Iced – A unsuitable-platform GUI library for Rust, impressed by Elm

Features Simple, easy-to-use, batteries-included API Type-safe, reactive programming model Cross-platform support (Windows, macOS, Linux, and the Web) Responsive layout Built-in widgets (including text inputs, scrollables, and more!) Custom widget support (create your own!) Debug overlay with performance metrics First-class support for async actions (use futures!) Modular ecosystem split into reusable parts: A renderer-agnostic native runtime…

Iced – A unsuitable-platform GUI library for Rust, impressed by Elm

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iced is at this time experimental tool. Take a peek on the roadmap,
are trying the points, and feel free to contribute!

Set up

Add iced as a dependency on your Cargo.toml:

iced moves quick and the master division can have confidence breaking changes! If
it’s essential be taught a pair of particular delivery, are trying the starting up listing.


Inspired by The Elm Architecture, iced expects you to ruin up user interfaces
into four quite loads of ideas:

  • Drawl — the teach of your software program
  • Messages — user interactions or meaningful events that you simply care
  • See good judgment — one device to veil your teach as widgets that
    would per chance obtain messages on user interplay
  • Replace good judgment — one device to react to messages and change your

We can obtain something to perceive how this works! As an instance we desire a straightforward counter
that would per chance maybe also be incremented and decremented using two buttons.

We open up by modelling the teach of our software program:

exhaust iced:: button;

struct Counter {
    // The counter cost
    cost: i32,

    // The native teach of the 2 buttons
    increment_button: button:: Drawl,
    decrement_button: button:: Drawl,

Next, we prefer to account for the capacity user interactions of our counter:
the button presses. These interactions are our messages:

#[derive(Debug, Clone, Copy)]
pub enum Message {

Now, let’s insist the trusty counter by hanging it all collectively in our
inquire good judgment:

exhaust iced:: {Button, Column, Text};

impl Counter {
    pub fn inquire(&mut self) -> Column {
        // We exhaust a column: a straightforward vertical structure
        Column:: unique()
                // The increment button. We insist it to obtain an
                // `IncrementPressed` message when pressed
                Button:: unique(&mut self.increment_button, Text:: unique("+"))
                    .on_press(Message:: IncrementPressed),
                // We insist the cost of the counter right here
                Text:: unique(self.cost.to_string()).size(50),
                // The decrement button. We insist it to obtain a
                // `DecrementPressed` message when pressed
                Button:: unique(&mut self.decrement_button, Text:: unique("-"))
                    .on_press(Message:: DecrementPressed),

Finally, we desire to be ready to react to any produced messages and alternate our
teach accordingly in our change good judgment:

impl Counter {
    // ...

    pub fn change(&mut self, message: Message) {
        match message {
            Message:: IncrementPressed => {
                self.cost += 1;
            Message:: DecrementPressed => {
                self.cost -= 1;

And that’s the reason every thing! We valid wrote a entire user interface. iced is now able

  1. Take the implications of our inquire good judgment and structure its widgets.
  2. Path of events from our system and obtain messages for our
    change good judgment.
  3. Plan the resulting user interface.

Browse the documentation and the examples to be taught more!

Implementation necessary points

iced turned into first and necessary born as an strive at bringing the simplicity of Elm and
The Elm Architecture into Espresso, a 2D sport engine I am engaged on.

The core of the library turned into conducted for the length of Would possibly per chance additionally just 2019 in this pull demand.
The first alpha version turned into in the kill released as
a renderer-agnostic GUI library. The library did no longer present a renderer and
conducted the most modern tour example on top of ggez, a sport library.

Since then, the focal level has shifted in direction of offering a batteries-incorporated,
stop-user-oriented GUI library, whereas keeping the ecosystem modular:

iced ecosystem



This occurs when the chosen constructed-in renderer will not be any longer ready to make a context.

Regularly this would happen whereas using iced_wgpu because the renderer without
supported hardware (wants Vulkan, Metallic or DX12). In this case, you would are trying using the

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