I put my whole life into a single database

I put my whole life into a single database

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Back in 2019, I started collecting all kinds of metrics about my life. Every single day for the last 2.5 years I tracked over 100 different data types – ranging from fitness & nutrition to social life, computer usage and weather.

The goal of this project was to answer questions about my life, like

How does living in different cities affect other factors like fitness, productivity and happiness?
How does sleep affect my day, my fitness level, and happiness?
How does the weather, and the different seasons affect my life?
Are there any trends over the last few years?
How does computer time, work and hours in meetings affect my personal life?

Since the start of this project, I collected a total of more than 380,000 data points.

Naturally after I started collecting this data, I wanted to visualize what I was learning, so I created Initially, the domain (now renamed to started as a joke to respond to friends asking when I’d be back in NYC or San Francisco. Rather than send them my schedule, I’d point them to this domain. However, now it’s more than my location: it’s all of me.

Rules I setup for the project

Use a single database, owned and hosted by me, with all the data I’ve collected over the years
Be able to easily add and remove questions on the fly, as I learn what’s beneficial to track
Full control of how the data is visualized
Works well for frequent flyers with mixed time zones
100% fully open source, MIT licensed and self-hosted

I selected 42 graphs to show publicly on

Check out to see all graphs and data I’ve created with this project, as well as details about how you can use this project for yourself. You can check out the full source code on KrauseFx/FxLifeSheet.

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