call for give a take to.


Leon and I want a atomize for the first time. We’ve been in our tunnel since Monday. It’s intense. No comparison, obviously, to the exhaustion that the Meduza crew has confronted for months and nearly years now.

We work on particulars. The Meduza crew is getting fearful about European rules on subscription sales on the Internet; the explicit upright wording and the habits of customers who rely on a rate experience be pleased on Netflix. However we build up that, no lower than except Sunday. I check out a rate on the nearly accomplished net page. It works!

It’s finest 9 a.m. on the US West Sail, noon in Original York, and 6 p.m. right here.

We have an international network call: Colleagues from other European international locations decide piece, particularly the community, which we as KR had been enthusiastic with sooner than. However some US media be part of in too. Mountainous brands with an incredibly wide attain. They are going to most possible be part of and give a take to our advertising and marketing and marketing campaign. We are extra than impressed.


We’re making an strive to chill and gain some vitality, while the video and improvement teams continue to work. Press inquiries and presents of give a take to are coming in from every side of the Atlantic.


I write emails and this e-newsletter. Enhancing the video is taking longer than expected, and it would possibly well probably well well no longer be accomplished except the advertising and marketing and marketing campaign has started. The net pages is no longer entirely ready either. However we are certain: That’s correct ample.

In the night time, we had a final call with Meduza. We strive to put together for all eventualities. A short success with many hundreds of participants on the first day, however also a glitch originate with a advertising and marketing and marketing campaign that can finest slowly get going. We know something will wander spoiled. However what exactly, we don’t know yet.

Sunday night time at 10 p.m. The video remains to be lacking.

Update: Monday morning: At 2.18 a.m. it modified into as soon as accomplished!

We would possibly maybe well well furthermore already know this Monday night time how a hit our strive to permit honest journalism in Russia will possible be.

Perceive the plump crowdfunding video allure below:

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Sebastian Esser is the editor and a co-founding father of Krautreporter, a Berlin-based entirely digital journal that specializes in ad-free, honest, collaborative journalism. He attended the Berlin College of Journalism, co-based the journal ViSdP, and reported on national politics for Arrogance Dazzling Germany. He’s been concerned a number of number of news startups.

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