Impressions from a first-time Mac particular person

Impressions from a first-time Mac particular person

I posted this article to that orange situation and it blew up bigger than I expected. I reached #3 of the front page (screenshot below) and am officially on the terminate 10 list for 2022-04-11. Once I migrated from WordPress to Hugo, I lost comments on this weblog, however the HackerNews post has some truly upright discussion and proposals that I extremely relieve you to test out.


⚠️ Warning Apple fanboys: here’s a rant ⚠️



I lately started a brand contemporary job the put aside my employer equipped me with a trace-contemporary 2021 16‑creep MacBook Pro. Rather of background on me: I’ve been the exercise of Windows and Linux my complete professional lifestyles, I truly had been on a regular foundation-riding numerous Linux desktops at home for 10+ years, all of my servers dawdle Linux, however I truly catch never extinct a Mac in my lifestyles. These are my impressions of the exercise of a Mac for the predominant time.

For reference, below are the specs of the machine I’m the exercise of:

  • 2021 16‑creep MacBook Pro
  • Apple M1 Pro (8 performance cores and 2 efficiency cores)
  • 16GB reminiscence
  • 512GB SSD
  • macOS Monterey
  • I’m the exercise of this Macbook almost completely with the lid closed, with a USB-C adapter to connect my keyboard/mouse/observe.

Hardware invent quality

This machine is insanely smartly-constructed. In actuality, I truly catch potentially never owned one thing this smartly-constructed. Retaining it for your fingers feels love protecting a proper allotment of aluminum, there isn’t a millimeter of flex. There isn’t a single imperfection on the have faith. The indentation the put aside you retain your finger to open the lid is so smartly machined that the perimeters are in actuality arresting. Closing the lid feels love closing the door of a German automobile. The present is colorful and shiny with very deep blacks. The M1 Pro chip sips energy when asleep, however can tackle one thing I keep a matter to of it.

Battery lifestyles

Does this machine even catch a battery, or there some vogue of magic arc reactor internal? Seriously, the battery on this thing lasts forver, whether or not I’m doing work, or if the lid is closed and it’s napping. I will easily bag via an 8-10hr day without a problems.

BSD downhearted

I gained’t claim to be a Unix or BSD historian, however I pause know that macOS is in response to Darwin, which itself is in response to BSD. While macOS isn’t POSIX-certified, it’s Single Unix Specification UNIX 03 registered and compliant. This implies in the occasion you’re cosy with a Linux remark line, you’ll potentially be honest gorgeous for roughly 95% of your tasks.


Apple decided to grace the 2021 Macbook Pro with ports that any PC notebook computer particular person has had for years (HDMI?! SD card reader?! gasp!).

That being acknowledged, MagSafe is a genius concept. It’s some distance going to mute be a extinct (love USB-C) on every notebook computer in existence. I know USB-C is purported to be “one cable to rule all of them”, however any individual who has tripped over their energy wire whereas charging is conscious of what I’m talking about.

Talking of USB-C, in the occasion you’re shopping a Macbook Pro, mediate about choosing up a Thunderbolt or USB-C hub/dock/adapter. There are zero USB-A ports on the Macbook Pro. I will almost guarantee that you just don’t catch a USB-C flash power, however you in all likelihood catch ten USB-A flash drives laying around. What about your wired keyboard, webcam, USB DAC, or USB chargers? I wager they’re all USB-A. The dongle meme (one, two, three, four, 5) is overplayed at this level, however it absolutely’s not unfriendly.


With the contemporary M1 Macs, the CPU, reminiscence, and storage are all unified, meaning they’re soldered collectively and can’t be upgraded. On the other hand, the alternate off is that as a result of full lot is so tightly coupled, you bag better speeds than it’s possible you’ll possibly possibly from extinct parts that communicate over a slower bus. Also, due to Thunderbolt 4 has so mighty bandwidth (up to 40Gb/s), you truly aren’t restricted to what it’s possible you’ll scramble in (as prolonged as it’s over Thunderbolt).

macOS window administration

There will not be this form of thing as a diversified technique to issue this: window administration is painful on macOS.


