Is the DTS vs. Dolby battle successfully over?

Is the DTS vs. Dolby battle successfully over?

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Dolby vs DTS

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The first time I undergo in tips hearing surround sound was as soon as early 1977, in a cinema exhibiting King Kong – the version with Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange. Up to now as I purchase, it was as soon as former most keen terminate to the stop, when Kong plunged from the Twin Towers and lay dying; his heartbeat was as soon as pumped all the way in which thru the auditorium. 

Even supposing the prompt enact was as soon as to purchase away you from the moment by technique of amazement at this fresh sonic immersion, it certainly made its imprint on the 12-year-venerable kid who had bussed to the Redditch Classic Cinema and handed over his pocket money for the bigscreen Kong expertise.    

A decade and a chunk later, I used to be as soon as working at What Hi-Fi? magazine at precise the time when consumer surround sound began its assault on the enviornment’s living rooms. It was as soon as all Dolby Pro-Logic on the initiating place, with two mono rears and a centre added to the strange stereo pair. I purchase plugging up an early Yamaha unit which powered precise these three additional channels, leaving the valuable stereo device unaffected while decoding the extra channels magically from the Hi-Fi stereo music of a VCR – or, for the fortunate few, LaserDisc.

Yamaha DSP-E200

Just add three – Yamaha’s three-channel DSP-E200 from the early days of surround sound. (Image credit score: Future)

Enter DTS

Dolby Digital was as soon as subsequent, and quickly thereafter a competitor: DTS. Championed by Spielberg, who former it for Jurassic Park, DTS gave the affect on the initiating to threaten but another layout battle for video, precise as we’d all bought over the whole VHS vs Betamax deliver. But rapidly sufficient gear arrived which might perhaps perhaps decode either layout, in negate that for consumers, it didn’t grand subject what layout was as soon as on the tape, or thereafter on the disc. If it translated into efficient surround sound, all was as soon as precise.

That’s a valuable point – it has never grand mattered to the buyer which surround layout accompanies a movie, even extra than one ones, as prolonged as gear caters for it, even if discerning audiophiles in the video world might perhaps negate a preference, which succor then was as soon as extra in overall than no longer for DTS. 

Dolby Digital compressed its 5.1 channels precise into a total bit-fee of 448kb/s on DVDs, no longer up to half of that required for stereo CD fantastic, no longer to mention six channels. DTS was as soon as much less compressed, up to 768kb/s, but stereo tracks might perhaps be integrated up to 24-bit/96kHz high-res. Within the occasion it’s in all probability you’ll perhaps hold a stash of venerable music DVDs (as enact I), then it’s continuously worth checking if there’s an additional DTS music on there. The mixes can fluctuate critically, and the alternate DTS music can sound critically better, if in overall furthermore quieter.

Dolby vs DTS

(Image credit score: Future)

Dolby versus DTS

But all in all, soundtracks persisted alongside their parallel tracks. When Dolby and THX got here up with surround EX in 6.1, DTS presented two separate 6.1 variations, DTS-ES Discrete and DTS-ES Matrix. Then there was as soon as Dolby Digital Plus (compressed 7.1) and Dolby TrueHD (uncompressed 7.1), alongside DTS-HD (lossy 7.1) and DTS-Master HD (lossless 7.1). 

We’ll omit the return of Pro Logic in its II, IIx and IIz variants, in every other case lets lose the desire to dwell, but the next blueprint is the one we dwell with on the present time – the article-based fully mostly codecs of Dolby Atmos, and the attractive-sounding DTS:X (“it’s in all probability you’ll perhaps perhaps perhaps’t hiss DTS:X without announcing ‘sex’ ” is considered one of the vast unused promotional slogans of our time).

I obtained’t indicate object-based fully mostly audio here (because it’s explained well sufficient here), but suffice to affirm that both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X hold changed the game by transferring the decoding and processing to the replay machine. 

So rather then getting an inherent kind of channels, your receiver/soundbar etc uses the article-based fully mostly data to negate sound to on the opposite hand many speakers are on the market in – from mono, certainly, up to as many as you possess to hold, without a doubt, with 24.1.10 first and main envisioned as a domestic better limit, collectively alongside with your whole fresh joys of height data, using ceiling speakers.

Which is vast, besides that the flexibility to take a look at your device has enabled all manner of gear to terminate proclaiming itself Dolby Atmos or DTS:X compatible, which many prospective purchasers might perhaps perhaps imagine to imply supply of height data, after they enact nothing of the model. As illustrious, the codecs scale to whatever you’ve bought, so stereo Atmos (peep Atmos supply on headphones) will be a part. 

