Jo – a shell divulge to develop JSON

Jo – a shell divulge to develop JSON

I received bored with making an try to win shell scripts to execute superior JSON. You’ve seemingly viewed something esteem this sooner than:

echo '{"identify":"Jane"}'

It will get merrier if a fragment contains an ambiance variable: start double, end single, add variable, start single, blergh.

A here! script will enact it as will a a printf(1), but neither noteworthy enhance legibility, and if strings comprise quotes, it turns into nearly very no longer at risk of carry out a script execute JSON.

printf '{"identify": "%s"}n' "Jane"


Enter jo:

$ jo identify=Jane
{"identify": "Jane"}

The foundation took place to me late at night, and I don’t know why this has taken so prolonged to happen:

$ jo time=$(date +%s) dir=$HOME
{"time": 1457195712,"dir": "/Users/jpm"}

Bam! Jo tries to be involving about kinds and knows null, booleans, strings and numbers. It does arrays, and it pretty-prints on query:

$ jo -p -a spring summer season wintry climate

Impressed by a observation on HN, I added another hack: if a key’s price begins with a gap brace ({) or a bracket ([]) we try to decode JSON from it; this enables jo to add objects or arrays (use -a!) to itself. Look:

$ jo -p identify=JP object=$(jo fruit=Orange point=$(jo x=10 y=20) quantity=17) sunday=unfounded
   "identify": "JP",
   "object": {
      "fruit": "Orange",
      "point": {
         "x": 10,
         "y": 20
      "quantity": 17
   "sunday": unfounded

jo also supports nested kinds natively:

$ jo -p quantity=17 scurry=perfect geo[lon]=88 geo[cc]=ES point[]=1 point[]=2 geo[lat]=123.45
   "quantity": 17,
   "scurry": perfect,
   "geo": {
      "lon": 88,
      "cc": "ES",
      "lat": 123.45
   "point": [

Why did I enact this? I need slightly a few JSON for making an try out OwnTracks, and this perfect appears better in scripts.

$ jo _type=popularity 
   cog=$((RANDOM % 360)) 
   tst=$(date +%s) | mosquitto_pub -t owntracks/jjolie/take a look at -l

A suggestion by Andrew Bibby introduced alongside the doubtless for obtaining JSON ingredient values from recordsdata, so I added @file to read a file (sans traling newline or carriage return) real into a price to boot to something which I use loads, convert binary recordsdata to depraved64, the use of the %file syntax:

$ jo _type=card identify="Vanessa" face=%vanessa.png
{"_type": "card","identify": "Vanessa","face": "iVBORw0KGgoAAA ... QmCC"}

And it has a person page. Streak win it. Jo!


  • Caius Durling supplied a Homebrew faucet for jo, but jo is in Homebrew Formulae now, so brew set up jo.
  • jo has a emblem which it created itself; colors inspired by something Frederic Cambus acknowledged 🙂
  • Shawn Webb added jo to HardenedBSD’s ports.
  • I’ve transformed jo to use autotools; releases shall be printed here.
  • Alessio Sergi has added jo to voidlinux; set up with xbps-set up -Su jo
  • I’ve constructed a Snatch32 binary which you doubtless can win from releases/.
  • Lance Chen has an ArchLinux port of jo.
  • Vincent Bernat has submitted jo to Debian.

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