I’m accustomed to virtual desktops on both Windows and Linux, so it became once fine to peruse that on macOS. On the other hand, multi-tasking at some level of the an identical virtual desktop (i.e., having multiple home windows open side-by-side) is awful. Windows and Linux both catch what I would name “sane” window snapping (shown here), the put aside you trip the window to the left or simply fringe of the desktop to snap left or simply. It’s possible you’ll possibly even pause this with three or four home windows.

On the diversified hand, macOS has a uncommon snapping implementation the put aside it will seemingly be main to click and preserve the fairway “zoom” button, then spend to “tile” left or simply. Nonetheless, at the same time as you like one other window to have the diversified half, both of those home windows (collectively as one) switch to their very have virtual desktop. I pick on them spoil up on my sleek desktop, not on a separate desktop.

Also, not like Windows or Linux, it’s possible you’ll’t “maximize” a window the exercise of the fairway “zoom” button, this will also honest simplest make the sleek window fullscreen (and again, on its have desktop). Confusingly, it will seemingly be main to again click and preserve the fairway “zoom” button, then spend “Zoom”. Apple calls the fairway button “zoom” in their documentation, however its default feature is fullscreen, not zoom.

For the overall Apple fanboys screaming “There’s an app for that!”, I hear you, however undergo in mind, here’s a work machine and I catch to bag the full lot I set up blessed by IT security. Easy for big capabilities love Slack or Chrome, however more difficult for the tiny instruments that simplest fix my area of interest disorders (I’ve already found Rectangle, BetterSnapTool, and Magnet).


In account for for you to swap between home windows, it’s possible you’ll exercise Negate (⌘)+Tab (the same is Alt+Tab on Windows). Within the occasion you open two of the an identical window (e.g., two Chrome home windows), they seem as one in the dock. On the other hand, in the occasion you press Negate (⌘)+Tab, this will also honest simplest present one entry for Chrome, even supposing you catch gotten two home windows of Chrome open. Selecting Chrome by assignment of Negate (⌘)+Tab will then present both Chrome home windows, however make you growth your mouse (or press Negate+`) to spend the Chrome window it is advisable work in. Why the extra step? Lawful present me both home windows in Negate (⌘)+Tab.

I found this flowchart showing the window switching workflow, which I believed became once somewhat hilarious. Again, I found AltTab to repair this, however can’t set up it as a result of protection.

Exterior peripherals

I’m the exercise of my Macbook with a USB-C adapter so as that I will exercise my PC keyboard/mouse/observe. On the other hand, that keyboard doesn’t catch the Possibility (⌥) or Negate (⌘) keys love on my Macbook. This makes the exercise of keyboard shortcuts complex as a result of the keys being switched, however I don’t blame Apple for this. I attempted changing the modifier keys in Map Preferences–>Keyboard, however that broke diversified keyboard shortcuts.

Two-finger scrolling on the trackpad is love scrolling for your phone (what Apple calls “pure”). On the other hand, plugging in a mouse with a scroll wheel diagram the scroll wheel is “backward”. Fortunately, I became once ready to download Logitech’s Suggestions tool to reverse this.

Package administration

Coming from a Linux background, I’m unfriendly by Linux equipment managers. No longer attempting to open a equipment administration flame war, however gorgeous/yum/pacman are all better than one thing Microsoft or Apple provide (which is nothing). Homebrew is a lifesaver on macOS and is the supreme thing not making me pull my hair out.

While the hardware is big, I’d give one thing to interchange macOS with Linux (or even Windows). Unfortunately, here’s a piece machine, and I don’t catch that option, so I catch to make due with what I’ve been equipped.

Are a few of my criticisms as a result of my lack of information about macOS? Almost positively. Will I indirectly turn into accustomed to macOS? Almost positively.

Your complete make of macOS feels love the Gnome desktop: you exercise what they give you, how they give it to you, the exercise of their workflows, barely customizing one thing. Apple products are purported to be revered the field over as the head of make, extinct by artists, engineers, professionals, and creators. Why pause I truly feel love there are coaching wheels on a machine I exercise for productiveness? No longer that I had any plans on it, however after this ride, I would in my plan never spend a macOS product.


My web situation is an neutral weblog and has not been licensed, subsidized, or otherwise permitted by Apple Inc.

Apple, Mac, Macbook, Macbook Pro, and macOS are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and diversified international locations and regions.

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