Both corporations hold extra encouraged this by increasing ‘virtualised’ sound functions that promise a surround or height supply even when you happen to don’t hold surround or height speakers. In 30 years I’ve but to listen to a virtualised device that truly works, or that will perhaps perhaps make genuine immersion without furthermore destroying something all thru, in overall vocal intelligibility. There’s merely no substitute for genuine drivers.

Bowers & Wilkins Panorama 3

The fresh Bowers & Wilkins Panorama 3 soundbar has launched with no enhance for any DTS sound codecs. (Image credit score: Bowers & Wilkins)

Dolby dominates

But here’s the deliver. The balance of success between Dolby codecs and DTS codecs has been variable; it’s continuously been a contest. And it’s no longer a verdict that can without a doubt be decided by consumers; it’s down to the reveal material suppliers. Within the venerable days these hold been the movie corporations selecting the layout for the cinemas and by extension in overall for the DVDs and Blu-rays that followed. 

But we’re all aware of the dying of physical media in fresh years, vinyl excepted, while all forms of optical disc – CD, DVD, Blu-ray – has considered gross sales shattered by the almighty onslaught of first downloading, and now the fresh streaming paradigm.

Streaming has changed the entirety, and it has certainly changed the relative success of Dolby and DTS. 

How many streaming services supply Dolby Atmos? Netflix, Disney+, Prime – your whole main ones. Of us who blueprint no longer hold Atmos in overall hold some lesser build of Dolby for five.1.

And how many streaming services supply DTS?

Elated you asked. I most keen realised the solution to that after sitting in on a web launch for Bowers & Wilkins’ fresh soundbar, the Panorama 3. After the launch, with pics and specs bought by electronic mail, I realised there was as soon as no DTS enhance listed for the Panorama 3. I despatched a snappily electronic mail to double-compare this, and the answer (from or by technique of Sound United in Australia) was as soon as: 

“The explanation for here is that DTS is no longer former by any of the streaming service corporations and therefore is proscribed to of us watching DVD/Blu-ray connected to the TV with the audio handed thru the ARC/eARC. On the other hand the vast majority of TV corporations enact no longer enhance this on the ARC/eARC.”

No DTS streaming wherever in any appreciate? Can also that be upright? I flipped an electronic mail succor to Sound United, declaring that Disney+ has started carrying some Surprise motion photographs in ‘IMAX Enhanced’, a relatively fresh presentation layout from the similar company as DTS (Xperi). 

DTS audio is a fundamental portion of IMAX Enhanced; certainly one might perhaps counsel that the goal of IMAX Enhanced is as a malicious program for getting extra DTS and DTS:X audio on the market, within IMAX Enhanced. 

I’m drawn to that interpretation because in every other case it’s onerous to stumble on what else IMAX Enhanced brings to the celebration. Obviously the IMAX imprint has kudos for its cinemas and the edifying-layout motion photographs it makes (first and main on 70mm film was sideways for an even bigger body), but a typical movie streaming in IMAX Enhanced isn’t going to blueprint succor with a projection display cowl five storeys high. 

The aim, in step with FAQs on the IMAX Enhanced online page, is to make “a top fee streaming expertise”. There’s talk of optimising sound and image, to “existing the movie because the director supposed”. But that’s what everyone says and does; there’s no differentiation there. 

The precise genuine incompatibility is that the ingredient ratio of the film might perhaps perhaps alternate during some explicit ‘Enhanced’ sections. To my tips that’s a mockery of being “because the director supposed”; one ought to certainly doubt that a director would take hold of to swap ratios mid-movie (except portion of the film make, a la Oliver Stone, hiss, or the unparalleled genre-busting Spiderman into the Spiderverse).

That leaves the opposite unfamiliar deliver about IMAX Enhanced – which is DTS audio. It’s far, says the FAQs, “the most keen solution to expertise IMAX’s signature image, sound and scale exterior of the theater—with fresh, digitally remastered 4K HDR reveal material and immersive audio by DTS.”

Dolby vs DTS

(Image credit score: Future)

Other than… head to Disney+, and collectively with ‘IMAX Enhanced’ you’ll belief the sound layout itemizing – and it’s Dolby Atmos. IMAX Enhanced visuals, with Dolby Atmos sound. That presentations how grand Xperi wishes to secure a foothold in streaming: they’re letting Disney+ bustle IMAX Enhanced without the DTS audio, in the hope they’ll swap over later.

We’re anticipating unlocking extra thrilling technology for Disney+ subscribers in the prolonged bustle, which is in a situation to consist of immersive IMAX signature sound by DTS,” acknowledged Jon Kirchner, CEO of Xperi in November 2021. (We approached Xperi for an substitute on this, or any DTS streaming, but hold bought no answer.) Disney says most keen that “other IMAX Enhanced capabilities and efficiency are no longer for the time being on the market on Disney+.”

