I have 6 jobs, I am becoming a millionaire

I have 6 jobs, I am becoming a millionaire

Hi folks,

I work in IT, and I am relatively known in my field. When the pandemic started I was working for a client, and out of fear I took on a second job (I thought the economy would go to hell, and as a contractor, you do not have too much stability).

Forward to 2022: I have been taking on more jobs, and I am currently working 6 full-time jobs now. Working from home has enabled this, I could have not done this if I had to go to the office. I am based in Europe, and this year I will be doing around 700K USD.

I am investing all that money in dividend stocks. I am right now getting around 2K USD per month doing nothing, with that amount to grow itself due to dividend increases (only invest in Dividend Kings and Aristocrats, who have increased dividends for 25+ years).

No client knows about the situation, although I would not be surprised if they have any suspicion. Under their eyes, I am probably a developer a bit slow, but not terrible (I am good at my craft, and I work during meetings). They probably do not take me as a social person, since I do not collaborate too much in meetings.

I will be able to retire in a couple of years if I keep doing this. Not sure about the ethic of this (companies pay me and I do work for them), but it is changing my life, and I will become a millionaire before being 40.

EDIT: I never had a post with so many answers, but I am having a blast chatting with all the non-trolls! Happy to discuss details that are not personal.

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Ava Chan

Ava Chan

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