I’m losing sleep over Java September 30, 1996

I’m losing sleep over Java September 30, 1996

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2 thoughts on “I’m losing sleep over Java September 30, 1996

  1. Aditya avatar
    Β· January 6, 2022 at 1:55 pm

    Ain't Java the 2nd most used language in the world, after JavaScript? The enterprise world uses Java everywhere. Java powers pretty much the entire banking infrastructure.

    Aren't there billions of Java smartcards that people carry in their pocket/wallet and use on a daily basis?

    Aren't there billions of Android apps installed that are, basically, Java?

    One can dispute the numbers a bit but… How is Java not one of the biggest success story ever for a programming language?

    I'd also add: it's kinda funny to see so many programmers hating on Java and thinking that, somehow, Java is dead or dying, yet on a daily basis they'll use one of the JetBrains tools, written in Java, to work on their "non Java" code.

    I do not only think he was right to lose sleep over it: I think Java delivered.

  2. Aditya avatar

    Excerpt of email reply from Nathan Myhrvold is mostly correct:

    >The new Java applications are NOT credible threats to traditional PC software any time soon. […] Cool new technology always expands rapidly into NEW ares (where there is a vacuum).

    Java's hype of Write-Once-Run-Anywhere to kill Microsoft Windows didn't happen on client desktop apps like many expected. Desktop apps are still C++ and some newer apps are Javascript(Electron). Yes, there are a few niche desktop apps using Java like JetBrains IDEs but history has shown that Java made more market penetration on server-side code. The 1990s dot coms like Ebay and Amazon were early users of Java on their servers. I read that Google uses Java on the web servers to generate the results page. (To be clear, I think Google uses C++ for the crawlers to build the index and the algorithms for search engine ranking.)