So I despatched one more electronic mail instant succor to Sound United after checking the Disney+ soundtracks by technique of both an AppleTV 4K and a 2021 Samsung TV. You might perhaps be upright, I acknowledged, I will’t salvage any DTS streaming wherever. 

And I started sending emails to other contacts in the industry.

One who answered intensive was as soon as Boyd Gill from Yamaha Tune Australia, noting that “DTS has continuously been (as a minimum in my expertise) considered the suitable layout by technique of sound efficiency, especially in the Blu-ray HD audio battle of DTS Master-HD vs Just HD… Most appear to theorise that it’s this dedication to fantastic, leading to file size or high bandwidth necessities that makes it far much less lawful for the low-bandwidth streaming world of highly compressed and efficient audio supply required by all streaming services. Dolby appear to hold efficiently captured this market by increasing a stunning necessary streaming codec in DD+.

Has a previous DTS point of interest on fantastic been its undoing in the streaming market? How alarmingly unfair that can appear. 

None of these that answered to me (Xperi itself has no longer but answered) might perhaps perhaps trace any DTS streaming services, though in the interests of completeness, I might perhaps perhaps composed trace that IMAX Enhanced’s online page says IMAX Enhanced is streaming to Bravia Core Sony TVs, TenCent Video in China, plus iQiyi (SE Asia), Rakuten TV (Europe) and Tsutaya TV (Japan), and I couldn’t take a look at these for DTS inclusion.

DTS Core

A screenshot from Rakuten In France. (Image credit score: Vincent Velio)

UPDATE: My thanks to Vincent in France, who has emailed me about the Rakuten video service in Europe. He despatched this image (upright), exhibiting IMAX Enhanced reveal material itemizing Dolby Atmos but furthermore a DTS Core. The ‘core’ is portion of the compressed version of Dolby Atmos former for streaming, and can seemingly be ‘Dolby Digital Plus JOC’ (Joint Object Coding), the place the stout Atmos soundtrack has been rendered to 5.1 (or to 7.1, then downmixed to 5.1) with additional metadata integrated from the Dolby Atmos master to enable reconstruction for Atmos supply. 

So is Ratuken (and perhaps others) serving a DTS core as a substitute of a Dolby Digital Plus core, with this being reconstructed as a Dolby Atmos supply based fully mostly on an long-established DTS soundtrack? Or will it without a doubt emerge as stout-blown in DTS or DTS:X? 

If anyone in Europe can try these Rakuten’s DTS-cored soundtracks into an AV receiver and let me know what emerges, I will substitute this substitute! Meanwhile here’s a trace of some DTS presence on a streaming service, so we ought to revise its pick up from ‘zero’ to ‘something we’ve no longer barely labored out but, but no longer grand’.  

Dolby vs DTS

(Image credit score: Future)

Licence prices

One other pillar of IMAX Enhanced, in step with those FAQs, is “differentiation: Serving to consumers seamlessly identify easiest-in-class consumer electronics products” – in which they mean these products which hold an IMAX Enhanced badge on them. 

That’s what every layout battle is about in the stop – the licence prices that are paid on every machine that helps the layout. Producers, especially miniature ones, hold in overall moaned to me about how grand such licences add to the worth of a product, and the relate delays they’ll trigger. Ought to you belief these dozens of trademarks on a field or on an instruction manual, it’s a double-edged sword – the product helps all these items, vast, but hey, you’re paying for them, and no doubt for an exact many you’ll never need. 

It’s a trace of the scale of this stuff that Dolby’s licence price earnings for the year to September 21 was as soon as a staggering US$1.2bn, up 12% on the previous year, and 18 times the earnings it makes from all its other services.

So Xperi, of course, wishes to sell IMAX Enhanced licences, presumably collectively with a DTS licence. But on the similar time manufacturers are looking out out for to minimise their licence funds, and clearly on this case Bowers & Wilkins precise doesn’t belief the hold to pay for DTS, first and main as a minimum. They’ll secure by precise resplendent without it – precisely because there might be no DTS on streaming services, and streaming services are now the vast majority of the video marketplace for these shopping for their Panorama 3 soundbar. 

Certainly I began to receive replies from others indicating – off the file, at existing – that Bowers & Wilkins is no longer by myself. You might perhaps ask extra soundbars in explicit to terminate without DTS enhance in the terminate to future. Bang & Olufsen’s ‘Stage’ soundbars already don’t enhance DTS. The Sonos Arc is promoted as “the stop-promoting Dolby Atmos soundbar in the US” and though it mentions it’ll play “DTS Digital Encompass”, it then notes “Here is no longer a trace of a licensed decoder”. 

