Iceraven – Firefox for Android fork with extra add-ons and configuration alternatives

Positively no longer dropped at you by Mozilla!

Iceraven Browser is a web-based browser for Android, basically based totally on Mozilla’s Fenix model of Firefox, GeckoView and Mozilla Android Substances.

Our design is to be a discontinuance fork of the fresh Firefox for Android that seeks to provide customers with extra alternatives, extra opportunities to customize (including a mammoth extension library), and additional knowledge about the pages they consult with and how their browsers are interacting with those pages.

Distinguished aspects encompass:

  • about:config toughen
  • The flexibility to strive to set up a for a long way longer list of add-ons than Mozilla’s Fenix model of Firefox accepts. Presently the browser queries this AMO collection Most of them is rarely any longer going to work, on legend of they depend on code that Mozilla is peaceable working on writing in android-substances, but it is possible you’ll maybe presumably also strive and set up them. While you do now not opinion an add-on you wish, it is possible you’ll maybe presumably ask it.
  • No warranties or guarantees of security or updates and even balance! Display that Iceraven Browser comprises some unstable code written by Mozilla, with our beget added changes on top, all shipped with the loyal model of GeckoView engine. Hence, the browser could contain bugs launched upstream. Binaries are for the time being built routinely by our Github launch automation. These binaries are signed with a debug key. After we in the end put up this someplace succesful fancy F-droid, we are able to signal the apks with a simply key just appropriate for public launch. Which ability of the recent map we make the releases and signal them, it is possible you’ll maybe presumably also no longer must depend on such “alpha” glorious tool as your predominant web browser, as this would enjoy bugs. So, exhaust this browser handiest whenever it is possible you’ll maybe presumably also very properly be pleased with these boundaries/capability risks.

Display/Disclaimer: Iceraven Browser couldn’t exist with out the hardworking folks at the Mozilla Corporation who work on the Mozilla Android Substances and Firefox projects, but it with out a doubt is rarely any longer an succesful Mozilla product, and is rarely any longer supplied, counseled, vetted, authorized, or secured by Mozilla.


Besides, we intend to strive and lower down on telemetry and proprietary code to as succesful of an extent as imaginable as prolonged as doing so does no longer compromise the user journey or make the fork too hard to elevate. Actual away, we predict about that no telemetry desires to be being despatched to Mozilla anymore, but we can not guarantee this; data must peaceable be despatched. On legend of of the fashion now we enjoy utilized this, the app must peaceable appear to contain trackers when analyzed by tools that gaze for the presence of identified monitoring libraries. These detected trackers must peaceable if truth be told be non-purposeful substitutes, quite loads of that are sourced from here. While you elevate the app if truth be told sending data to Mozilla, Adjust, Leanplum, Firebase, or every other such provider, please beginning a anguish! Presumably any data that reaches Mozilla is governed by Mozilla’s privacy protection, but as Iceraven Browser is, yet again no longer a Mozilla product, we could well make no promises.

Iceraven Browser combines the energy of Fenix (of which we’re a fork) and the spirit of Fennec, with a respectful nod toward the mountainous tradition of Netscape Navigator, from which all Gecko-basically based mostly projects came, including the earliest of our predecessors, the extinct Mozilla Phoenix and Mozilla Firefox desktop browsers.

That said, Iceraven Browser is an impartial all-volunteer mission, and has no affiliation with Netscape, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozila Phoenix, Debian, Debian Iceweasel, Parabola GNU/Linux-libre Iceweasel, The United States On-line, or Verizon, amongst others. 🙂 Mainly, whenever you manufacture no longer fancy the browser, it be no longer their fault. 🙂

📥 Installation

Actual away, releases are printed as .apk recordsdata, by Github. You should always peaceable download and set up the pinnacle-notch one in your instrument.

  1. Establish what model you wish. While it is possible you’ll maybe presumably even enjoy a more recent, 64-bit instrument, or a instrument with greater than 4 GB of memory, you potentially need the arm64-v8a model. Any traditional phone or tablet wants to be succesful of make exhaust of the armeabi-v7a model, but this would even be restricted to the usage of no greater than 4 GB of memory. You simply about certainly don’t need the x86 or x86_64 versions; they are whenever you happen to could very properly be working Android on a PC.

  2. Download the APK for the newest launch from the Releases web page. Be clear that that to eradicate the model you selected in step 1.

  3. Install the APK. It is possible you’ll must enable set up of apps from “unknown” (to Google) sources, and installatiuon of apps by regardless of app you dilapidated to beginning the downloaded APK (i.e. your browser or file supervisor). Android will strive and dissuade you from doing this, and imply that it is unhealthy. Iceraven is a browser for people who enjoy hazard.

  4. Gather pleasure from Iceraven. Be clear that that to set up the add-ons that are wanted for you within the key menu beneath “Add-Ons”. It is possible you’ll maybe presumably also wish to self-discipline Iceraven as your instrument’s default browser app. While you enact this, this would even have the capability to provide so-called “Chrome” custom tabs for other applications, allowing you to make exhaust of your add-ons there.

