JetSet for VSCode – A Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Extension

JetSet for VSCode – A Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Extension

File transfers from Visual Studio Code just got a step easier with JetSet for VSCode


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Developers just love using Visual Studio Code, thanks to its wide compatibility not to mention retaining its lightweight nature as well. The cherry on top is the power of extensions that reinforces people to love it even more.

Most full-stack developers often tend to use .env files to secure their sensitive data like database connection strings, hashing secrets, and various other environment variables, and you guessed it right, it is highly imperative to keep it off of version control systems like Git. But that makes it harder for collaborative development.

Now is the need for a quick solution to transfer files, no matter sensitive or not, with a considerable amount of privacy.

This is the reason why I developed JetSet for VSCode, a first-of-its-kind Visual Studio Code extension for developers to transfer files across to each other all while staying inside Visual Studio Code.

JetSet for VSCode initiates a Peer-to-Peer connection between the sender and receiver and there is no upfront registration required. PINs are generated one for each of the sender and receiver and they can get started with just that.

Source code files and other related files can be sent with the highest possible privacy and efficiency via the extension and the deep integration of the extension with VSCode ensures that the files received directly land in the currently open workspace of the Receiver preventing the tedious file search process where files get mixed up in common destination folders.

As an add-on, I have made use of the Visual Studio Code components to design the user interface in a way that blends well with your editor theme of choice.

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