I found a one-char typo in the docs for Python’s typing_extensions library

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  1. If you think that's bad, try figuring out where to report bugs or even find the original source code for several of the tools and libraries we all use every day. Some of them don't seem to have a web site, only a bunch of unofficial mirrors in various states of disrepair. Some have no way to get to the source code history; only the tarballs for the releases are available. Some have no issue tracker, and, if you're extra unlucky, no mailing list. Even worse, some have buggy mailing list or issue tracker setups, where I'm unable to create a new account, the activation email never arrives, I can't figure out the password requirements, the CAPTCHA refuses to accept any of my answers, or submitting the bug just sends you to an empty/error page, having helpfully cleared the form data from your browser so you can't go back to resubmit. Oh, and some projects won't create a new release for simple bug fixes, so you won't get a fixed version through your package manager anytime soon.

    It's no wonder we're still finding critical issues in core projects. What's a real wonder is how someone managed to navigate the maze to trigger the process to get a change all the way through release.

    You'll notice how I'm not mentioning how to fix any of these problems, and that's intentional. Each project will need significant effort and/or money to get to a reasonable state, but many people who want to help will give up.