So as things stand, Dolby has domination of the streaming video market with Atmos, and is extra doubling down thru the rise of music in Dolby Atmos, with no lesser supporter than Apple. Play it in your headphones, play it in your soundbar. (I play it on a stout 5.1.2 Atmos rig, and I discover it irresistible.)

There is no longer any DTS solution to Atmos music, leaving IMAX Enhanced the correct streaming hope for DTS, with no guarantee that malicious program trick goes to work, given it has already been compromised. 

As extra kit arrives without DTS enhance, streaming corporations will be even much less alive to to swap codecs from Atmos to DTS. The Disney+ supply of IMAX Enhanced with Dolby Atmos couldn’t be a extra obvious slap in the face in that regard. 

As discs proceed to die, Sony Photography Leisure’s promise to churn out extra IMAX Enhanced/DTS:X UHD Blu-ray titles isn’t going to affect a dent in the fresh peril, and one wonders how prolonged Sony will proceed to stick with them. (Even supposing an additional incentive to enact so is that the broader Sony has its hold layout battle in opposition to Dolby Atmos in the music enviornment with its ‘360 Actuality Audio’ layout.)

Ding ding, stop of round 8

Obviously, that’s precise for this round of the vast layout wars. As we’ve considered, the correct sure bet in audio codecs is alternate. What’s subsequent, and who will secure there first? I don’t know. (If I did, I’d pause writing and build an audio layout company.) 

One other point is that it’s normally precise to hold a monopoly in these items, because then the incumbent can fee what they adore for their licence prices, or pause caring so grand about audio fantastic, and then we all suffer. 

But then DTS is no longer going to move as a imprint, irrespective of its efficiency in the video streaming enviornment. There’s extra to DTS than movie sound; the multiroom music platform DTS Play-Fi appears resurgent, and its dad or mum Xperi has other necessary brands beneath its belt, collectively with TiVO. 

So I’m effective battle will proceed on whatever fresh fronts build, and blueprint the next audio revolution, perchance DTS will storm the barricades and amaze us all with some fresh miraculously expanded immersive expertise. There’s composed room for extra speakers in the ground, finally.

Apologies to Auro-3D for no longer collectively with that layout in the discussion above. Auro-3D is vast, but relatively imprecise, and certainly no longer for streaming (but, anyway). Uncover extra here.

DisappointingIy, I will salvage fully no reference wherever to Kong’s 1976 heartbeat being in surround; the home video launch finally got here out in 5.1, but the Panavision launch went to cinemas in 6-Track Stereo. (The honorable Logan’s Scurry, released earlier in 1976, was as soon as considered one of the earliest appearances of six-music Dolby Stereo using the Todd-AO 70mm film layout encoded with Dolby noise reduction. But I wasn’t allowed in to stumble on that.) 

So perchance the Redditch cinema precise had its sound wonky, or I used to be as soon as sitting nearer to some rear-enhancement speakers than I used to be as soon as to the front supply. 

Aloof, curiously I used to be as soon as no longer by myself in remembering the expertise. In 2019 the Reddit community /MovieDetails spotted that in Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019), the sound enact of Godzilla’s dorsal fins charging up sooner than his ‘atomic breath’ is an altered version of King Kong’s dying heartbeat from 1976. This was as soon as later confirmed in the Blu-ray commentary. I’m contented that unhappy Kong bought this audio resurrection, as a minimum. Whereas penning this fragment I watched the ending of the film on YouTube, and even with a miniature display cowl I used to be as soon as barely upset by the unhappy ape being machine-gunned by bastards in helicopters while Jessica Lange clung screaming at his ankle. And I cheered again when he swatted considered one of the helicopters out of the sky. 

Ethical motion photographs never die. Soundtrack codecs though? We must always always wait and compare. 

Jez Ford

Jez is the Editor of Sound+Image magazine, having inhabited that goal since 2006, extra or much less a lustrum after departing his UK fatherland to adopt an additional nationality beneath the extra estimable climes and skies of Australia. Sooner than his desertion he was as soon as Editor of the UK’s Stuff magazine, and sooner than that Editor of What Hi-Fi? magazine, and sooner than that of the erstwhile Audiophile magazine and of Electronics On the present time Worldwide. He makes music as well as playing it, is alarmingly wedded to the conception that Led Zeppelin remains the highest point of rock’n’roll but attained, though remains keen to assess unusual pretenders. He lives in a modest shack on Sydney’s Northern Beaches alongside with his Canadian wife Deanna, a rescue greyhound known as Jewels, and an assortment of altering plant life and fauna beneath care.

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