🔨 Constructing

  1. Residing up the environment. We need the Android SDK at $ANDROID_SDK_ROOT and a Java JDK at $JAVA_HOME that is rarely any longer the Ubuntu Java 8 one. We need environment variables that gaze one thing fancy:

# Where does our plot set up the JDK? This is the appropriate direction for the Ubuntu Java 11 JDK, if it is put in.
export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-11-openjdk-amd64
# Where did we set up the Android SDK?
export ANDROID_SDK_ROOT=$HOME/android-sdk/android-sdk-linux/

If we don’t need the Android SDK, we can set up it thusly on Linux:

> licenses/android-sdk-license
echo “d56f5187479451eabf01fb78af6dfcb131a6481e” >> licenses/android-sdk-license
echo “24333f8a63b6825ea9c5514f83c2829b004d1fee” >> licenses/android-sdk-license
mkdir cmdline-tools
cd cmdline-tools
wget “$(curl -s | grep -oP “[0-9]”)”
unzip commandlinetools-linux-*
cd ..”>

mkdir -p $HOME/android-sdk/android-sdk-linux
cd $HOME/android-sdk/android-sdk-linux
mkdir -p licenses
echo "8933heart-broken161af4178b1185d1a37fbf41ea5269c55" >> licenses/android-sdk-license
echo "d56f5187479451eabf01fb78af6dfcb131a6481e" >> licenses/android-sdk-license
echo "24333f8a63b6825ea9c5514f83c2829b004d1fee" >> licenses/android-sdk-license
mkdir cmdline-tools
cd cmdline-tools
wget "$(curl -s | grep -oP "[0-9]")"
unzip commandlinetools-linux-*
cd ..
  1. Clone the mission.
git clone
  1. Lunge within iceraven-browser. That is the put the gain is coordinated from.
  1. Configure the mission. For your interior most exhaust it be crucial to signal the apk file. The most interesting map to enact here’s to make exhaust of the debug key that is auto-generated by Android SDK. This is rarely any longer a succesful belief for releasing, but acceptable in your interior most exhaust. It is possible you’ll maybe presumably also configure it as follows:
autosignReleaseWithDebugKey=" >>
  1. Form the mission. To gain the Iceraven-branded launch APKs, it is possible you’ll maybe presumably enact:
./gradlew assembleForkRelease -PversionName="$(git describe --tags HEAD)"

The APKs will notify up in app/gain/outputs/apk/forkRelease/.

Getting Eager

This is an all-volunteer mission. No one is getting paid (no longer lower than no longer by the mission itself.).

Which ability of this truth, each person must peaceable truly feel free to beginning points and pull requests. Join the membership!

Builders are in particular welcome, wished, and wanted.

I enjoy to beginning a Pull Seek data from!

We encourage you to take half in this beginning source mission. We fancy Pull Requests, Computer virus Reviews, solutions, (security) code opinions or every other roughly particular contribution.

🙅 How to skip CI exams for PRs 🙅

While you’d elevate to skip Github CI exams in a PR, please add the next to the PR title exactly: [skip ci].
Additionally, please encompass the actual phrase [skip ci] in every commit message. This is to lead clear of Travis CI exams besides to skipping Github CI exams after merging the commits to the fork branch.

This is worthwhile to enact if it is possible you’ll maybe presumably also very properly make certain that your changes enact no longer quit the app’s code (ex: changes to

🚀 Originate automation 🚀

We now enjoy now setup launch automation so as that Github actions routinely self-discipline off a launch gain and put up a launch when we push a model to the repository.

NOTE: The model desires to be of the format iceraven-x.y.z, the put x.y.z is the launch model, for the automation to kick in and moreover so as that the built app could enjoy the elegant model name.

✏️ I enjoy to file a anguish!

Massive! We encourage you to take half in this beginning source mission. We fancy Pull Requests, Computer virus Reviews, solutions, (security) code opinions or every other roughly particular contribution.

To enable you triage, now we enjoy these suppose requirements:

  • Please enact your top-notch to peep for reproduction points before submitting a brand fresh suppose so we can put our suppose board trim.
  • Every suppose must peaceable enjoy exactly one malicious program/characteristic ask described in it. Please enact no longer file meta feedback list tickets as it is advanced to parse them and take care of their particular person points.
  • Draw Requests are better once they’re beginning-led to decision to demanding a particular resolution -ie “I would favor a much less advanced map to enact X” in decision to “add Y”
  • Factors are no longer the placement to switch off matter or debate.
  • Whereas we enact no longer yet enjoy Workers Participation Tips of our beget, we ask that you just notify recognize to each person and take care of others as it is possible you’ll maybe presumably elevate to be handled. Conduct that can violate Mozilla’s Workers Participation Tips is most possible unwelcome. On the opposite hand, as a little mission with out neighborhood managers, we can not promise instructed and consistent enforcement.

Please enjoy in thoughts that despite the truth that a characteristic it is possible you’ll maybe presumably also enjoy in thoughts could well appear fancy a little ask, as a little team, now we must prioritize our deliberate work and every fresh characteristic provides complexity and repairs and can soak up execute, learn, product, and engineering time. We esteem each person’s passion but we can not have the capability to encompass every characteristic ask and even fix every malicious program. That being said, correct becaus