Hacked“I just got *another* copyright claim for TYPING ON...

“I just got *another* copyright claim for TYPING ON MY KEYBOARD!”


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  1. Corporations like AdRev have as their whole business model trolling small content creators for copyright. Every channel on YouTube beyond the smallest seems to have the same story – corporations claiming that content created by the channel belongs to them.

    Even the "legitimate" claims assume guilt on the part of the creator and disable monetization immediately until the claim is resolved. Then there are the false claimants, like third world channels copying popular videos from successful channels, then either appending a tiny "comment" section or flipping the video side to side and claiming it as their own. Heaven help the channels who then ask for credit or revenue from their own stolen content.. the thieves use the copyright claim system to abuse and torment the creators they stole from.

    Until Youtube/Google are forced to disable their cheap AI based content claim system and implement something smarter that does the job right (and which must involve humans), small creators are going to suffer. Youtube holds a de facto monopoly on its niche, it needs to be forced to play fair, and either regulated or broken up.

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