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I vulnerable DALL·E 2 to generate a logo

I vulnerable DALL·E 2 to generate a logo

Each person has heard in regards to the most up-to-date frigid ingredient™, which is DALL·E 2 (henceforth called Dall-e). A pair of months ago, when the first previews started, it used to be typically in each living. Now, a pair of weeks ago, the floodgates were opened and lots of of us on the waitlist acquired entry – that neighborhood integrated me.

I’ve spent a day playing round with it, realized some basics (admire the indisputable truth that including “artstation” to the cease of your phrase robotically makes the output considerably better…), and generated a bunch of (even a pair of tremendous-attempting) pictures. In other phrases, I used to be already reasonably warmed up.

To add some extra background, OctoSQL – an originate offer venture I’m growing – is a CLI query tool that enable’s you query a pair of databases and file codecs in a single SQL query. I knew for some time already that its logo desires to be updated, and with Dall-e arriving, I could well mix the stress-free with the handy.


In affirm, you’ll witness that the formulation appears to be like reasonably admire the Westworld depiction of writers establishing storylines in season 4 (no worries, this will not be a spoiler, but I stop counsel the series while you happen to haven’t watched it).

So TLDR, here’s the logo I lastly ended up with:

Within the the leisure of this post you’ll witness where I started, what I went thru, what I realized alongside the model, and the arrangement it slowly evolved into the lastly chosen image. I could only present an explanation for the largely contented direction here. I could furthermore only present an explanation for pictures that were rather okay (discarding the other 70+% that were dreadful).

But first, let’s snappy picture how DALL·E 2 works. You get a bunch of free credit and you would take extra. A single credit signifies that you just can stop one of many following:

  • Generate: Generate 4 pictures for a given phrase.
  • Edit: Generate 3 pictures for a given phrase and well-liked image with regions marked as clear (both the utilization of image editing tool, or the utilization of a constructed-in transparency drawing tool).
  • Adaptations: Generate 3 diversifications in step with the given image, but with out offering a phrase. This implies you sadly can’t stop stuff admire “give me the identical entity as on the image, but doing xyz”, unless it is also accomplished by marking a station as clear for point 2.

I had a reasonably particular (I believed. I used to be unsuitable even supposing, or not not as much as I couldn’t picture it in phrases successfully ample) notion for the logo. The name OctoSQL stems from octopus and SQL, with the premise being that an octopus has many palms and can manipulate many entities on the identical time, admire OctoSQL can feature on many datasources concurrently.

So what I first and foremost desired to stop used to be a cartoonish animated octopus juggling a bunch of databases (or entities representing databases, I made up my mind not to make enlighten of exact logos of databases).

Successfully then, let’s open with a reasonably straightforward phrase. You should well furthermore witness I’m the utilization of some “route-atmosphere” suffix key phrases factual away.

A petite one oc

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