Impart HN: MassCode v2 – a code snippets manager for developers

Impart HN: MassCode v2 – a code snippets manager for developers

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Built with Electron, Vue 3 & Ace Editor.

Inspired by functions like SnippetsLab and Quiver.

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The completely strengthen lawful now might maybe perchance well be your star for the project. You are going to be ready to moreover help spread the word in regards to the app in the public.

Feature for now

  • Pork up M1
  • Syntax highlighting over 170 languages
  • API to bag snippets on the localhost


The diagram of developing this utility used to be mostly my maintain boost as a developer. Moreover, I wanted this project to soak up the completely of such functions already on the market (each and every free and paid). On the identical time, I wanted this project to be an birth supply project.

massCode ability that you just can prepare snippets using multi-stage folders as properly as tags. Every snippet has fragments – tabs, which offers even bigger stage of group.

Be conscious


You are going to be ready to moreover download massCode v1.

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