I am in favour of the term “Web4” to describe diminutive, local, inner most, inner most…

I am in favour of the term “Web4” to describe diminutive, local, inner most, inner most…


I am in favour of the term “Web4” to describe diminutive, local, inner most, inner most, efficient, cryptography-based entirely entirely decentralisation that is now not linked to cryptocurrency, a long way preferrred cash-laundering, leisurely non-parallel non-deleteable global public ledgers, proof-of-e-destroy, proof-of-plutocracy or monetized in any completely different potential.

I admit that I am a huge fragment of The Subject because I expend each and every Netflix and Disney+,

but at the least I haven’t but invested in Springtime For Hitlercoins

@natecull In a capitalist society everybody appears to be like to be a capitalist, whether or not they are seeking to be or now not. It’s unavoidable.


An altogether alternative department.

No longer HTTP based entirely entirely. No longer client-server. Radically mediate about-to-mediate about, radically offline and syncing only when spotty local networking or sneakernet (or even a net function as a sync conduit, if we must) is recent.

Nonetheless now not Ethereum based entirely entirely both, because, ewww.

And sadly even Scuttlebutt or Gemini doesn’t slightly hit the establish for me.

@aral @openrisk

Append-only-log kills it for me, sorry.

I neither need nor desire that. I desire the fantastic to quietly neglect my errors (others are welcome to trawl them up IF they are seeking to pay for storing them). What I’d like and desire is with the scheme to randomly generate my delight in inner most key, signal the sizzling hash and version quantity of my “home page’ with that, then sync my homepage hash and blocks of the tips making up that page with others in a map.

How storage is paid for is a area I recount.

@aral @natecull the weaving of the (Mythos) of the individual and the (soil) of community. The 2d is the bases of what makes us human, the foremost the sugar of what makes 20th century existence attention-grabbing.

Meals for thought, is tech sugar or soil?

#climatechaos and social disintegration is feed by our sugar dependancy and the barrion errosion of our soil. On steadiness we desire less sacarin and extra composting.


A “commons” structure and “radically offline” also can coexist. The digital realm intertwines in so some ways with our lives, there will potentially be loads of patterns running at the same time.

Having resilient, self-sovereign constructing blocks is in a map the premise, but i’d establish a query to potentially the most enriching setup to be “ubuntu”, deriving that manner thru others


@openrisk @aral

I mediate so. I remember the BBS period, the place each and every sharing and subscriptions coexisted, but we had extra enjoyable on the boards we didn’t must pay for.

I’d in fact like a world the place we didn’t need both net hosts or necessary HTTPS certificates granting authorities inserting themselves into our enterprise. That’s potentially very now not going since Google controls the browsers and Desires TLS In every single place, but, if all our posts had been already signed/encrypted cease to total, why would we desire TLS as properly?

@natecull @openrisk @aral TLS turned into once a hurried resolution devised in “a group of 4am choices” by Netscape in the 1990s. It’s one thing that the gain purchased caught on attributable to browser monopolies. Untrusted certificates authorities also can peaceable now not be fragment of any new net make.

@bob @openrisk @aral

I accumulate that registering human-readable names and making introductions to cryptographic identities is a complex area, but yeah, I mediate each and every DNS and PKI are very suboptimal solutions now. I figure given elliptic curve ciphers, even QR codes ought to be a resolution to ‘how perform I gain your title/quantity” by now.

How blocks also can also be saved by nodes is but any other area. Some form of “pay your potential by net net hosting scream material” form of ingredient presumably? Nonetheless I construct now not wanna host child porn.

@bob @openrisk @aral

(And that’s the reason now not a trivial statement; Freenet, the usual distributed hash desk community, turned into once kinda constructed on the thought that of “you’re going to host child porn and that is the reason fragment of the deal, because how else perform we accumulate search efficient” and I turned into once, nope, now not gonna perform that, gain but any other potential. And I am now not definite that area has been solved but).

@natecull @bob @openrisk @aral That’s also a area with many recent federated techniques. I apply the precept that it’s good to always be in modify of what you are self-net net hosting. Whenever you are net net hosting completely different other folks’s recordsdata (eg. backups or fediverse posts) then it ought to be by inner most settlement. Knowledge whose scream material or foundation you are blind to must not be “conveyed” by your inner most server, because whether it’s miles then this creates astronomical preferrred liabilities.

@FiXato @natecull I seemed it up, and undoubtedly completely different other folks delight in already determined what Web 4.0 is. It sounds as if or now not it’s IOT and AI, main to 5.0 being mind implants and the Singularity. Presumably all floating over the company dragnets of two.0 and the Blockchain oilspill of 3.0.

Minute Web is upright, though. Substandard other folks customarily don’t are attempting to be diminutive.

@y6nH @FiXato

Nonetheless I am kinda petrified of plugging mind implants into Internets of Issues that are plugged into Amazon’s AI which is working Log4J

there shall be a Singularity at the cease of that stack but I mediate it will more than seemingly be the form with tentacles



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