Humm Wearable

Humm Wearable

The first wearable to in an instant toughen your mental efficiency

Scientifically Proven
Measurable (+~20%) enchancment in opposition to placebo in clinical review review.

Works Straight. Lasts for Hours.
Humm starts working rapidly and supplies a length of prolonged enhanced working reminiscence.

Easy to Apply, Take away, and Raise.
Use at home or rob about a patches to work or while you accelerate.

Flexible, Gentle, Elated.
Gentle for your skin and happy in any weather.

Affordable and Handy.
Semi-reusable patches which would be modern at any time when for the price of a cup of espresso.



Expertise that helps you receive pleasure from the teach of discovering out

We imply you might maybe maybe be in a dwelling to harness neuroscience to be taught sooner.



Focal point more straightforward

Sink into focus and waft sooner, preserve there for longer.


Protect more

Web thru bellow material sooner and greater decide it later.


Use it at any time of the day with out impacting the high-quality of your sleep later.

Mathemetician Avatar.png

It constantly looks more straightforward to construct myself tackle one thing. Recovering from distractions additionally looks more straightforward!

— Alan, mathematician

Student Avatar2.png

I’m remembering where I assign things and I don’t ought to re-be taught the identical paragraph over and over.

— Tammy, pupil


I favored utilizing it, will circulate over utilizing it and might maybe maybe’t wait to seize one!!

— Tom,recordsdata scientist

Health Technology Librarian Avatar.png

My thoughts changed into more centered

— Lynn, Expertise librarian

Wealtg Manager Avatar.png

I felt fancy i had an elevated sense of readability.

— Edward, wealth manager


This tool in fact improved my high-quality of academic life

— oliver, phd pupil


Be half of our beta now!

Whereas we construct towards our birth in early 2022, we’re giving thousands of of us the prospect to take a look at out humm at home in return for telling us about their expertise.

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